How to make masturbation

How to make masturbation

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Bondage, strangleholds, vacuum cleaners: Those who use Masturbation more than one’s own hands, sometimes resorts to creative means. All perfectly fine, but beware: some methods are very risky, as a statistic shows.

Every year in Germany, people die during masturbation.

Although forensic medicine counts only about one to two such deaths per year per one million inhabitants. But the Dark figure shall be very high. Because relatives who find dead people, shame often apologize for the manner of passing away – and officially give other reasons.

In Germany, every year about 80 to 100 people die during masturbation, estimates a forensic pathologist.

How can this happen?

The so-called "autoerotic deaths" happen most often by lack of oxygen. People strangle themselves, put nooses around their necks or put plastic bags over their heads. The reason: "It is suspected that oxygen deficiency euphoric works and together with an orgasm it is supposed to absolute madness his", said forensic pathologist Harald Vob.

In the brain oll by the combination of sexual arousal and oxygen deprivation dopamine is released – thus a similar feeling as with a Drug trip.

Often this stimulus is more important than the potential danger: "That one becomes unconscious, goes faster than people think. If, for example, both carotid arteries are squeezed off, it takes a maximum of 30 seconds.", says Vob. (SPIEGEL ONLINE)

are also not to be underestimated Electric shocks by objects used during masturbation. And vacuum cleaner. Because those have apparently been a favorite with men for quite some time – with risk. Already in 1978 the urologist Michael Alschibaja Theimuras wrote a doctoral thesis with the title "Penis injuries during masturbation with vacuum cleaners".

Known cases
  • Just a few weeks ago, it happened in Hesse to one such case: a 35-year-old man had a kind of Porn spaceship built, including choking noose. The construction was secured several times with locks and obviously could not be opened again fast enough. The machine strangled the man. (image)
  • An older woman from Hall is said to have found her son dead, who had clamped parts of a string of lights to his body in order to electric shocks to arouse. The Mother is said to have put away the lights at first because it was uncomfortable for her. But the forensic pathologist Harald Vob was puzzled by burns. On inquiry the true cause of death came out so.
  • "Kill Bill"-Performer David Carradine was found dead in the closet of a luxury hotel in Thailand in 2009. There allegedly strangled himself during masturbation. (FAZ)
  • Also found in a hotel room INXS singer Michael Hutchence. He had strangled himself too much with a belt in 1997.
  • A particularly interesting case comes from Hamburg. There a man had strangled himself with Slice cheese then wrapped his upper body in nylon tights, put on a raincoat and a diving suit and sat down in front of the heater like this. (SPIEGEL ONLINE)
By the way:

Women die significantly less often during masturbation: "This also exists in women", says Harald Vob "but it comes less often to the death, because women are obviously more careful and do not insert so many refinements."

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