How to delete all emails on yahoo mail at once

Yahoo! Ten years ago mail was very popular. But not anymore. Gmail is on its way up and is becoming the first choice for most people. Personally, I use Gmail for all my purposes, z. B. to work, study and communicate with friends and colleagues. However, I still keep my Yahoo email account active because I used this email address to sign up for certain services and communities.

How to delete all emails on yahoo mail at once

One day I opened my inbox to reset the password for one of my services. Then I find out I have over 21,000 items in my inbox. That’s a huge number, I don’t even know where they came from. Maybe it’s because I subscribed to many mailing lists in the past. Now I want to clean up my inbox to free up space and make it easier to find important emails. However, I can’t spend all day clicking on each item and then deleting it. There must be a way to delete them all with a few actions. If you have the same problems as I do, follow these steps to delete emails from Yahoo!

Delete unread emails in the latest version of Yahoo!

Over time, many changes have been made to the overall design and functionality of Yahoo Mail. As new useful features have been added, using the messaging service becomes easier and easier. The same goes for deleting all your emails.

There is not much difference between the different versions in this process. The biggest difference is how you access your unread emails and filter them all.

How to delete all emails on yahoo mail at once

This is how this process works in the current version of Yahoo:

  • On the home page, go to the Smart Views drop-down menu on the left side of the window.
  • Open Smart Views and go to unread. This will filter all read messages and collect unread messages from all folders.
  • Check the Select All box (one above each) to check all emails.
  • Click the Delete button with the trash icon to delete all emails.

This will move all your unread emails to the Trash. To delete it without being able to restore it, go to the Trash, select All Emails and then delete it.

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Clear your Yahoo Mail inbox in Classic Yahoo Mail (Basic)

  1. Log in to your Yahoo Mail account.
  2. Select the very first message.
  3. Scroll down to the location where you want to delete the message. If you want to delete all messages at once, scroll down to the bottom.
  4. Hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select a message.
  5. Now click on the "Delete" button. You can see that all the messages in your Yahoo! Disappeared.

Delete all Yahoo emails with Thunderbird

Most users use Thunderbird as their email client for their email accounts. If you manage your Yahoo email with Thunderbird, you need to follow these detailed instructions to delete all Yahoo emails at the same time.

Note. To add your Yahoo Mail account to a third-party email client (Thunderbird), you need to authorize it in your Yahoo account. Otherwise, Yahoo will refuse to sync with your Thunderbird app. To enable it, you need to turn on the "Allow apps that use the least secure connection" switch in Yahoo Account Security activate.

When you are done with the settings, start with the steps to delete all emails.

  • First, open Thunderbird, select one of your current email accounts in the left pane and click "Create new account" on "E-mail.
  • Click skip, use my existing email address, then enter your Yahoo email address and password.
  • Then click Next.
  • Once Yahoo Mail is connected to Thunderbird, go to the Inbox folder in the left pane and click on "Retrieve Mail". This will sync your Yahoo mail with Thunderbird. However, it may take a while to download all your email headers, especially if you have a lot of emails.
  • In your inbox, press Ctrl + A to select all emails in the folder.
  • Now click on "Archive, if you want to archive your messages. Or click on "Delete, to delete them permanently.

Deleting e-mails does not do all the work. Emails will remain in the Trash if your Yahoo mailbox is deleted at the same time. It must be deleted from the Trash, which means it is difficult to delete it from a user’s account.

This is it. Follow the above tips to delete more than 50 Yahoo mail messages at a time.


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