How to housebreak your puppy – without stress

puppy housebroken

You are about to finally fulfill your dream of having a puppy dog? Congratulations. But what do you have to think about? Often you are concerned with the question: When will the puppy be housebroken?? How exactly do you get that? And when does that work out at night without any puddles of bad luck?

When your puppy moves in?

Of course, it is not unimportant how old your four-legged friend is when you take him in. If it is still a very young puppy, this is good in that you have the formative stage to yourself and can teach him many things easily by yourself. As a rule, puppies meet their new home at 8 to 12 weeks of age and at the latest after 15 weeks of age.

At what age is housebreaking even possible?

From the 3. Week of life animals follow the call of nature. This means that the puppies in nature follow their mother, whose Perceive urine smell and follow automatically. They leave, cleanly as dogs are now times, their nest with the 3. Week of life to do their business outside and not to soil their bed.

With our in the family living Yorki-Russel-mix it was so that we took him up with 9 weeks and he had within the first 4 days definitely out what I wanted from him.

From when on both businesses are reliably done outside?

The big business your darling will be able to bring outside sooner. That before joy and excitement times a drop misses, you will not be able to avoid at the beginning.

I would go so far as to say that a puppy with 9 to 12 weeks should know what to do where. That the periods can only be gradually extended is logical. No human can (and should) not ask a dog to stop for 12 hours. Also, dogs differ enormously in their (mental and physical) growth, so it is normal that some puppies are housebroken, while the other is still happily doing his business inside.

But it’s up to you how long you play with him or her, for example. After the play it should go out immediately. You can draw these periods sometime. Many dog owners set an alarm clock, even at night. But if the puppy is sleeping at the time, this will be of little use. Every animal develops its own rhythm and every owner his own method.

How important it is for this, when there is food?

It is said that in general a Eating puppy three times a day. At least! The stomach is still small and offers little space for puppy food. There are, of course, voices that rise up and say: outside, when there were no bowls and masters, the wolf had to kill his rabbit when he came along and not when the sun was a certain. After all, the food belonged there, too, and didn’t put itself in a bowl because it was lunchtime.

But pets are no longer wolves. And especially in the case of digestion, it may be very useful to know after how many hours the puppy, which is to be housetrained, has to do its business. After all, at the time when the wolf was still chasing his hare, the non-existent master did not have to be at work on time either.

Generally you should keep an eye on your puppy when there was food. Because the logical thing is: what goes in must come out again. Therefore, the question of whether it should be allowed to touch up or snack again will answer itself.

How do I teach my darling to get loose outside??

When you were a child, did they pull your nose through your wet diaper?? Then you should also refrain from doing this with the puppy. Old, gruesome old wives’ tales should simply be dismissed as such.

Your puppy is inquisitive and smart. He quickly realizes that the buttocks should go down when he feels grass.

Watch your favorite. Does it go round in circles? Then he searches. It won’t come out right from the start, but this sign is clear. Now you should be quick. In the beginning you can carry him to the door. If the way outside is very far, put a piece of newspaper there or have a look at the modern dog toilets. If even one droplet goes on the paper, meanwhile, high praise is in order. Very important: high voice, "fine!", no matter how silly it looks to outsiders, this is the greatest thing for your fur kid!

The same is true, of course, when your four-legged friend does his business outside.
By the way, carrying your dog is not recommended to spoil him, but this has two other reasons: On the one hand, many stairs are still quite a big hurdle for the little man, especially since his pelvis is still quite soft and still developing. Besides, it is quite unlikely that it will roll off your arm, it is more likely to happen when it takes too long on the way.

Now it is the case that you take your puppy with you to your home. Here he can follow no maternal example, all smells are suddenly new. Therefore, the training with the newspaper and especially the big praise.

Should times Mishap happen in your apartment, which will certainly be the case, refrain from scolding as far as possible. Because if you discover the puddle and start to grumble, your little puppy doesn’t even know what he should be punished for now. Besides, you should quickly remove his urine smell. Vinegar water should mark eliminate. If something goes wrong unintentionally, you should not make a big magic for your dog at all. Great reactions in the positive sense only occur with praise. In case of a mishap you should wipe and not react further, there is no extra attention for that.

The rule of thumb isWith every new activity you should go outside with your fur child and wait for him or her to do his or her business. That is: after eating, after the puppy was alone, after playing… – in short: whenever something is finished and something new is to start.

Your dog leaves a mishap when you are absent?

The mother dog must always leave her young ones alone for a short while in the wild. This is quite normal, so to speak. Start the very next day after your four-legged friend moves in, removing yourself every once in a while. Here a minute from the room – then increase, until you leave the apartment at some point actually briefly without much fuss. Your return should also be calm.

Conclusion: Your puppy becomes house-trained

Finally, there is only to say that you should remember that your little companion is still a baby. After a quarter of an hour of playing on the meadow he is tired. Enjoy this, just like the renewed walk after his awakening. And the more relaxed you are, the more relaxed your dog will be. Stress is not conducive to getting clean. And if a mishap should happen, your puppy will never do it on purpose, because he is a clean creature too. And every puppy is individual. Competitions a la "But my puppy was already housebroken at 7 weeks old!"simply does not exist. Give yourself and your dog patience.

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