Earn money fast without risk with these 20 ideas

Who would not like to earn money quickly without risk? Students in particular are short of cash, but can only take on mini-jobs or odd jobs. Since it is worthwhile to turn your attention to other ways of earning money. And there are quite a few of them. Here we present you the 20 best ideas how to get money quickly and easily.

1. Paid surveys

Nothing works in market research without surveys. You can take advantage of this peculiarity and get to paid surveys participate.

Simply fill out questionnaires from home and collect money for it. As a rule, a ten-minute survey is remunerated with about 1-3 €.

According to the testimonies of many participants, the average monthly income is 50 – 100 €. Apply to as many market research institutes as possible so that you can regularly participate in surveys and maximize your earnings.
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  • Average earnings: 3 € per survey
  • Effort: Around 10-15 minutes per survey

Our 3 favorites:

Participation from 16 years

2. Separate yourself from items that you no longer need


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Whether clothes, books, CDs, games or decorative items: In every household there are items that are no longer needed. Instead of throwing them away, you can sell your old stuff and make money fast with no risk.

One possibility is to sell the items on the flea market, but this approach is usually associated with considerable effort.

It is much easier to get rid of used items on Ebay. Purchase portals are the optimal variant, because here you get your money paid in the shortest time and do not have to wait for a suitable buyer first.

Prices depend on category and condition. Rare limited edition games sell best, but there is also a nice sum for fancy designer items like bags or accessories.

  • Merit: depending on the item
  • Effort: few minutes

3. Open a bonus account at a bank


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Many banks nowadays offer their customers particularly attractive conditions in order to stand out from the competition. You can collect a bonus in a few seconds when you open a new account and thus earn money quickly without any risk.

Pay attention to the overall package of the bank, because often hidden here additional costs that are offset by the bonus again. Choose an account with no or maximum low fees.

The most common type of current account offered is one with a starting balance, which is usually between €50 and €150.
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  • Earn: 50 to 150 €
  • Effort: few minutes – however, some criteria must be met

4. Get money back from your taxes

Taxfix * is an app that allows you to process your tax return quickly and easily on your smartphone.

The services of a tax advisor are expensive, and if you do your tax return entirely without help, you usually pay too much. With Taxfix you can save about 1000 €.

  • Earnings: On average 1000 € refund
  • Effort: 1 to 3 months waiting period

5. Try matched betting


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Submit tips and collect money – guaranteed! You don’t even have to be interested in sports. So that you win for sure, you take on Double bets * part.

In English, this strategy is called "matched betting". Double bets are common in the UK. The strategy is to always place two tips – once for and once against a certain outcome of a game.

For this you use bonuses, bonuses for new customers, free bets and reload offers to earn money. With specialized technology you can easily recognize and win the corresponding bets.
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  • Earnings: Depends on the bet, in schitt about 500€ per month
  • Effort: Less than 5 hours a week

6. Fast credit with Giromatch

Earn money fast without risk with these 20 ideas

Giromatch * is online since 2016. The lending platform matches investors with borrowers. You can earn money quickly at Giromatch without risk and not only apply for a quick loan, but also make money as an investor.

Invest easily in verified loans – from as little as 200 €. The return is about 3 % per year. The duration of the credits is between one and five years. As an investor you get the interest-bearing repayments paid out monthly. Alternatively there is of course the possibility of an instant credit.

  • Merit: Either instant credit or investment with 3% return per year
  • Effort: Long term investment strategy

7. Look around on freelance portals for possible jobs


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Earn money quickly without risk: whether you can create great drawings or produce music: There are always jobs for freelancers.

Even those who speak multiple languages can capitalize on this by offering a customized language course. At Freelancer portals numerous jobs are posted every day.

Register on several portals and apply for those jobs that appeal to you the most. You can set your own rates and connect directly with customers.

  • Earnings: depends on the task
  • Effort: varies depending on the project

8. Rate songs, fashion items, accessories and commercials and collect money

Rate new fashion items, songs and videos and collect money for them? This is possible with slicethepie *

The survey portal offers you compensation for your opinion. Your task is to describe products and give your honest opinion. With songs you have to listen for at least 90 seconds before you are allowed to comment on the respective composition.

If you invite friends to join slicethepie, you will be paid 25% of their earnings for 12 months. The money is paid out via PayPal.

  • Earnings: From 0.10 cents per poll
  • Effort: Several minutes per survey

9. Become a dogsitter


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Dog lovers can now turn your love for the four-legged into money. Register on a portal like Rover * and find dogs in your area to walk with.

Most dog owners do not manage to do a long walk with their four-legged friends, especially in the morning. If you are free in the morning, you can take advantage of this.

You simply set your own schedule and decide when you want to take care of dogs. You can also take care of dogs all day or take the animals to your home for the night. The earnings depend on the duration of the care. With a full-day support you can count on 120 €.

  • Earnings: About 10€ per hour
  • Effort: Hardly, just looking after animals

10. Use ride services like Blablacar

Driving services

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In the past people used to travel by hitchhiking, today the concept of carpooling has become popular. If you travel a lot and go to popular destinations, you can easily earn some money with a police clearance Blablacar * earn extra by taking passengers with you.

This is not only an advantage financially, but in most cases it also makes for an interesting ride. You set your own price, so that you can earn some extra money plus the fuel costs. There’s no need to talk about effort here, because carpooling is usually fun. You get to know new people and can look forward to great conversation partners.

  • Earnings: Depending on the route
  • Effort: none, since you drive anyway

11. Write texts on copywriting portals

You like to write? Then you can earn money quickly without risk and turn your passion into money by Texts for texting portals written by. However, it has to be said that this is anything but easy and you will have to work very intensively at first.

