How to get your dog puppy housebroken

Getting a puppy housebroken is not that difficult – provided you know how to do it and don’t make mistakes if possible! So that your Puppy housebroken as quickly as possible in this article I have the most important tips for you. I also show you what are the most common mistakes in this discipline of dog training – so you can avoid them!

Dog puppy housebroken

The requirements

What you’ll need above all else:

  • Patience
  • Time
  • Good nerves

– How long it takes to housebreak a puppy?

As a rule, this takes about 4-6 weeks, if everything goes without problems and, above all, mistakes are avoided.

But for some dogs, it can take as long as 6 months or more to become completely housebroken.

So a lot of patience is really needed.

– When to start housebreaking a puppy dog?

As soon as possible! The first 20 weeks of a dog’s life are also called the imprinting phase. This is a time when a dog learns well and quickly.

The basic principle – go outside often and confirmation

Puppies still have a very small and at times nervous bladder, which is why they also need to go outside very often.

In the first 3 months, therefore, with a puppy dog, you should spend approx. Walk it every 1-2 hours, and from the 3. until 6. month every 3-4 hours.

Especially important: You as a dog owner are very challenged, you should recognize in which situations your puppy needs to be. So you need to be very attentive and at the slightest sign immediately go outside with him.

You should therefore know the typical situations when a puppy usually has to pee. Also, pay attention to the warning signs your pup will give you:

When you should definitely take your puppy outside

  • after eating
  • after drinking
  • after waking up
  • After playing
  • before sleeping, so that the puppy (hopefully) does not have to at night
  • at Warning signsThe puppy is restless and nervous, sniffs around in the apartment, goes to a place in the house where he has done before
  • when the puppy goes to the front door to show that he wants to get out

Particularly important: a confirmation when the dog does its business outside

Dog puppy housetraining

If it doesn’t work out with the business outside – playing and romping has a solving effect!

If your puppy does his business outside, then he must be shown that this is something positive. This is a kind of conditioning with a positive reinforcer.

If you succeed in doing the business outside, you should reward your puppy immediatelyCuddling, words of praise and occasionally a treat are perfect for this purpose.

By the way: You should not reward your puppy’s business with a treat every time! It could happen that your puppy is already during the business very nervous because of the treat and therefore "does not let everything out" – a later accident at home is then almost preprogrammed.

If it does not work right away with the release outside, it is usually because your puppy is nervous or excited. This is also very understandable: outside everything is new and big and exciting, who should be able to concentrate on bowel and bladder emptying?

In such a case distracts a little Playing and romping It stimulates the intestinal activity and presses on the small bladder.

And in case of mishap?

When something goes wrong in the house:

Don’t punish in case of a mishap – and don’t push in with your nose

You should really take this to heart – after all, your baby dog is just getting to know you and it is the first weeks that shape your relationship with each other. Scolding and the traumatic experience of having his nose pushed into the excrement will make your dog afraid of you and is a bad start for your relationship.

Of course it’s annoying when you have to wipe away a puddle in the house or remove a pile for the fifth time – but basically you’re then own fault!

Your puppy only suffers such mishaps if you didn’t recognize the signs that he must in time. So you have to become more attentive and rather go out with him once more often. I know this is exhausting for weeks, but this is the only way to do it!

Besides: A puppy does its emergency toilette not out of malice in the house (not like cats…), so you can’t be angry with him!

Important: clean up dog urine and feces carefully

It is especially important, above all carefully remove dog urine stains in the house. With normal household cleaners you will not get the smell completely removed, it will only be covered for a short time. The problem is that your puppy will use this spot again and again if he can still sniff out the remains of his urine there – and dogs have much better noses than humans!

Vinegar cleaners and other ammonia cleaners stimulate by their smell in addition to urinate.

BactoDes Animal dog urine odor remover

Removes dog urine odor completely – BactoDes Animal. Click on the picture for more info

You should dog urine therefore with a special dog urine odor remover treat. My recommendation is BactoDes Animal. This is a cleanser with special bacteria that break down the substances in urine that are responsible for the odor. Only in this way your dog will not notice the smell of urine and will not use the same place again.

"Caught in the act"

If you catch your puppy squatting down to make pee-pee or more in the apartment, you should let him know Pick them up immediately and carry them out.

This should be done quickly but not to be hectic happen. Cleaning up should be comfortable for your dog – otherwise he will see it as negative and may be afraid to do his business in your presence in the future.

If your doggy then squeezes out a few drops of pee outside, you should praise him strongly for it, even if your clothes are now probably soaked..

If your dog has already done all of his business indoors, you should still go outside with him, simply so that he makes the connection between being outside and needing to go to the bathroom.

At night

At night, you should give your puppy as much attention as possible close to you housing. This way you can hear him and wake up when he makes his presence known and has to go out. Plus, being close to him makes you feel safe and strengthens your bond.

For the early days, a large cardboard box is perfect for night storage, so your pooch can’t run around the house at night looking for a place to defecate. In the box you can put the actual dog basket, so that your treasure has it cozy. Alternatively, you can get yourself a puppy fence.

Also, dogs don’t usually pee where they sleep – this ensures that your pup will make himself known when he needs to. Usually dogs then report with a whimper, from which you will surely wake up.

It is important that you also come out at night as quickly as possible, when your little dog calls. So it’s best if you prepare shoes, jacket, robe, leash and other things you need to go for walks handy.

If you are a very sound sleeper and don’t wake up when your animal friend calls, you should set an alarm clock twice a night and prophylactically take him for a walk.

Bottom line

Getting a puppy housebroken is especially difficult in the first few weeks extremely time consuming – this should be considered and planned before purchasing. For working singles who simply don’t have the time for this upbringing, an older dog that is already housebroken (for example, from a shelter!) perhaps better..

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