How to fix the problem of unloaded youtube comments

YouTube is one of the most popular social platforms today. Millions of videos are added. Through video, the audience can quickly get the idea of the YouTube channel.

For YouTube users, it is very handy to catch some important points of the video by reading YouTube comments. However, some users have recently reported that YouTube comments are not loading on their websites, with the exception of pinned comments for one channel. The loading icon keeps spinning and some users report that the comments section is completely empty.

"Since a few days YouTube comments can not load. This happens with all videos. I really couldn’t find a solution, maybe you guys here know how to fix this :) "–Users of

YouTube comments are not loading

If it is the case with you too, don’t worry about it. Here I will explain how to get out of YouTube comments not loading.

Fixes for YouTube comments loading error

Why YouTube comments are not loading? Meanwhile, it is not clear why YouTube has problems with loading comments. However, here are some fixes you can try. Do the simpler ones first.

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# 1. Reload the video page

The first thing you should do is try to reload the video page. Comments may not load due to temporary problems.

If reloading the video page didn’t help, wait for a few minutes. Maybe the problem is on the YouTube page. So you may have to wait for some time until the comments are restored.

# 2. Check Internet connection

Internet connection problems can also be the reason for YouTube comments not loading. To fix this, you can try restarting your router/modem: turn off your computer and then turn off the router/modem. After that wait ca. 3 minutes before you reboot these devices.

#3. Disable Proxy Connections

Similar to other applications, accessing through a proxy network can also cause YouTube to error. If a premium VPN service is enabled on your device, the proxy network used by the VPN may cause the YouTube error.

In this case, you can disable all proxies and VPN apps for now and reload the website. You might see that YouTube comments are loading properly this time around.

# 4. Disable extensions with misbehavior

If you see an error loading YouTube comments after installing an extension, that extension is probably the cause of the error on your device.

Open the video page where you had problems using incognito browser mode to confirm if the application is acting as the culprit behind YouTube causing the comment loading problem. To open an incognito browser window, you can use the key combination Ctrl + Shift + N on a Chrome tab.

Google Incognito Browser Mode

Now try to load the YouTube page in incognito mode. The extensions are disabled by default in this mode. Therefore, you can find out if the YouTube comments loading error is due to a faulty extension in your browser, which does not occur in incognito mode.

Activate the extensions one by one and see if you can view the comments without the extension.

# 5. Change YouTube layout

If all this doesn’t help, you can try changing your YouTube layout to the old style. According to the report of many users, this solution has helped many to restore YouTube comments. To do this:

Step 1: On the YouTube homepage, click your profile picture on the top right corner and then select YouTube Studio from the pop-up window.

YouTube Studio

Step 2: Select Creator Studio Classic from the menu at the bottom left corner.

Select Creator Studio Classic

Step 3: Click on the three-line menu in the upper left corner and select Home. This will take you back to the old layout of YouTube. If this works for you, you will be able to see the video comments.

Visit home page to see the old YouTube layout

# 6. Clear browser data

Many programs and websites store data locally on your browsing devices to load faster the next time you launch those websites. However, mismatched cache data or missing data can cause all sorts of errors, and YouTube comments not loading is among them.

To fix this error, delete all your Google Chrome data like cookies and cached images and files.

To clear Google Chrome data, you can open a new tab by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Del, which will display the Clear browsing data dialog box. Select how much data you want to delete from the Time Range drop-down menu. Then click the Clear data button.

Clear Google Chrome browser data

Be careful when choosing what kind of data to delete. For example, you would rather keep passwords in your browser.


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