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Quiet Book step-by-step instructions – how to make an activity book for children without a sewing machine

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At the request of a very dear mom, I would like to show you today how I made the Quiet Book for my daughter.
In my Quiet Book step-by-step tutorial, I show you in detail with two examples how I design the individual pages, how I sew the pages together and how you can bind the Quiet Book. There is also a list of materials and tips for cheap shopping at the end.
So there’s a lot to read, why don’t you make yourselves comfortable with a cup of coffee or tea?.

Quiet Book step-by-step guide

Here is a short summary, then you can jump directly to the point you are interested in or have it easier when you read it.

  1. Introduction
  2. Rainbow to sew by hand
  3. Monkey without sewing
  4. Quiet Book Sew pages together/ trim edge
  5. Binding an activity book
  6. Materials and shopping

1. Introduction

I have to say right away: A Quiet Book is really a lot of work and I usually only found the time when my little one was asleep. (There was not yet the baby girl)
But I’ll also show you a slightly simpler version without sewing under point 3 and a link where you can buy a cheap little Quiet Book. (Only a recommendation, no paid advertisement)
Do you have your coffee or tea ready?? Now it really starts.

From the idea to the realization

Before you even start, you should think about the size of the pages you want your Quiet Book to have. I always use a dishcloth from the drugstore for the background, i.e. for the part on which the actual picture will later be placed. These are folded twice and have a size of about 20x20cm. You can make 4 backgrounds out of one dishcloth.

Alternatively you can take a felt plate and cut it to size.

Next you need to think about how you want to design your pages. Of course the age and preferences of your children play a big role here.
You can find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest or on Google in the image search, just enter "Quiet Book" in the search mask.

If you have a rough idea of how the respective page of your Quiet Book should look like, you can make a sketch on paper.

2. Rainbow to sew by hand

What you need

  • Felt in rainbow colors
  • Needle and thread
  • Cotton pads or cotton batting
  • pen, paper, scissors
  • Hot glue gun, glue stick
  • Velcro
  • Optional: dishcloth from the drugstore
  • Optional: snaps

How to do it

First I draw a rough sketch on paper. Here you can see my drawing for the rainbow:

It’s not a work of art, of course, but it gives me a rough idea of what the Quiet Book page should look like later on.
Next I always make templates, transfer them to the felt and cut out the needed parts.

For the rainbow are the individual rainbow stripes, the cloud, the raindrops and the sun.
The raindrops and the sun you need twice.
This is how the whole thing should look like:

I cut out the rainbow stripes a bit wider than needed, so it will be easier for you to sew them together later on.

Sew them together

Now it’s time to sew it together. This is the point that takes the longest in my opinion. I started with the rainbow stripes. First I glued the stripes with a normal glue stick (Pritt pen).
So nothing slips later when sewing and the glue stabilizes additionally.

Now you sew the rainbow. I always sew with the technique on the pictures. (Please don’t ask me what this technique is called, I have no idea)

You poke from the back of your picture with the needle through the rainbow stripes upwards and pull them through. (Image 1)
Then you pierce with the needle directly behind the strip downwards again. (picture 2)
There will be a loop around the stripe so to speak.

I sewed around every second strip. So around the purple, the light blue, the yellow and the red stripe. So you have to sew only once each section and always come back to the beginning of the thread to knot it with the end of the thread. I hope you understand what I mean.

When your rainbow is ready, use the same technique to sew on your cloud.

Now it’s time for the drops. The sewing technique is the same again. Take your two drops of the same color and sew them together so that the loops form a hollow drop. (picture 1-3)

This time you stuff your drop with some absorbent cotton before you sew it completely closed. You can use cotton pads or loose absorbent cotton from the drugstore. (picture 3 and 4)

How to bind a book

When the drop is stuffed, it is completely sewn shut.

Attach the velcro tape

Next, cut 14 pieces from the soft velcro roll (7 for the cloud and 7 for the rainbow stripes) and 7 pieces from the rough velcro roll (for the drops).

With the hot glue gun you now glue it at the appropriate places. You can also sew the velcro tape, but in our case the velcro tape also holds very well when glued together.

Another alternative I show you with the sun. You can also work with snaps instead of velcro. For this, one part of the snap is put on the dishcloth, the other part in the middle of a sun circle. The smooth part of the push button you hide under the second sun circle by sewing both parts together just like the drops.

How to bind a book

Such snap sets with pliers are available for about 10 Euro. I got my set from Amazon. (Affiliate Link) Only two weeks ago I saw such a set at Tchibo. I really craft things with this often, for my Quiet Book alone I used dozens of snaps. So the purchase is definitely worth considering.
But of course you can also remove the sun with velcro tape.

And with this the Quiet Book rainbow page is already finished.

Now I want to show you another Quiet Book page that you can make without sewing. (And of course you can do this with every page)

3. Monkey without sewing

What you need

  • Felt in dark brown, light brown, white, yellow and black
  • A short zipper (old pants)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors, pen, paper
  • Optional: dishcloth from the drugstore

First I made a rough sketch, this time I decided to make a monkey.

How to bind a book

From the dishcloth I cut out again my page size of 20x20cm.

Then I made stencils, transferred them to the felt and cut them out.
This is what it looks like:

I cut the zipper out of an old pair of pants.
Now measure your zipper with a ruler (only the metal part) and draw a line of the same length on the monkey’s snout.

