How to solve connection problems with the wlan printer

Lexmark WLAN printer

A so-called WLAN printer is an extremely helpful device, because no cables are necessary for the installation. It can be that the driver must be installed by direct cable connection with the PC. With this solution many employees or everyone in the family can access the printer from other rooms. Therefore a WLAN printer is very practical.

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How to solve connection problems with the WLAN printer

But what happens if there are problems with the connection? A printer without cable, resp. a so called WLAN printer is directly connected to the network. This is a very modern technology, and sometimes complicated can be. Unfortunately, the technology and the whole system with the WLAN are also prone to errors. Wireless printers are particularly susceptible to such problems – especially when you need to print quickly. Therefore it is necessary to follow some steps for the Troubleshooting to go through, so that a connection with the WLAN printer can be re-established.

Typical problems WLAN printer you can fix as follows:

  • Restart
  • Reconfigure WLAN printer
  • Adjust password
  • Synchronize IP address
  • Deactivate the antivirus program
  • Check router removal

A reboot for a better connection

It may be that the router, or. also the WLAN printer must be restarted to fix the connection problems. The printer does not work anymore if the router has a problem. A good connection is a prerequisite problem-free signal transmissions. Only then it is possible to connect to the Internet. Often it does not help to change the settings on the printer itself or on the computer, if it is actually only on the router itself. So if the router is restarted, it is helpful in many cases.

In addition, the computer and the WLAN printer should be switched off at the same time. Now it is a matter of approx. wait for 30 seconds before rebooting the devices. As soon as everything is running again, a short test check if the connection is now available.

Problems with wireless transmission

Another common mistake is that there are problems with the WLAN network. The WLAN printer is quasi dependent on this WLAN network for the transmissions. Things to consider are:

  • SSID
  • Mode
  • password

These other settings are important on the router so that a correct connection can be established with the WLAN printer. Preferably, therefore, a so-called network configuration sheet is printed directly from the printer. Alternatively the Status can also be retrieved in the network. This is how the user knows whether there is a WLAN connection to the network at all or not.

Tip: The IP address is also very informative and should be examined more closely. If something is wrong with the IP address, resp. if this does not match, this is where the problem lies.

No connection because of antivirus program

Antivirus programs are a prerequisite for being protected against Internet attacks. Therefore an anti-virus program is nothing bad. However, many users of WLAN printers do not know that Firewall programs or antivirus programs are often the reason for connection problems. These block the connection. Therefore it is useful to try and disable this security software. Now it is checked if the printer connectivity is present or not.

Reconfiguring the WLAN printer

If it still does not work that the WLAN printer receives the signals for the print jobs, the settings on the printer must be reconfigured. The same applies to the router. The first thing to look at is the password. In addition, the network name, as well as the IP address should be absolutely match. After the adjustment, the router, the WLAN printer and the computer should be restarted.

New updates for the WLAN printer

Many don’t even think to check for the latest updates, which can be downloaded from the Internet in the form of an installation package for the WLAN printer. Usually the manufacturer offers this directly on its website. It may happen that the CD supplied with the WLAN printer device does not offer the latest driver. To get around this problem the Internet the optimal solution.

A good idea is to start multiple print jobs, for example, if different devices are also connected to the WLAN printer. This determines whether there is a general problem or whether it is only certain devices from which no signal is transmitted.

The distance router

Although the WLAN connection is relatively good, some walls are just too thick, resp. the router is often too far away from the WLAN printer. In this case, the signal is not strong enough. If this suspicion exists, the router for a short test should be best right next to the WLAN printer be placed. Now a short test job by printing. If there is a better connection and therefore also the signals for the job are well received and transmitted, the problem is solved. Often the distance is too far, for example if the router is on another floor. When troubleshooting, this is a typical source of errors for problems concerning the connectivity with the WLAN printer.

Tip: Both are not possible! There are models and WLAN printers that also have a LAN connection. In this case, however, these designs have only one print server installed. So it is not possible to use the LAN connection and the WLAN adapter at the same time. Therefore it applies to decide either for LAN or for WLAN, if the WLAN printer should be used. However, it is usually no obstacle to use the WLAN printer in USB mode.

In case of driver problems

If the driver causes a problem, resp. the WLAN printer therefore does not work, a short test in the device manager should be done. There it is controlled whether the Device manager and the driver belonging to the current WLAN printer is updated.

If this is not up to date and an update is available, it should be made. A regular update is desired anyway. By the way, the device manager shows non-functioning devices with a yellow-black "!" and obviously highlights these devices in the device manager. A double click on the component is enough to get more details. So the driver for the WLAN printer can be directly updated become. The best way is to search for the latest driver directly on the manufacturer’s website. If that doesn’t work, an internet search can be very helpful.

Advantages and disadvantages of a WLAN printer

  • no cables necessary
  • modern
  • ideal for multiple employees in the office
  • Print from cell phone or tablet
  • complex configuration
  • Router must be nearby
  • thick walls and other obstacles block the signal

Upgrade old printer

Unfortunately, it is not possible to upgrade an old printer to WLAN and thus upgrade it. Therefore, it makes much more sense to connect the old printer directly to the router by cable. Is a separate USB connection available, the WLAN works then also in such a way.

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