You must have a perfect command of grammar and syntax, because mistakes are not allowed here. In addition, there are always topics on which you have to research thoroughly.

However, if you stay on the ball and write diligently, you can earn yourself a nice sum of money. Since the time commitment is relatively large, you should plan well. Depending on the number of words, the topic and the amount of research you have to do, you might have to spend several hours on a text every now and then.

  • Earnings: From 1.5 cents per word
  • effort: from a few minutes to several hours

12. Invest in peer-to-peer platforms


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Peer-to-peer loans are granted by private individuals to other private individuals. This eliminates the bank as an intermediary. In Germany, the legal situation requires peer-to-peer platforms to cooperate with a bank.

If you are a lender on a peer-to-peer platform, you earn money through interest. The platform subjects potential borrowers to a credit check and gives him a score, based on which you can decide whether you want to accept a request.

You can earn money quickly without risk and also give very small loans, so you do not have to have a lot of start-up capital. The return on investment averages four to six percent.

  • Earnings: Depends on the term and amount of the loan
  • Effort: very low

13. Earn money fast without risk as a babysitter

If you’re good with kids, a part-time babysitting job is the perfect way to make money. The working hours are usually very flexible and can be combined with university or your main job.

Getting a job as a babysitter is not without hurdles: Many parents are very picky and do not let just any person approach their children. This is why a police clearance certificate can help you find a job. Earnings vary from case to case.

On the whole, you can earn money quickly without risk and can expect 10 € per hour. The more experience and qualifications you have, the more money you can charge. On a platform like Hallobabysitter * you can register for free and find your next babysitting job in your area.

  • Earnings: 10 to 20 € per hour
  • Effort: depending on the situation

14. Earn money fast without risk: Donate blood plasma

You can make money fast without risk and donate blood plasma up to 60 times a year. There must be at least 48 hours between each donation.

Unlike blood donation, plasma donation is much gentler on the body because only the liquid part of the blood is donated. However, plasma donation is more time consuming and takes about 45 minutes to complete. To also earn something when donating, you should go to an institution that pays an allowance in cash.

You must undergo a medical examination before you are allowed to donate blood plasma. Some institutes even run special campaigns to attract more people willing to donate. You can get up to 2 units per year.Earn 400 €.

  • Merit: about 40 € per donation
  • Effort: 45 minutes per dispensing

15. Register on Nielsen

Market research is a serious business. After all, companies want to make their products as attractive as possible to consumers. On Nielsen * Your opinion is also asked – against appropriate payment, of course.

You can test products or have your purchase researched. Besides, even your surfing behavior is interesting for market research institutes. Get paid for surfing online.

The great thing is that you can do it all from home and get paid via Paypal. You can use up to 5 devices and receive the equivalent of 175€ per year, just for using them. Read our Nielsen testimonial through for more info.

  • Earnings: Not always cash payment, respondents often receive bonuses
  • Effort: Download the software and take some surveys

16. Microjobbing: Register on Appjobs

You can accept microjobs with a click and perform various tasks in your area. All this happens in an app that you conveniently download to your smartphone.

Among the most popular microjobbing apps is Appjobs .* you get your money paid by Paypal. The working model is very flexible and allows you to accept tasks at any time.

  • Earnings: Varies by task (averages around €5 to €10 per job)
  • Effort: few minutes

17. Buy a ready dropshipping store on Alidropship


At Dropshipping you sell goods that you do not have in stock yourself. You act as a mediator between manufacturer and buyer, so to speak. Customers buy an item, which you then order from the manufacturer, who delivers the goods directly to the customer.

You collect the price difference between manufacturer price and final price. The advantage of a ready dropshipping store, which you can buy through Alidropship The best thing you can buy is that you don’t have to enter any products, but can start immediately.

In addition you need for a Dropshipping Shop only very few starting capital. You can offer a wide range of goods without having to prefinance them in the process.

  • Earnings: 500 – 4000€ per month
  • Effort: long-term strategy

18. Try copy trading like etoro


Now and then it pays to imitate others. For example with the Copy Trading, because here the imitation can be made even to money. With copy trading, this is exactly what happens: the strategies of successful traders are simply copied.

The advantage of copy trading is that as an investor you don’t have to actively look after your investments. Secondly, the fact that you do not need to have any knowledge of securities and stock prices. On platforms like etoro * you can trade Forex, CFDs and commodities respectively. copy.

  • earnings: Depends on the amount of capital invested
  • Effort: long term strategy

19. Become a medical test subject

On average, 40 new drugs are approved each year. Before a drug comes to market, it goes through several stages of development and needs to be tested intensively.

The clinical trial is the final spurt to approval and will be conducted several years after the initial development of the drug.

As a test person for new drugs you can earn a lot of money without much effort. However, you can’t automatically participate in every trial, because there are usually strict rules. As a test person, you have to fulfill certain conditions to be eligible for a study at all.

You can check with contract research organizations online about upcoming studies and sign up. The higher the risk for the subject, the higher the potential earnings.

  • Earnings: 150 to 250 € per day
  • Effort: A few days to several weeks

20. Rent out free space in your apartment


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Through portals such as Airbnb you have the opportunity to become a landlord or. Host to register and rent there your free space to travelers. The merit varies depending on the size of the living space or location.

Initially, it may take a while for someone to contact you, as your profile will not have customer reviews. But little by little this should get better.

  • Earnings: 20 – 50€ per night on average
  • effort: A few weeks

Our conclusion about making money fast without risk

As you’ve seen, there’s a whole range of ways you can get money relatively quickly. Some possibilities are more suitable and the others perhaps a little less, also it depends on what you understand by the word "fast". 10 minutes? 2 hours? 1 week? We hope that we have been able to give you as much helpful advice as possible. Let us know in the comments which "job" is right for you.

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