How the world celebrates christmas differently

Christmas worldwide

Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad and Merry Christmas: In many countries, the family is the main focus at Christmas – but Christmas is often celebrated quite differently.

There is hardly any other holiday in the world that inspires as many people as Christmas. But many countries celebrate Christmas differently. The real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Christians around the world look forward to the festive gathering throughout the Advent season. Many families gather during the Christmas season to continue a tradition together and to thank God for his sent son. But even if the meaning behind Christmas is the same, people celebrate the holiday in the world quite differently.

How to celebrate Christmas in Germany

In Germany, the religious significance of Christmas is increasingly receding into the background. Yet for many people it is one of the most important celebrations of the year. Traditionally, the Christmas season begins in many cities with the opening of the Christmas market. While children enjoy the small rides and the many treats, adults love to browse the stalls for gifts or Christmas decorations and have a mulled wine with friends.

To make the wait until Christmas not quite so long for the little ones, there is the Advent calendar, whose first door is always opened on the first of December. Every day another tab will be opened and the day will start with a piece of chocolate. In addition to the Advent calendar, many other Christmas decorations adorn homes and gardens.

Families with young children move particularly close together at this time of year. Cookies are baked together, stories are read, crafts are made, and personalized Christmas greeting cards are designed for friends and family.

A candle is lit on the Advent wreath every Sunday. After the fourth candle is lit, called the fourth advent, the countdown to Christmas Eve starts. The actual Christmas is celebrated with a decorated Christmas tree, family, lots of presents and a delicious meal. For children, Christmas is always a very special moment when the door to the living room opens and the various colorfully wrapped gifts are revealed under the Christmas tree.

This is how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico

Mexico is summer during the Christmas season and it is usually very warm. Nevertheless, Mexicans also celebrate Christmas – although quite differently than in Germany. Mexican Christmas was very influenced by the Spanish: People also celebrate Christmas in Mexico with the whole family and also present each other with gifts. However, unlike in Germany, these are only handed over on the sixth of January.

During the run-up to Christmas, many children play posada, going from house to house singing carols. When they are let in, a great pinata awaits them, filled with fruit and sweets.

Christmas in South Korea

Also in South Korea there are many Christians who celebrate Christmas. Here Christmas is celebrated not with the family, but with the whole community. At the beginning there is a traditional service with a nativity play, but afterwards there is a meal together in the church. Many young people look forward to this custom all year, as they can spend the night in the church. In the evening, they still parade through the streets of the community and sing atmospheric Christmas carols.

Peru celebrates Christmas with a big fireworks display

Also in Peru Christmas is celebrated every year. The traditions of the country are very different. Each region in Peru has its own rituals and customs. Paneton is particularly popular. This is a traditional cake with fruits. Christmas is enjoyed here with special treats with hot chocolate. In some cities and communities, nativity scenes are set up during the Advent season. These can also be found in many homes during the Christmas season, but a Christ child is not placed in the manger until Christmas Eve. In the evening, the Christmas celebration is then concluded with a large fireworks display.

Christmas traditions from Cuba

The classical Christmas traditions in Cuba are quite similar to the German ones. So also in Cuba at Christmas time a decorated tree is set up. Unlike in Germany, however, this is not decorated itself, but already bought so and only set up.

On 25. December is the start of the big festivities for Cubans: families get together and go to church together. Afterwards, people eat a special Christmas dinner together and dance, sing and celebrate together.

Faith connects – albeit with different traditions

No matter where in the world Christians celebrate Christmas, they give thanks to God for his sent son Jesus Christ. Customs and traditions turn out to be as colorful and different as people are on earth.

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