How to housebreak your dog: 5 tips to combat pee frustration

You have brought a puppy into the house? As proud dog parents, we congratulate you on this decision! But for happy parenting, there’s an important hurdle to overcome – because the first thing you need to do is get your dog housebroken. inpetso arms you with 5 valuable tips against unnecessary pee-pee frustration.

Cleanliness training starts immediately

Many well-meaning dog owners make the mistake of giving the new family member a grace period for training – after all, the little one has just been separated from its siblings and mother.

As a responsible two-legged friend, you should not overtax your puppy at first and slowly get it used to its new environment. But you can still start with the cleanliness training! And there are two reasons for this:

Dogs like order: The more decisions you take over for your quadruped, the more your little one can relax.

Dogs are capable of learning: Up to 20. week of life your dog is in the imprinting phase. He bonds with you, accepts you as the head of the family, and is especially teachable. So you should not waste this golden learning time!

So if you want to get your dog housebroken, it’s important to start cleanliness training right away. Along the way, your pup will come to appreciate the routine involved and experience you in your role as head of the family.

How to housebreak your dog: 5 tips to combat pee frustration

inpetso infographic: 5 tips for housebroken dogs

Housekeeping – Timing is Everything

Cleanliness training requires proper timing! You must be aware that your puppy’s bladder is still very small and therefore needs to be emptied regularly – these 3 typical signs will show you that your dog should hurry up and get out the door:

Your dog goes round in circles: Many four-legged friends have the tendency to turn in circles several times before doing their big or small business. If you notice this behavior, you should drop everything and go out the door with your dog. But don’t get into a hectic rush, because this could unsettle your little one!

Your dog sniffs and becomes restless: Another typical sign that your dog needs to is intense sniffing and restless behavior. Again, get out the door immediately if the little one exhibits this behavior!

Your dog is always looking for the same corner: Especially if your puppy has already had an "indoor mishap", he will always prefer this corner – after all, his well-developed sense of smell tells him that this must be the dog’s toilet. You can prevent this behavior by disinfecting the unwanted pee corner well and removing odors with appropriate sprays. Special scent sprays are available in just about every pet shop.

And regularly also means regularly: Every 2 to 3 hours your dog has to go out into the fresh air and do his business. If you go through with this – admittedly somewhat strenuous – procedure and consistently carry the little one out the door, unpleasant mishaps should soon be a thing of the past and you will have house-trained your dog!

Attention: Beware: Many dog owners swear by so-called dog toilets – a collective term for products that are laid out in the apartment and absorb the urine of your little one. Especially when you are in the 1. or 2. If you live on the first floor, you save a lot of running to and fro with dog toilets – on the other hand, you don’t teach your puppy to do its business outdoors. If you want to housebreak your dog, there are better ways to do it. We therefore advise against dog toilets!

Getting puppies housebroken – lots of praise helps a lot

You carry your puppy out of the door at the slightest sign of trouble? You’ve already taken a big step toward house-training your dog!

Now your dog should connect this procedure with something positive and here is our experience: A lot of praise helps a lot. As soon as your puppy is loose, you should praise his behavior up to both floppy ears! After a short time the little one will understand that doing business outdoors makes master and mistress proud.

For night owls: The dog box

Full dog bladders know no time and must be emptied also times midnight. But how do you prevent nightly mishaps??

An efficient solution is a moving box, which you simply convert into a dog bed and place openly next to your bed. The advantage: dogs have an innate instinct to not want to get loose in their sleeping area. Since they won’t be able to leave the moving box without your help, you’ll be preventing a potential mishap.

Tip: Some puppies have a hard time getting used to the moving box. You can help your four-legged friend to settle in by making the moving box as personal as possible: Simply put an old T-shirt that you have worn into the box. The familiar smell will help your dog get used to the moving box!

When it’s bedtime, put your hand in the box to maintain physical contact with your puppy. As soon as you notice that the little one is getting restless, get into your ready-made clothes and let your four-legged friend do his business outside.

After the accident: scolding does not help

Even if you follow our tips, you will not be able to prevent one or the other misfortune. After all, a dog does not become housebroken overnight. If you catch your puppy in the act, a firm but non-aggressive "no" is the best way to stop him!" announced.

If you find only the scene of the crime, you should say nothing at all. Your dog has already forgotten his mishap and will not understand why you admonish him. In the worst case your misunderstanding will even make your puppy insecure.

So: Never scold, but reinforce correct behavior by extensive praise!

Tip: You should not only acknowledge your puppy’s successful business with extensive praise, but you can also link it to a command: As soon as your puppy goes outside, you should initiate the process with a clear and distinct command (in our case, for example, it is "Go pee pee")!"). In time your dog will learn what you mean by that and pee on command. Practically, or?

Housebreak your dog? Consistency is key!

Take our five tips to heart and you’ll soon have a housebroken dog. You should realize, however, that consistency is the key to success.

And by consistency, we don’t mean scolding and long-deprecated punishments like dipping your puppy’s snout in a pool of urine!

Consistency instead means taking your dog out every two to three hours, building routines and praising correct behavior extensively.

Get your dog housebroken as quickly as possible with these tips. Good luck!

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