How to make the perfect birthday party – practical tips

A birthday is always special. And this date should also be celebrated extensively. Especially a milestone birthday is a good occasion for a big party. It doesn’t matter how old the birthday boy or girl gets – whether it’s their 20th birthday or their 20th birthday. Birthday, the 70. Birthday, the 80. Birthday or the 90. Birthday trades. And even the 100. Birthday likes to celebrate. The only important thing is that you have to be careful when designing the Birthday party consider some tips.

If your acquaintances have an anniversary coming up, or you’re celebrating a milestone birthday, here are some practical tips for a big bash. Continue reading this page for helpful tips on how to throw your next birthday party.

90th birthday

90. Birthday (© iStock | urbazon)

Finding the right location for the birthday party

An important foundation of any celebration is a suitable location. Find the right premises for the celebration, so that the event will be remembered for a long time by all the guests. Of course, this can be the home party basement, which you provide with fancy elements of decoration. Likewise, it’s a good idea to rent a specific location for the festivities. This is a little more costly, but provides more variety. The following is a list of particularly unusual party locations.

Party at the bowling alley

They want to party in a big round and play funny games? Then the birthday party at the bowling alley is a good option for you. Because there you not only sit together in a cozy round, you can also demonstrate your skills at the lane. Often the premises of bowling alleys are equipped with a long table, so that here every guest finds his ancestral seat. In addition, you can fall back on the catering by the respective restaurant at these events and do not have to worry about the catering of the guests yourself.

Party on a boat

A water access can be found in many cities, whether river, canal, lake or sea. So what’s wrong with taking the festivities to the water? You hire your own party boat, piloted by a real expert. As the craft glides across the water, the party is on deck. And while you’re dancing and chatting with guests, watch a beautiful sunset.

At such a party it is of course important that all guests arrive on time at the place of departure. Because if you are late, you miss the filing and therefore can not join the celebration.

Tip: To make the birthday party on the boat extra authentic, design this celebration as a theme party. Ask all guests to come in nautical look. Here, for example, sailor caps or shirts and blouses in striped patterns are very much in demand. And of course you can also adjust the music that the DJ plays on deck to this motto. With the various sailor shanties, good mood is guaranteed.

Music Birthday

Bavarian music at a birthday party (©

A rooftop party for a birthday

Or you can design your birthday celebration as an event above the city rooftops. To do this, rent a location that has a large rooftop terrace. There are cocktail bars in various cities that have these features. Again, you can give out a theme in advance: Why not ask the guests to come in summery or chic outfits?. This way you can celebrate with your friends and enjoy a great view of the city skyline.

Design the birthday as a garden party

If you celebrate your birthday in the summer, you also have another option for party planning: you can simply hold a garden party in the greenery at home. Partying in the fresh air is especially fun. But remember to be prepared for all weathers. So that a short rain shower does not let the whole celebration fall into the water, get several pavilions in advance, under which the guests can find shelter in case of rain.

Select guests for the birthday party

To make the birthday party a success, invite the friends and acquaintances. It is important to pay attention to a balanced ratio of men and women. Because this makes the celebration particularly casual.
In the invitation for the celebration, indicate directly whether the whole family is welcome or whether the guests should look around for a babysitter for the offspring for the evening. Children make a party especially lively, but for them the evening naturally ends earlier than for the adults. Therefore, some hosts tend to indicate that the celebration is more suitable for adults.
Basically, you should think about the number of guests you are inviting. How many people you invite depends primarily on the size of the location you have chosen for your party. It should be noted that even in a small circle a lot of party atmosphere can arise.
You should send out the invitations for the party in about eight weeks before the event. This way, all invitees have enough time to plan for the party. It is also a good idea to include a note in the invitation that guests should let you know if they do not have time. If you note down a date for the cancellations, you can plan better for the festivities.

Gifts – give hints to the guests

Designing a birthday party comes with some costs. Therefore, it is quite appropriate to give the guests a hint about this beforehand: already in the invitation you can note that you would be most pleased with gifts of money. This can often help cover the cost of the party.
If you’re more into personalized gifts, you can give a wish list to guests in advance of the party so there are no nasty surprises when you unwrap the gifts.

The right preparation is the be-all and end-all

To ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day of the party, you should have everything prepared beforehand. This includes, for example, the appropriate decoration. If you don’t want to leave this to the experts, design the venue yourself together with friends with colorful garlands, streamers and light effects. If necessary, you can also rely on candles, which you place on the bar tables and tables. So you create a coherent lounge flair. Also, distribute nice napkins on the tables.

Snacks and drinks

Snacks and drinks are simply part of celebrations. Look around for different finger food and tapas recipes that can be implemented in just a few steps and offer a great taste experience. Present vegetarian and vegan dishes as well to have something up your sleeve for every taste – especially important for the motto "Bavarian evening". Different salads enrich the offer immensely. It is especially recommended to have a buffet where each guest can help himself according to his own wishes.

In terms of drinks, you should also have non-alcoholic alternatives on the screen. In addition, it is a good idea to mix a fruity punch bowl, which is a sweet extension to beer and co.

Music for a hearty party: the "Sun Yodel

Music creates a relaxed mood

A party is only really at its peak when the dance floor fills up. Of course, you go first as the host. However, the right Music important. When choosing songs for the DJ, make sure you have a balanced mix between different styles.

Who runs here the whole time only the own favorite hits from the rock area, which does not serve thereby the general taste of the guests. Different genres should rather be served.

Also real party classics are gladly heard and provide for a full dance floor – still better with a live – band. (It doesn’t necessarily have to be Bavarian musicians or. Bavarian bands – unless the motto is "Huttengaudi" – in which case an Oktoberfest band is the perfect choice!

At the beginning of the celebration there would be room for a little birthday serenade.

Conclusion: the perfect party succeeds easily

So if you plan early and think of various contingencies, you will succeed in having a great party for the birthday. Creative ideas for the round anniversaries provide a particularly great mood.

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