Giving donations: these christmas gifts pay off twice over

Donate as a gift: Oxfam Unpacked

OxfamUnpacked** is the donation gift store of the development aid organization Oxfam For example, you can "give away" a goat, chickens, honey bees, a latrine, a classroom or drinking water by donating an appropriate amount of money to Oxfam here.

Oxfam then uses the money in projects that, for example, support the purchase or sale of food. include the care of goats (as with the goat gift). With each donation gift, you’ll find examples of Oxfam’s work around the world to give you an idea of what happens with your money.

The money will be donated to people in developing countries, the recipient here in Germany will receive a beautifully designed greeting card with fridge magnets matching the purpose of the donation. Well thought, well done. Click here to Donate gifts from OxfamUnpacked**.

2. Give a piece of nature as a gift

"Can there be a more beautiful gift than unspoiled nature??", asks the NABU rightly. The nature conservation organization offers "a piece of nature" as a gift: People can choose to donate to a specific project (this year, cranes, bats or snow leopards) or for more general use in the areas of nature conservation or oceans – depending on what best suits the person receiving the gift. Donations can be made from 15 euros.

NABU sends you a gift card with a suitable motif by mail or e-mail, which you can then give away. There is also the option to have the card sent directly to the recipient(s) – especially handy for last minute gifts.

3. Give the gift of boundlessness

Gift donation: Doctors without Borders

Doctors without Borders Offer a donation certificate that saves lives. It’s very simple: You choose the occasion (Christmas, birthday, etc.) and the gift is given to you.) and an amount and Doctors Without Borders sends you a certificate about the donation to give away – as a PDF to print out yourself or by mail to you or the person you gave the gift to. The aid organization uses your donation where it is most urgently needed. For example, a donation of just 25 euros can help provide a malnourished child with special food for four weeks.

4. Help for self-help

At the non-governmental organization Help – help for self-help 94 percent of the donations flow directly into aid projects on site: This means that Help, which also bears the DZI donation seal, achieves one of the best rates of all aid organizations.

As the name suggests, Help promotes those in need according to the principle of "helping people to help themselves" and thus supports the efforts of people all over the world to sustainably improve their living conditions through their own efforts. For example, you can donate chickens for families in Zimbabwe, school satchels for children in Burkina Faso or winter aid packages for refugees in Bosnia. For every donation, you – or the person receiving the gift – receive an individually designed certificate by e-mail.

5. animal sponsorship or climate action sponsorship give away

The German Environmental Aid (DUH) campaigns for environmental protection and consumer rights. The association sees itself as an "advocate for the consumer". Again and again he sues companies and state actors to achieve compliance with environmental and health regulations.

The DUH offers sponsorships also as a gift: Here you can choose different animal sponsorships – for example for whales, orangutans or chicks. In this way, DUH indirectly supports the protection of animal species, for example through effective marine protection, sustainable palm oil or better animal husbandry. In addition there are climate complaint sponsorships, with which one supports the DUH complaints for more climatic protection.

You can download the donation certificates – with the name of the recipient – as a PDF or have them sent to you by post.

6. Give away an emergency shelter

The UN refugee aid is the German donation partner of the UNHCR (Refugee Agency of the UN). It supports aid projects for refugees around the world. You can make a symbolic donation to projects in the areas of water and sanitation, education, health, and protection and shelter – for example, clean drinking water for a month, life-saving special food, protective shelter, or a school blackboard. UNO Refugee Aid uses the donation where it is most needed.

In return, you will receive a beautiful gift certificate – if you wish, made out in the name of the person or persons receiving the gift. You can print it out yourself and give the donation as a Christmas gift.

7. Donate meals

Give away a donation with the BUND

Also the BUND offers this year Donation certificates to give away to. You can choose from three different motifs, enter a personal greeting in the certificate and then download it as a PDF file. Whether you want to give them away digitally or print them out, you can decide for yourself.

The donation supports the work of BUND: In many local and national projects, the environmental association is committed to the protection of nature and the environment – for example, for ecological agriculture, the energy transition, forest and species protection.

9. Give away a care package

The organization Care (after which the Care packages are named) offers** Gift donations from 10 euros to. The charity is particularly committed to adequate and healthy nutrition in the first years of life.

In the donation store you can choose a symbolic gift – for example school meals, a pair of chickens doer medical protective equipment. Care uses the money where it is most urgently needed.

For 60 euros, for example, 10.000 liters of purified water are provided as healthy drinking water.

10. Instead of chocolates … give away forest protection

Give a donation to Forest Protection: You can also make a donation to the OroVerde Tropical Forest Foundation you can have a donation certificate issued to you.

OroVerde finances rainforest conservation projects, linking nature conservation with development cooperation. Foundation supports partner organizations in Guatemala, Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Venezuela and Indonesia and also carries out important educational work.

The gift certificates are available for various occasions – such as Christmas, birthdays or weddings – and in many different motifs as a PDF or by mail. The certificates "Instead of flowers", "Instead of chocolates" or "Instead of socks" are suitable for all occasions.

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