How to send your application by e-mail.

Most job offers now contain the note: "Please send us your complete application documents by e-mail". What are the advantages of an e-mail application, how it is structured and other tips, you can find here.


What is an e-mail application??

For an email application – z. B.: also for unsolicited applications – you put all your application documents together as one digital file and send it as an attachment in an e-mail to the company. The classic application file is no longer printed out and submitted by mail, but sent by e-mail. So "writing an e-mail application" is not quite the right expression.

The advantages of an e-mail application are obvious for both applicants* and recruiters:

  • It is faster than sending them by mail; moreover, as an applicant, you can write and send more applications in less time
  • It is more favorable and more environmentally friendly (no postage, no paper, no folder, etc.).)
  • It is practical, because the documents can be forwarded quickly and easily to the right people within the company
  • You can quickly attract the interest of companies that find your Absolventa profile convincing

Accordingly, in a survey, almost three quarters of HR managers state that they prefer to receive applications by e-mail.

Companies prefer this type of application

Form of application percent
Application by e-mail 74 %
Online form 58 %
Short application by e-mail 36 %
Application folder by mail 29 %
Mobile application 7 %

Especially the first point should be convincing: Once you have created your application, it is very easy to adapt it again and again and to reapply. Those who still send their documents by post suggest to recipients that they are not very familiar with handling online applications.

But what is the correct structure of the e-mail application?? Please note the following:

Tips for the job search

Subject line in the e-mail application

In the subject line of the e-mail, you should always enter the job you are applying for. This way, recipients in the personnel department can immediately assign the application correctly. Especially with large companies, you should definitely pay attention to this in order to reach the specific contact persons. Example:

Application for a trainee position – Ref.-No. 123456

Check everything before sending and don’t forget the attachment!

The right e-mail address.

By the way, HR managers also look at the following e-mail address when they receive an e-mail application. Sender or. An e-mail account à la [email protected] or [email protected] do not look very professional and remain a no-go.

For the first impression, therefore, make sure you have a reputable e-mail address, preferably one that can be used by the recipient first [email protected].

Text of the e-mail application

Once you have completed your application documents in PDF format, send them as an attachment in an e-mail to the e-mail address provided. The e-mail application also needs a short cover letter – but definitely not the same one you already have in your application! In fact, many applicants make the mistake of typing their entire cover letter into the editor (the text entry field) of the mail program instead of including it in their written application. Why we would advise against it, you will learn below.

Below we give the examples of what an email text for your application could be like.

Email text example 1: The concise version

Dear [contact person],

Please find attached to this e-mail my application documents for the position of [XYZ]. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to talk to you in person.

With kind regards

Email text example 2: The detailed version

Dear [contact person],

Your advertised position as [XYZ] on immediately caught my attention, herewith I would like to apply for it. Attached to this e-mail you will find my application documents including references, letters of recommendation and work samples.

I am available for the advertised position from TT.MM.YYYY available and my salary expectations are [XX.XXX] Euro per year.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and I am looking forward to convince you in a personal interview.

With kind regards

E-mail text Example 3: The self-confident version

Dear [contact person],

You are looking for someone who is good with people and has experience in personnel development? Since empathy and strong communication skills are among my personal strengths, I would like to apply for your advertised position as a personnel officer. You will find my application documents in the attachment to this mail.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am already looking forward to the opportunity to convince you of my qualities in a personal job interview.

With kind regards

E-mail text example 4: The speculative application

Dear [contact person]],

since [Cars AG] is expanding its location in Leipzig according to media reports, I would like to send you an unsolicited application for the position of Controller. Since my childhood I have had a personal passion for vehicles [Cars AG] – I could combine this perfectly with my professional qualifications in controlling in your company. You will find my application documents in the attachment to this mail.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your company in a personal conversation.

Yours sincerely

Where do you want to work?

! Please note

Even if you want to come across as particularly friendly in the mail of your application, smiley faces are a no-no! You are welcome to use these in personal messages to friends, but they are taboo in a professional context.

Pay attention to formalities – spelling, grammar and co.

Even though the formal letter may be a bit out of fashion: The same guidelines still apply to a formal e-mail. As with a classic application, it is also expected online that formal salutations, greetings and other features are observed and applied formal spelling. Spelling must also be error-free. Everything else seems sloppy. Spelling mistakes are a K with many recruiters.O-criterion. Best tip still:

Have someone else check your records.

The text field of the email should include your complete and current contact information with your home phone number. This makes it easier for recruiters to access your letter quickly, as they don’t have to go back to the attachment of the mail to do so later.

The email cover letter

You may be asking yourself: Can I copy the cover letter directly into my e-mail?? Theoretically, this is possible, but it is more unusual than inserting the cover letter into your complete application documents and attaching it to your mail. If you are unsure about using your cover letter as a mail text, we have summarized the advantages and disadvantages for you here.

Cover letter as e-mail text – advantages and disadvantages

Advantages Disadvantages
Your cover letter will be read directly, the recruiter does not have to download it first. When opening your mail, the recruiter is directly flooded with a large amount of text.
You save time and effort, because you don’t have to formulate an extra e-mail text. Your cover letter is separate from the rest of your application documents and would have to be saved separately by the recruiter.
The recruiter has to read less overall because the email text is eliminated. With a separate cover letter, your application may not be compatible with the company’s application management system, which will automatically pull some information from your cover letter.
Your attachment becomes more compact, because your cover letter is omitted in it. You have less creative freedom for your cover letter in an e-mail.

We generally recommend that you convert your cover letter into a PDF file with the rest of your application documents and send it as an e-mail attachment. To do this, write a short text in your email.

