Getting pregnant after taking the pill: how quickly does?

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Thanks to the pill, women today can usually decide for themselves when they want to become get pregnant. After the pillDiscontinuation However, fertility is restored at different rates. Not only does the type of hormonal contraception play a role, the age of the woman and the fertility of the couple are also crucial. Read more about getting pregnant after the pill here.

Pregnant after pill

How quickly do I get pregnant after taking the pill??

The hormones in the pill prevent ovulation and the implantation of a fertilized egg in the uterus. When the pill is discontinued, the woman’s natural cycle returns to normal. Pregnancy is possible in the first natural cycle after stopping the pill. However, getting pregnant after taking the pill can take up to twelve months.

This is especially the case if a woman has taken the pill before the age of 21. It apparently takes longer to get pregnant after the pill, even with higher-dose pills and third- and fourth-generation preparations.

The different lengths of time depend on many factors, some of which are not yet known. On the one hand, certain brain regions play a role in the regulation of natural hormones. On the other hand, genetic factors, lifestyle (smoking, obesity, etc.) can influence the pregnancy rate.), the age as well as the fertility of both partners the probability for a pregnancy.

A general statement on how quickly one can become pregnant after stopping the pill can therefore not be made.

Do not underestimate the age of the woman

Most women want to have at least one child, often two or three children. Until the age of about 30, there is little in the way of the plan to start a large family. Because women of this age are highly fertile every month without contraception. After 30, however, a woman’s fertility decreases – the number of mature eggs decreases with age. Getting pregnant after the pill requires women after 30. Patience is needed before you reach the age of 18: it usually takes a little longer to get pregnant.

If women are desperate to have a child, they could follow the recommendations of a recently published study: According to the computerized calculation, women who want to have children should start working on family planning by the age of 32 at the latest. If two children are desired, the woman should start at age 27. If you wish to have three children, it is worthwhile to start family planning at the age of 23.

Women for whom artificial insemination is also an option could take a little more time. You should stop using contraception at 35 years of age at the latest if one child is desired, at 31 years of age if two children are to enhance family happiness, and at 28 years of age if three children are desired.

Family planning depends on several factors

When women started using birth control pills, family planning changed significantly. With the introduction of the Pill and a change in the importance of marriage and family, the overall number of births has declined significantly since the mid-1960s, and most women have their first child later than they used to – usually after age 30. Nowadays, couples plan pregnancy very carefully, often after years of contraception and when the woman is already a bit older.

If women decide to have a child, the likelihood of pregnancy depends on stopping the pill, the woman’s biological clock and the fertility of both partners.

Conclusion: Getting pregnant after taking the pill

The hormonal processes in the female body and fertilization are highly complex processes that are subject to many influencing factors. So if you don’t get pregnant immediately after stopping the pill, you shouldn’t worry at first. The body needs time to adjust to the natural cycle again. It is best to discuss your desire to have a child and any associated worries with your gynecologist.

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