Now cut around the line to create a small slit.

And now glue the zipper in the slit of the monkey’s snout with your hot glue gun.
Now all monkey parts are glued on your dishcloth. Finished is the banana eating monkey.

Attention: You should only glue the monkey’s snout on the outer edge, otherwise the monkey can’t take the bananas completely into his mouth later on.

I think the sewn version is a bit nicer, but if you don’t have the time or don’t want to do it, you can still make a great glued Quiet Book.

Here is a tip for a cheap activity book. At HEMA you can get a small version of the Quiet Book. We also have the book and find it great, so I recommend it to you.

4. Sewing Quiet Book pages together – neatening the edge

What you need

  • Glue stick
  • Washi tape made of fabric or fabric tape
  • Needle and thread

How to do it

A Quiet Book page is always a double page spread. The rainbow and the monkey make one page in the Quiet Book.

First you glue the two pages together. Some put a layer of fabric or decorative fleece in between to stabilize the whole thing. I have never done this myself and I think the pages are stable enough as it is.

Then cut four strips from your fabric ribbon for the four book pages. (I used Washi-Tape made of cloth) If you don’t use self-adhesive cloth tape, you can apply glue to the cloth tape now. So nothing slips when sewing later on.

The fabric ribbon is then glued over the center of the book page, so that the front and back are covered about equally.

Now you can sew the whole thing on. I have not yet tried to work only with hot glue (without sewing), but I can imagine that it would also hold.

The fabric tape comes around all four book pages and with it you have trimmed the edge of your book page.

Back cover:


5. Bind employment book

For binding your Quiet Book I recommend these two things:

*Amazon Affiliate Link

Also here the purchase is worthwhile in my opinion, who likes to tinker will always find use for it.
However, there are also cheaper sets with a so-called Vario forceps.

To bind your book, shoot two holes in the page with your revolver punch pliers.

Then you close them with the eyelets. This is more stable and by turning the pages, the felt can not fray out. My monkey has now a piercing in the ear:

Now you can thread the pages onto your binder rings.

Alternatively you can also use yarn or wool.

By the way, I would make the front and back of the Quiet Book the same way as the normal pages. For this you just make the pages a bit bigger, so in my case 21x21cm. I have sewn a real cover, but I would not do the work again.
On the front you can z.B sew or glue the name of your child, mine looks like this:

You can also sew a small buckle to open and close the Quiet Book with the help of the snap fasteners or Velcro.

Wow, that was really quite a lot of text already, nevertheless I would like to briefly discuss materials and shopping possibilities.

6. Materials and shopping

Felt is mandatory. No Quiet Book without felt. The rest is a matter of taste.


  • Felt, fabric, fabric scraps
  • Wooden or plastic beads
  • Buttons
  • Pendant
  • Crafting accessories like pompoms, pipe cleaners
  • Zippers
  • Shoelaces
  • Ribbons, yarn, wool
  • Buckles
  • cotton wool/filling cotton
  • Snap fasteners
  • eyelets
  • Velcro
  • Washi tape
  • Fabric ribbons
  • Binding rings
  • Revolver punch pliers
  • snap button pliers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors, glue stick
  • Paper and pens

Where to find the supplies:

Felt can be found cheaply in craft stores, in the euro store or online. Very cheap I have bought felt also already at Xenos.

Most of the accessories I have but actually from Tedi. There you can find all kinds of stuff for little money, which can be used optimally in the Quiet Book. Beads, strings, buttons, etc. are available in many shapes and colors. Often you can find scatter deco made of felt, which you can use. (hearts, stars, animals)

Great accessories can also be found in Muller, Kik, NKD and during certain offer weeks in Lidl or Aldi.
I got my tools almost exclusively from Amazon. There is no craft store near us, so for me ordering online is the more optimal solution.
Feel free to add more tips in the comments, I’m sure you’ll help other readers as well.

Anyway, I am very happy about comments, I am open for questions, criticism and suggestions of any kind.

I hope you liked my Quiet Book step-by-step tutorial and you haven’t fallen asleep yet. I wish you as always

have fun making them

Sincerely, your kleinliebchen

This post has 10 comments

Thank you for this detailed description.
I would take household cloths (from Kaufland with 82% viscose and 18% polypropylene) as a base. Can I take the same cloths for the design or should it be felt?

Love greetings

I have taken for many parts also quite often household cloths. If the color fits, these are just as good as felt. ☺️

Thanks for your answer. I think the colors are great, but they are so thin, that will never be stable pages, right??

If other things are sewn on it, that is enough. It is also always front and back. Anyway, our book has now survived the second a year. ?

I am approaching the finish and my fears that the pages can not be strong enough have vanished into thin air?

By the way, I have worked exclusively with hot glue and everything holds bombproof?

Super nice. Thanks for your tutorial, until now I have not ventured into a Quiet book, but you have taken away my shyness, thanks glue gun?

Gladly. Just give it a try, you can still quit. ?

I just wanted to leave some love. You are great!

short question. I would like to make the Quiet Book for my godchild, however now I don’t know what pens are best to write with on felt? Normal felt-tip pens are sufficient? Or do you need certain pens that also go well on fabric?

I would definitely take pens that are suitable for it. Otherwise the color may run. Otherwise, it is best to pre-test on a small piece of felt.

I look forward to your feedback! Cancel answer

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