However, if you have decided to copy your cover letter directly into your mail, you should format it clearly. It is best to work with paragraphs and possibly bullet points to structure the long text of your cover letter. Then it does not look overwhelming for the reader. If you want to know more about the structure of a cover letter, you should read our cover letter tips.

How to properly summarize the application documents in the email

If you have your documents ready by then, you should pack them in a format that can be easily sent by e-mail. If you have ever received e-mails with several photos, you know: It is much more practical if you do not have to name every picture or. you have to click on each file individually. Therefore, choose a common format for this collective file instead, so that the contact person does not have to click on each individual file.

A Word document (.doc/.docx) is not suitable for an e-mail application as an attachment, because this file format often leads to problems: Depending on the program version of the recipients, it may be. Formatting within the document is shifted, incorrectly displayed or not displayed at all.

The best attachment: PDF file

Generally, it is common to create a single PDF file containing all documents. This way, the formatting remains as z. B. Indentation or graphic elements unchanged, no matter what program the recruiter uses to open the file.

Word versions have a free add-on that allows you to convert a Word document into a PDF. If you have already created everything in a Word document, you will only have one PDF document after conversion.

There are many other tools such as. B. FreePDF, which you can use to create a PDF for an online application. You can also use this tool to merge different PDF documents, for example if you already have your references as PDFs. Compression programs such as "WinZip" are also common, but not as widely used. They can cause problems for untrained recruiters. With a PDF you are therefore always on the right side.

Naming a PDF file correctly

Important: Don’t forget to name your PDF file correctly. Certain rules are also common here. Best way:

Insert application picture

From photographers you usually get your application pictures in a very high quality. So a photo can be 10 MB in size. Before you insert it into your application, you have to reduce the file size significantly. Tip: The best way is to insert your application photo into the resume and make it smaller, then the size will automatically decrease.

Consider the size of the attachment

The final size of the PDF file depends on how large your documents are.

! Note

Your e-mail attachment should not exceed 5 MB in total!

There are two reasons for this: If the email attachment is too large, there is a risk that it will end up in the company’s SPAM folder. In addition, personnel can download a smaller file more quickly. If your PDF format is too large, you can reduce it using the FreePDF tool mentioned above.

The attachments

The application documents for an online application by mail are basically the same as for a classic application portfolio:

    or motivation letter with application picture
  1. Testimonials

Best in this order. That is, you create a document on your PC in a writing file, for example Microsoft Word or Pages. On the first page comes your cover letter. Classic – i.e. with your address and the address of the company as well as a subject line and the date on the right. Then the greeting (by no means "Dear Sir or Madam", but name direct contact persons)!) and an introduction as to why you are applying for the advertised position.

With our free application samples, you already have the ideal starting point for your online application. If you are unsure which application you should use for which industry, we have summarized all the tips for you here:

Occupational field Salary prospects Application tips Jobs
IT& Development To the info To the tips To the jobs
Engineering& Technology To the info To the tips To the jobs
Management& Advice To the info To the tips To the jobs
Business, Communication& Digitization To the info To the tips To the jobs
Financial& Insurance industry To the info To the tips To the jobs
Human Resources To the info To the tips To the jobs
Logistics, transport& Transport To the info To the tips To the jobs
Natural sciences To the info To the tips To the jobs
Design, layout& Media To the info To the tips To the jobs
Health To the info To the tips To the jobs
Administration& Assistance To the info To the tips To the jobs
Education& Social To the info To the tips To the jobs

Then comes the main part with the reason why you are perfect for the job. At the end you should say that you are pleased to be invited for a personal interview.

Then it is best to insert a page break. On the second page you will find your resume. Cover letter and resume should be in the same font. This looks coherent and immediately signals that the two elements belong together. Your application picture should be inserted in the upper right corner. The electronic application allows you to include (more) graphics, images and links. This is how to make your application more creative and stand out positively from the crowd of applicants. For example, you can link to your homepage, to an online presentation or to a video of yourself. However, you should not overdo it.

Unlike a classic application, an online application does not necessarily have to have an e-mail signature. However, it makes a better impression if you scan your signature and place it at the end of the resume.

After your resume you should again insert a line break. Then come your references, for example a first job reference from your last employer, or even diplomas. The easiest way to do this is to scan them and then import them into your application file – one page of testimonials per page of text. Here, too, it makes sense to separate the scans with page breaks.

If you want to add a third page to your online application, you can do so before the references.

4 tips on how to find the e-mail address of the right contact person

In order to be able to address your application personally and send it to the right person, you must of course first find this person. It’s not always easy. But it’s worth the effort, because an 08/15 salutation à la "Dear Sir or Madam" shows that you haven’t put much effort into it. We’ll give you four tips to help you figure out the right person to contact for your application.

  1. Company website: First look on the career page of the company, sometimes a person is already mentioned there to whom you should address your application. You can often find what you are looking for under the "Careers" tab, "Team" or "About us".
  2. Business networks: If your employer of choice has a profile on career platforms like LinkedIn or Xing, you can research which employees are there. With a bit of luck there is also a person from the human resources department named.
  3. GoogleIf you have not been successful so far, you will have to dig a little deeper. Enter the name of the company with keywords like personnel, HR or recruiting. Or search for your advertised position on other job platforms, maybe a contact person is mentioned there.
  4. CallOur secret tip: Just call the company and ask to whom you should send your application. And if you already know the name of the contact person, then ask for the corresponding e-mail address. So you’ve already made the first contact with the company and they’ll remember you when your application rolls in.

Application templates

Apply for the long-established traditional company, the pioneering technology group or the hip startup? Here you can find samples for every branch and every type – no matter if consultant, computer scientist or marketing manager.

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