Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiedemann, head physician of our clinic for urology, is Germany’s first professor for uro-geriatrics. Saturday, 29. June 2019, he is hosting a symposium on this new medical field for the second time.


Ev. Hospital Witten – Ev. Hospital Witten

Ev. Witten Hospital

&&& Nutrition tips for new vegans

Are you in the "Veganuary also on the taste of a purely vegetable nutrition come and play now with the thought of doing without permanently all products of animal origin? A vegan diet can be an alternative for young adults and adolescents who are looking for a diet that takes into account health, economic, ecological, ethical and philosophical aspects.

"When following a vegan diet, however, it is important to note that pregnant women, nursing mothers and children in particular need to supplement critical nutrients. These include vitamin B12, iron, calcium, zinc, iodine and vitamin D. A permanent vegan diet can lead to deficiencies here, as vitamins B12 and D are usually only present in trace amounts in plant-based foods", says Katia Jose, nutrition consultant at EvK Witten.

But that shouldn’t scare off interested vegans: According to the Federal Center for Nutrition, a vegan diet brings significant health benefits and also protects the environment and resources. &

Ev. Hospital Witten

&&&⚕️ Still free training places for prospective nursing specialists

Desire for an apprenticeship in nursing? Then we have good news for you: We still have vacant training positions. At the EvK Witten starts to the 1. April 2022 again a new training year.

& While the trainees complete the theoretical part in the nursing school of the Evangelical Hospital Witten, the practical assignments take place mainly in the EvK Witten. Thus you move during your three-year training in a familiar surrounding field – and can rely thereby on an individual support. Because this is particularly important to us in our hospital network, there are exempt practical instructors who make sure that you get along with the learning content on the wards.

You have a stomach ache at the thought of shift work? The shift system gives you more freedom in your free time than you think. And of course you will be paid accordingly. & Speaking of coal: in the first year of training you get 1165.69 euros. This is more than in most apprenticeships.

&& Feel like it? Then apply now: https://pflegefachschule-witten.de/bewerbung By the way, you can also get a lot more information here.

We are looking forward to you! &

Ev. Witten Hospital

ℹ️ Visits possible at EvK with 2G-Plus rule

At the Evangelisches Krankenhaus Witten, from Wednesday, 26. January, patient visits possible again. For visitors the 2G-Plus rule applies. That is, they must be vaccinated or recovered and also present an official antigen rapid test, which is not older than 24 hours.

For the protection of patients and staff, visitors must also observe a few additional rules.
– Patients* can be visited from the third day of their stay in hospital.
– Pre-registration is required, which is done by calling the respective ward on the day before the visit.
– One named person is allowed to visit per day per patient for a maximum of 60 minutes.
– Patient visits are scheduled between 13 and 16.30 o’clock possible.
– Wearing an FFP2 mask is mandatory for the entire duration of the visit.

In addition, visitors should observe the applicable distance and hygiene rules. Disinfection dispensers for proper hand hygiene are available in the entrance area and on the wards. Before entering, visitors* must complete a symptom checklist and registration form. We ask for your understanding if there are waiting times when entering the hospital.

Visits to the Covid 19 ward as well as, if applicable. on wards with outbreaks are not possible. If visitors have symptoms of a respiratory infection, a visit is also not possible. We also ask for your understanding.

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