How to add gifs to videos

GIFs are special. These moving images, somewhere between photo and video, capture the essence of the internet. This is one of the most popular visual formats on the web – according to GIPHY

the most popular GIF of 2019 was viewed more than 419 million times.

GIFs capitalize on trends and capture iconic pop culture moments, making them a great way to connect with your viewers. A great way to use GIFs is to add them to digital content: Blog posts, Flipbooks

and videos. You don’t know how to do it? It is now a new GIPHY-

Integration available in our free online video editor. In this blog you will learn how to use them. Here’s what we cover:

What are GIFs?

Why add GIFs to videos?

How to add a GIF to a video?

How to create a looped GIF?

What are GIFs?

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. Simply put, they are animated images. Many people compare how GIFs work to a flip book – it’s a stack of images grouped together that, when viewed in the right order, look like a moving picture.

Why add GIFs to videos?

GIFs, like videos, are an excellent visual communication tool

. What makes them unique, however, is their ability to speak the language of the internet. GIFs are very popular online. So when you add one to your video, you’re probably adding content to it that your viewers already know and like. It’s a simple way to add GIFs to your video content

to stand out and enhance your videos

At the same time, adding GIFs is a great way to fill in gaps in your footage. If there’s something you couldn’t quite capture on film, there’s probably a GIF that can do it for you.

Brand new – stickers

Just when we thought our video editor couldn’t get any better, we have GIPHY Stickers

integrates. These animations with transparent backgrounds give videos a whole new touch. They work just like GIPHYs and are located next to them in the graphics tab in our new sidebar. The only difference is that you can layer them over your existing video or stock footage instead of embedding them between clips.

Professional videos in a few minutes

How to add a GIF to a video?

Step 1: Create an account

Sign in to your Clipchamp account or register for free to start editing.

Clipchamp Log in

Step 2. Create a new project

Click the button Create video in the left sidebar. We offer five different formats to choose from. Choose the video ratio that best suits your project. We recommend using 16:9 widescreen if you want to upload to YouTube.

Step 3. Add GIFs

Select the button Stock in the left sidebar, and when this window opens, select the button GIPHY button on the left sidebar. Enter your search terms and browse the results to find the GIF you’re looking for. Then select it, click the button Add to Library and leave the stock library to access it in the editor.

Step 4. Add GIFs to the editing timeline

Once you’ve selected your GIFs and they’re displayed in the editor, you can drag and drop them into your video Drag Drop to the Editing Timeline.

Step 5. Check and correct aspect ratios

One thing to note about GIFs is that they come in a whole range of aspect ratios. This means you’ll need to adjust it often to edit it seamlessly with your other footage.

One option is to crop your videos so that they fill the screen. To do this, select your GIF on the timeline, click on the button Transform and then click on the option that appears Crop to fill.

The other option is to use our newly added filter Blur Fill. This is an excellent choice if you have tried "Crop to fill" and found that it cuts off significant parts of your GIF. Blur Fill replaces the black space behind your video with a blurred and darkened version of it. To add Blur Fill, select your clip on the Edit Timeline, then choose the button from the menu above Filter. Then scroll down to find the Blur Fill filter and select it to apply to your GIF.

Step 6. Edit the rest of your video

From here, you can continue to edit the video as you see fit. You can add filters, use text and edit your clips using transitions. Interestingly, all GIFs are soundless because they are a collection of images. This gives you a great opportunity to use our large library of stock audio files.

Step 7. Export your video

Now it’s time to get your video from the editor to your computer. To export, click on the purple button Export in the upper right corner of the editor. From here, choose your resolution settings based on the destination for your video, and whether or not you want to compress the file. Finally click the button Continue and wait until your video is exported.

Step 8. Review Video

Now it’s time to check your exported video. Check out our video below on how we used some Seinfeld GIFs to promote a day spa sale.

How to create a looped GIF

We get asked quite often how to create a looped GIF, and here we show how to do it. Modern GIF files found online are technically small video files, usually in MP4 format. This makes them easier to create, share and host online, and the playback loop of these clips happens as you play them back. The following two options are best for getting the look of a looping GIF.

Using a video or GIF hosting platform

The first way to create a looping GIF is outside of Clipchamp. Simply upload the video you created in Clipchamp to your chosen platform. Your GIF will either play automatically as a loop, or it will be offered as a settings option before the clip is published.

Using Clipchamp

If automatic looping or a loop option is not available on your chosen platform, you can manually create a looped GIF in Clipchamp. To do this, highlight your GIF in the edit timeline and select the button above it Copy. From here you can click as many times as you want on the Paste click as necessary to create the effect of a loop – the more you insert, the longer your GIF video will play and repeat in a loop.

Bonus tip – create your own GIFs!

If you can’t find the right GIF for your video project, consider creating your own! GIPHY has its own GIF maker, in which you can click images

And upload videos and create their own GIFs

Alternatively, you can use the GIPHY GIF maker to convert a finished video project into GIFs so you can share it on platforms where video files may not work.

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