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get pregnant quickly

Some let it come completely to them à la "if it happens, it happens". The others have everything strictly planned out and would prefer to determine the month itself – talk about pregnancy& having children. Many couples would like get pregnant quickly – above all, of course, carefully planned in advance, when a baby fits best into life. Doesn’t sound very romantic, but is it really so wrong? Does well thought out family planning mean that you are too dogged? No, not at all. At least not necessarily.

In this post, I’ll tell you if and how we planned both of our pregnancies and share our personal experiences with the natural family planning (NFP) to you.
The tips you will find in this blog post are basically aimed at healthy couples who have no known illnesses or health problems that prevent or make pregnancy difficult. Of course, this is something you need to check with your doctor about.

Therefore please no medical& expect deep biological background and explanations! & But I like to link you to sites that are helpful from my point of view and go into more detail about the individual topics& Learn about natural family planning terms.

Get pregnant quickly without stress?

Well, what can I say – I am not the most patient person. As much as I like to be spontaneous and let things come to me, there are also situations in which I want to have everything under control (as much as possible). Child planning was a topic that we approached very consciously in our case.
In 2015, when it came to the fact that we (and our living situation) were now ready for a baby, I was totally excited. Wow, so I could get pregnant in the next few months?! Holy cow!
And if you look into it a little bit, you will see how many couples it takes. One year of "practicing" is supposed to be normal without any medical intervention. No, I was too impatient for that! We were just so ready for a baby, and I wanted to get pregnant fast – quickly, but definitely without pressure.
Is it possible at all? Stress-free and getting pregnant quickly are absolutely not mutually exclusive. It is important to know and understand that not everything can be controlled, including (or especially) pregnancy. But try a little bit to help, and see if it works out? Yes, why not?

Get pregnant fast with NFP – Natural Family Planning

We have dealt with the NFP method long before we wanted to have children, because we have not used hormonal contraception for many years. I stopped taking the pill already 4 years before my first pregnancy (by the way, the best decision for body& Spirit).
NFP (also called symptothermal method) is about interpreting the body and its signals in order to get to know one’s own cycle, to determine ovulation on the basis of bodily symptoms and thus to determine the fertile days (there are approx. To determine 5 – 6 ) within the cycle.

If you can interpret the signals of your body, NFP is not only a possible option Contraceptive method, but Also helps you get pregnant in a targeted way.

The three most important symptoms to look out for with NFP:

  • Body temperature
  • Cervical mucus
  • Cervix / Cervix

Since the topic is much more complex than I can list here, I can give you on the one hand this introduction to NFP and on the other hand the book Naturally& safe – The practical book: Family planning with Sensiplan * recommend. We bought this years ago, when we first started to deal with NFP. . The book is very understandable and so you always have the information at hand for reference when in doubt.

Measure basal body temperature

What a thing? & The basal body temperature is the body temperature right after waking up, before you even got out of bed. So with a special basal thermometer you measure the morning temperature. Vaginal or rectal measurements are supposed to be the most accurate, but I stuck with oral measurement and was satisfied with that too.

After each measurement, the temperature is recorded on special cycle sheets so that the progress can be observed and ovulation can be determined. For this purpose, you can either print out ready-made cycle sheet templates or enter the temperature directly on online platforms such as Urbia.

What do you measure the temperature for?

Ca. 1-2 days after ovulation, a woman’s body temperature rises by approx. 0,2-0,6 degrees Celsius at. It stays up until it drops again just before the next period . Then the cycle starts from the new – at first the temperature stays down, then ovulation comes at some point and it rises again. Unless fertilization of the egg has taken place – then the temperature remains up, which is a first and very early indication that pregnancy has occurred.

The important thing is, to measure always at the same time and to note deviations, which could possibly influence the temperature (e.g.B. a lot of alcohol the night before, medication, poor sleep, cold, etc.).

Other observations are also entered in the cycle sheet, such as the The consistency of the cervical mucus, which together with the temperature measurement is very important in the NFP method. Here you can find all important information about the cervical mucus within a cycle.

If you have a meaningful curve, you can clearly see that the cycle is divided into 2 halves. First the temperature is down, then comes ovulation and the temperature makes a jump upwards. If one is pregnant, it stays up. If one is not, it falls again and the period comes.

Here is an excerpt of the curve from my second pregnancy as an example:

get lean fast tips

The temperature rise can be seen clearly here. This remains in the second half of the cycle, because I became pregnant. The great thing about NFP is also that you can really guess very early that you are pregnant if you know your cycle. By the temperature development it was almost clear to me that someone has probably "nested" there. And 10 days after ovulation the pregnancy test was easily positive.

What is needed?

You need a clinical thermometer that has 2 decimal places (also called basal thermometer). One gets this already very favorably online to buy: Domotherm Rapid – digital clinical thermometer *

Or you can use Femometer Vinca II basal thermometer* and make it even more comfortable for yourself. The measured data will be z.B. entered directly into a designated app, so you do not have to enter anything by hand there. The technology behind it has a few cool features and complements z.B. missing (measurement forgotten) or recognizes deviating values (falsified temperature due to z.B. sleep deprivation).

Use ovulation tests

The second tool that in combination with temperature measurement led to two quick pregnancies for us: the ovulation test.

An ovulation test, also called an LH test, measures the concentration of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine. Shortly before ovulation, this rises until an LH peak is reached. Thereupon, within ca. 9 – 24h the ovulation released.

