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Block website on iOS

As the littlest of the house grows, the time approaches when either out of necessity or without being excluded from their social environment We are forced to buy a cell phone or tablet for our children. If we want to natively protect access to content of any kind, iOS is currently the best option available on the market.

On the Internet we can find all kinds of content, both informative and lucrative. However, in addition, we can also find certain types of content that we do not want our children to have access to, depending on their age. The main access route is through Safari , a browser that allows us within the iOS configuration options Block websites.

If our young children have started to use our iPhone or iPad regularly, or if we have been forced to buy one to use one at a time, and we want to be completely calm and know at all times that you are not visiting certain related websites sex, drugs, violence, anti-Semitism, terrorism or other topics, the best thing we can do is Block these types of sites directly from the device.

iOS provides us with a number of features that allow us to not only restrict the content over the web that can be accessed, but also to The type of content they can access through iTunesSo if we bought a movie that is classified for over 18 years due to its violence, it will not play at any time as long as we have set the restrictions. The same thing happens with books or music classified by age.

Things to consider before blocking websites on iOS

Restrict access to websites on iOS

First of all, it is necessary to take into account the device number from which the minor has access to the Internet, since in addition to the iPhone or iPad, he has a computer through which he can access the Internet. These are the restrictions we make can not sync a device with other devices, This forces us to configure all devices individually.

Within the parental control options offered by macOS, the Mac operating system We can’t block only the content they can access based on ageBut we can also set opening hours, both during the week and on weekends, to prevent little ones from spending all day on the computer.

In Windows 10, we also find a variety of options to manage the type of access our children have when using the computer, including time limits, purchases and content they can access. Unfortunately, On iOS, we do not have time or schedule available to us that our children can use the device, although all indications are that future versions will be available.

How to block a website

There is another option to block Internet access directly without interacting with the device, although the customization options are not as numerous as those offered by operating systems. Through the router we can select which devices have internet access Set access time That they have about the Internet connection and the pages they can not access mainly.

Which elements can I block from iOS restrictions?

Enable restrictions for iOS

iOS offers us a system of restrictions that takes into account virtually all components or functions of the device, with the exception of the ability to set a time limit for use. Through iOS restrictions We can restrict access to:

  • Device camera
  • Record the device screen.
  • Access to mobile data (if available on the device)
  • Limit the device volume
  • The Safari browser
  • Siri
  • Facetime
  • AirDrop
  • iTunes Store
  • Music publications and profiles
  • The iBooks Book Store
  • The podcast app
  • Install, remove applications and restrict all types of purchases within the applications.
  • We can also block access to movies, programs, books and applications available in the iTunes Store, even if they have already been downloaded to our device.

Block a web page on iOS

Block website on iOS

The restrictions that Apple allows us to have on iOS, They do not only affect the native browser SafariHowever, they affect every browser installed on the device, so we don’t have to search browser by browser for parental control options, both because they don’t, and because all the restrictions apply equally across the entire system.

To Block a web page on iOS we need to proceed as follows:

  • First, let’s get started Settings and click the General option.
  • Within General, we look for the option Restrictions.
  • First we need to click on Enable restrictionsThis forces us to enter an unlock code for these options, otherwise any user who has access to the device can enable or disable them accordingly. We can’t forget the code you requested, otherwise we won’t be able to access the restrictions again until we fully restore the device.
  • Next we go to Allowed content and click on Websites. In this section you will find three options: All websites, Restrict adult content, and Only certain websites.
  • All websites, Allow us to access any web page. This is the option set by default.
  • Limit the content for adults. In this section, we need to enter the web addresses we want to restrict access to within the section Never allow.
  • Only certain websites. With this option we can further limit the number of websites the minor can access. A set of websites with children’s themes is shown natively and where we can add new websites or remove some of the available ones.
  • If we want to allow access to a specific site that iOS has classified as for adults when activated, we just need to add it by clicking on Add a website Inside the option Always allow.
  • If we want to restrict access to other websites, it is not classified for adults, but contains content that can change our children’s vision of reality or whose content we understand is not suitable for their age. We can add them by clicking in Add a website within the option Never allow.

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