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Christmas in Brazil means that you can leave your winter coat at home. On the other hand, you can bring a sense of tradition and contemplation, because Brazilians like Advent and Christmas at least as much as we do. The country is therefore ideal for those who like to celebrate Christmas in a summer setting.

Already knew? It was mainly the German immigrants who brought many customs around Christmas to Brazil: the Advent decoration, Santa Claus and the Bescherung on Christmas Eve. But that’s about it. Because if you spend Advent in Brazil, you’ll quickly discover that it’s not the fir trees that are covered in tinsel here, but above all Palm trees, mango trees and banana trees. They flash and sparkle then around the bet.

Just like in our country, some shopping malls in Brazil offer a few days before the festive season Opening hours de luxe. Some of them are even open for 36 to 48 hours – depending on the region.

Brazilian Christmas traditions: Almost like ours

Okay, with us one meets Christmas Eve in the circle of the family. With some there’s Christmas Eve only sausages with potato salad, with others it’s already opulent with Christmas goose .. Co. served up. Then it’s off to church for midnight mass. In Brazil it is quite similar, but often in a different order. So often the visit of traditional midnight mass "Missa do Galo" at the beginning of the festivities. In many cities, however, around midnight a fireworks celebrates, symbolically announcing the birth of the Christ child.

After that it’s time to get down to business. A sumptuous feast and the giving of presents in the circle of the family wait. A typical Christmas menu in Brazil looks like this: roast turkey stuffed with giblets, chestnuts, pineapple and other ingredients. Fish, figs and dates are also on the table in many homes.

Advent in Rio de Janeiro and Finnish Advent in Penedo

Brazil is known to be in the southern hemisphere. At Christmas time, it’s summer vacation in Rio de Janeiro. Of course, it makes sense to celebrate Advent on the beach. One huge floating Christmas tree, even the biggest in the world, but it is not at Copacabana, but at the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas. This is Rio’s city lake. Countless lights shine on the 85 meters high and weighing more than 500 tons Christmas tree. This brought him the world record and an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. The spectacle attracts thousands of visitors every year in Advent.

Finally, Christmas Eve is also gift-giving season in Brazil. The Santa Claus, "Papa Noel" If it’s called the "Christmas tree" in Brazil, it either climbs up a ladder or comes down the chimney. In a big spectacle he even lands shortly before Christmas Eve by helicopter in the famous Maracana soccer stadium.

For those of you who don’t want to choose between a homey Advent atmosphere and the beach on your Brazilian vacation, a Visit to Penedo recommended.

Little Finland in Penedo

The town is located in the south of the state of Rio de Janeiro, about 126 kilometers from Copacabana. Penedo was founded in 1926 by immigrants from Finland, which is why the city was nicknamed "Christmas City" the "little Finland missed. From October to January, the Penedo hosts a popular Christmas festival. There is a Santa’s house, a replica of Santa’s house in Lapland, abundant Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and reindeer to admire. You can also go on a culinary journey of discovery here, as the city is famous for its smoked trout as well as chocolate and ice cream treats. Hmm ..

Christmas in Natal

Brazil’s capital during the Christmas season is Natal. It already carries the contemplative celebration in its name, because Natal means "Christmas" in German. That obliges of course. short geographical classification: Natal is located quite far in the northeast of Brazil, in the state of Rio Grande do Norte. To the capital Brasilia it is about 2.500 kilometers. Now some may wonder why a town is called "Christmas"? This is explained relatively quickly: Natal was born on 25. December 1599 founded, accordingly, the Name of the city derived from Christmas. It goes without saying that the city of Christmas dresses up especially for Advent. So you can see a 120 meter high Christmas tree and Buy Christmas tree baubles and other tree decorations all year round.

Mirassol Tree in Natal

And the inhabitants of Natal also feel visually committed to Christmas. Many of the city’s inhabitants proudly wear red pointed hats during Advent – despite temperatures of 30 degrees and more.

Christmas lights show "Natal Luz" in Gramado

But that is not all. Quite spectacular comes the Christmas lights show "Natal Luz" in the city of Gramado therefore. Gramado is located in the State of Rio Grande do Sul in the south of Brazil. The festival takes place between the beginning of November and 11. January held. Every year thousands of extra visitors come to the city for this reason. At the light show will be about 54.000 LEDs connected by wires, to then be computerized in the blinking to the beat of Christmas carols. A great sight that has moved many a person to tears.

The city also offers spectacular parades in the streets as well as concerts by the Orquestra Sinfônica de Gramado and much more.

Another very popular Christmas event is the Performance of a Christmas choir at Palacio Avenida in the City of Curitiba, which is also officially called Christmas City. More than 120 children from the Casas de Acolhidas orphanages perform several times in a show with the theme "Vem Sonhar Com a Gente" ("Come and dream together with us").

Sao Paulo’s tree of Ibirapuera and the Switzerland of Pernambuco

Some may ask: And what about the largest city in Brazil, Sao Paulo?? Do they not celebrate there? But, of course. Particularly eye-catching is the tree of Ibirapuera. It is round 35 meters high and with more than 170 ornaments of light decorated. It goes without saying that during the Christmas season it is a particularly popular subject for postings on Facebook, Instagram& Co. Is. But even those who stroll through Sao Paulo’s shopping malls during Advent experience a colorful bouquet of atmospheric lights. Here is presented in an impressive way everything that can glitter Christmas opulently.

Christmas in Sao Paulo

If, on the other hand, you would like to celebrate Christmas on the beach, but Rio de Janeiro is a bit too bustling and touristy, you should go to Heading for Recife in the state of Pernambuco take. The town is only 300 kilometers south of Natal and is known for its endless beaches.

If you want to make it especially Christmassy, a day trip to the 230 kilometers away from Garanhus. The so-called "Switzerland of Pernambuco" features a Christmas-lit clock square, a candy park, animated puppets telling Christmas stories, and crafts made by locals.

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