Detailed information about ovulation tests and their use can be found here:

For me, it was basically just confirming my temperature curve again. In addition, you can see the rise in the temperature curve when ovulation has already taken place. But if you want to take advantage of the fertile days, it would be a bit too late for the "planned togetherness". The ovulation tests are a great addition, because you already know that the ovulation will take place soon and the fertile days will start soon. one is already in the middle.

Which ovulation tests?

I have used these inexpensive ovulation tests * from Amazon and can only recommend them.
Absolutely sufficient and because you need several test strips within one cycle to detect a LH surge, it is helpful to have a whole bag full (for little money). &
The tests are very simple and you have to interpret them yourself (strength of the line) – which is absolutely no problem. Also in this set are some pregnancy tests, which is very practical.

There are of course also "better" or. more comfortable tests like e.g. the Clearblue ovulation test digital, 10 tests *
This recognizes the 2 most fertile days independently and "spits out" the result in the form of a smileys – you do not have to pay attention to the strength of the line, as it is the case with the upper tests. This way you know that the next 2 days are the best time to get pregnant.

Get pregnant fast tips

Of course, you can also find basic tips apart from NFP to create good conditions for a pregnancy.

Check-up at the gynecologist

If you are ready to have a child, you should also consult your gynecologist. On the one hand, he can already check whether everything is in order as far as his health is concerned or whether, from his point of view, anything needs to be taken into account. On the other hand, he certainly has direct tips and recommendations as to diet, nutritional supplements& Co. so that one can already prepare for the pregnancy.

Discontinue hormonal contraception early

You have to expect not to get pregnant directly after stopping hormonal contraception like z.B. the pill to get pregnant. In many women, the hormone balance is initially confused, the cycle has to settle down and this can take time. Either wean earlier and possibly start with the birth control or start with the birth control. For the time being, you should use other methods of contraception or simply keep in mind that a pregnancy may not come as quickly as expected/desired.

Healthy diet& Fitness

A healthy& A fit body is of course the best basis for a pregnancy. On the other hand, malnutrition can lead to hormonal imbalance, which can directly affect fertility. Eating a healthy and balanced diet before pregnancy is definitely a good idea. Sport is also said to have a very good effect on fertility, not least because it reduces stress, which you can’t use in any situation in life, especially not when planning a child ;-). Also clearly underweight and overweight are not an ideal starting position for a pregnancy.

Folic acid& Nutritional supplementation

Experts advise women to make sure they have enough folic acid when they want to have a child – and their need for folic acid doubles in early pregnancy! Folic acid is very important for the mother and child in all cell division and growth processes. But since it is very difficult to cover the additional requirements through nutrition, it is often advised to take supplements. For both pregnancies I took Folio Forte Phase 1 * extra for women who want to have children and until the end of early pregnancy taken. It is best to consult with your gynecologist before you start taking a supplement.

There are also whole Combination products especially from the desire to have a child and until the end of early pregnancy. SanaExpert Natalis Pre *, produced exclusively in Germany, provides mother and unborn child with all the important vitamins and minerals, taking into account the additional requirements that arise during this special time. Whether you need such combination pregnancy vitamins, you should also discuss directly with your gynecologist.

If you want to regulate your cycle (z.B if it is upset by the discontinuation of hormonal contraception or simply not regular or too long), can also try oviTea® Babytraum Tee BIO *. The herbal tea specially developed for the desire to have children is said to have a positive effect on the cycle and help to speed up pregnancy.

In addition, the popular raspberry leaf tea *, often called "pregnancy tea", can have a positive effect on the cycle and egg maturation. Many midwives and gynecologists recommend the tea both in the desire to have children and for birth preparation.


Since excessive consumption of alcohol, nicotine and caffeine can have a negative effect on fertility, it makes sense to limit it. There is nothing to be said against a conscious consumption (at least in my opinion). But the fact is that excessive consumption can also limit fertility. By the way, this also applies to men, especially with alcohol and cigarettes. In any case, it is only good for the desire to have children if both (soon-to-be) parents hold back a little.

Fertility lubricant gel

Yes, there are also such things on the market and if one looks at the evaluations of for example Ritex Kinderwunsch Gleitmittel * or GLEITMITTEL Pre Seed bei Kinderwunsch *, then there seem to be very many satisfied couples, which the products helped to a pregnancy. There are, as far as I know, no studies that show that a lubricant gel really helps. In any case, it should have a supporting effect and create optimal conditions (ph-value) for the male sperm in the woman’s body. Whether it has helped in the end, one will probably not know. However, I would not underestimate even the placebo effect here at all! Sometimes such a small thing is also a pure head thing and who is convinced that such a gel helps, can be quite successful with it in my opinion.

Get pregnant fast: Our conclusion

In our case, the NFP method was a complete success and brought exactly the desired result – namely two very quick pregnancies. The first time I was pregnant in 2. I was pregnant for the first cycle and the second time it was a direct hit in the first cycle. I think the NFP method is a great way to get to know your body better, which is a lot of fun. And since it can also be used for Hormone-free contraception it simply made double sense for us to look into it.

And yet, in the back of your mind you must always keep in mind that there is no guarantee for anything. Don’t approach child planning with high expectations and pressure. Then the psyche does the rest and you are stuck in a vicious circle from which you can no longer get out so easily: desire to have children – pressure – failure to get pregnant – even more pressure, etc. You must not let yourself get stressed and give yourself and your body time. This was also crucial for us, I think – we took everything with humor and were relaxed, even though I paid attention to my cycle and thus the fertile period. It never became a burden or took the fun out of our partnership (well, we were lucky and it worked out very quickly). And this is simply the most important thing when it comes to making a baby. It is something very special, which should not be ruined by pressure and stress.

get pregnant experiences

All the love for you!

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