How to regain your strength

Anyone who has ever endured a stubborn infection knows: the body needs time until it is just as powerful as it was before. However, there are things you can do to support recovery.

After a long illness, you want nothing more than to be fit for everyday life again soon. But you still have a hard time with many things. Even everyday routine actions like getting dressed or showering can be so exhausting that the circulation doesn’t play along. We show you how to give your body a helping hand.

Eat with pleasure and rich in vitamins

How to regain your strength

In the recovery phase, medically called convalescence, consciously rely on pleasurable and at the same time high-quality foods. A varied and colorful diet supports the process of recovery. It has been proven that plenty of vegetables, fruit and legumes promote a powerful immune system. Whole-grain products, which provide plenty of fiber and secondary plant substances, are also said to mobilize the body’s defenses.

Unfortunately, during recovery, when the body urgently needs high-quality nutrients, the right joy of eating is missing. Try appetite stimulants from nature. How about fresh herbs, water with lemon or artichoke juice as well as radicchio or chicory? Their sour taste and bitter substances stimulate the digestive juices.

Just as useful: an appetizing stomach tea. Instead of processed convenience foods, fresh vegetable dishes, fruit salads and nutty wholemeal bread will revive your spirits. Several small portions, lovingly prepared, are better received by those who are reluctant to eat.

Drink enough

Freshly squeezed juices diluted with water, provide a vitamin kick at the same time. Pleasantly warming soups also provide fluids. No longer an insider tip: chicken soup. It has now even been scientifically proven to have an anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effect.

If you prefer a vegetarian diet, try a creamy vegetable or potato soup as an alternative. Nutritional supplements are also a good way to fill nutrient gaps during recovery.

Slowly become active again

After a severe attack of illness, every effort is difficult. Even if you are athletically trained, you should only gradually resume your usual amount of exercise. False ambition quickly leads to overexertion of the still weakened organism. You risk a relapse.

Prolonged illness reduces performance enormously, and unused muscles break down relatively quickly. If you want to get your body fit again, you should not force it to continue previous performances. Better: a moderate build-up training.

Walks in the fresh air, which can be a little longer each day, are ideal for a start. And not to forget: It can take a good one to two months to regain your former fitness level.

Get enough sleep and relax

The immune system is particularly active during sleep. Sufficient sleep is therefore the basic prerequisite for a rapid recovery. If you often feel tired and listless during the recovery phase, give in to this need. Sufficient relaxation breaks also help to strengthen the body’s defenses and to get back on track faster.

Get the circulation going

Another tip from naturopathy: Kneipp watering gets the circulation going and strengthens the immune system. Trying out is worthwhile in any case. It is best to take a short cold shower directly after the morning shower.

Start with the legs. First the outside, then the inside, then the arms and finally the stomach and back. Those who are sensitive to the cold should first shower the wrists before the arms and torso!

Step by step back to work

If you still lack the ability to concentrate when returning to everyday life, take your time. All those who have taken a longer break due to illness have the opportunity to return to work step by step. This is what gradual reintegration into the workplace is for. You are allowed to work only by the hour at first, depending on your ability to cope with the strain. However, you must first clarify this with your family doctor, your health insurance company and, of course, your employer.

You can find out more about this topic in the "Colds" guide (PDF download).

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