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Danger of stop signs: A mistake can even cost you a point in Flensburg

02.02.2022 updated: 11:27

Not obeying traffic signs is expensive. With a sign it comes really thickly.

Flensburg- Is it because over time people forget how to correctly observe some traffic signs or because the exact observance of the traffic rule takes more time here? Fact: At the stop sign, most road users make a crucial mistake, as* reports.

If you only had to give the right of way to other road users at a stop sign, then there would also be a "give way" sign at many intersections-Do sign. Expensive it becomes therefore for the drivers, who at the stop sign only to the "half" Keep rule. Because: Yes, the others have the right of way here. But there is still something to consider (all service news on RUHR24*).

Traffic signs: Those who disregard something at "stop" can even get points in Flensburg

„A stop sign tells drivers that they must stop here and yield the right of way. If this is driven over, a fine of at least 10 euros can be the consequence. If you disregard a stop sign, it can also mean points in Flensburg in the event of a hazard or accident", is up catalog of read about it.

Übrigens, the stop sign is not the only tripping hazard in traffic. Drivers often misbehave at green arrow at traffic lights*. The offences can go according to fine catalog violently into the purse. So can also a violation a new traffic sign for overtaking can be really expensive*.

Some people try to trick their way through traffic; speed controls on Germany’s roads are often circumvented- with the help of speed camera apps, radio announcements, and radar warning devices*. But much of it is forbidden.

Traffic signs often cause confusion – stop sign is often only "half" observed

If you approach a stop sign, you must stop at the stop line. This is a white solid line on the asphalt. But there are also intersections where this white line does not exist.

A stop sign

Then it is still not allowed to simply drive. It is then "stop" at the line of sight. This is the point from which the road of the cross traffic can be overlooked.

One detail about this traffic sign matters: Who makes at the stop sign, only "very slowly", which has not followed the traffic rule correctly. In this case, stop means to stop properly.

„Standing is considered to be when no tire is moving or when the vehicle is stopped. rolls", it says in addition on *RUHR24 and * are part of the editorial network by IPPEN.MEDIA.

Column list image:© Patrick Pleul / dpa

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