Drive sparrows off the roof: but how? | 6 approaches to a solution

Expel sparrows from the roof - sparrow on roof

In the course of evolution, sparrows have become accustomed to humans and settle on the roofs of houses and in gardens. Noise and droppings can quickly become a nuisance. Therefore, appropriate measures should be taken promptly to repel birds. How to drive away sparrows in a gentle way.

Sparrow plague

Sparrows are very bold birds and often appear in large flocks. Thus the relatively small songbirds cause an immense noise and can become an enormous nuisance. Furthermore, the resulting excrement can become a serious problem. Therefore, appropriate bird repellent measures must be taken in time to prevent serious damage from occurring.

Sparrows on fence

Sparrows can be gotten rid of relatively gently thanks to various means. However, most methods do not provide absolute protection and are often only effective for a limited period of time. For this reason it is recommended to use various methods of defense alternately.

  • grow only about 14 cm
  • brownish-black coloration
  • prefer nesting places in eaves and wall openings
  • stay in gutters and under roof tiles
  • settle also in cavities on outer walls
  • Sparrow colonies quickly become an annoying nuisance
  • Spavin stubbornly persists on the roof
  • droppings can cause considerable damage to the masonry
  • disgusting mass repels unpleasant odor over time
  • Noise no longer allows quiet moments
  • When repelling sparrows, always prefer environmentally friendly methods

1. Bird dummies

Sparrows have many natural enemies, these include various birds of prey. Due to an instinctive sense of threat, the small songbirds flee and avoid any close contact. This circumstance can be exploited with special bird dummies, which deter the sparrows quite reliably, but only for a certain period of time.

    , Ravens and crows are among the enemies
  • Bird dummies can be purchased in garden stores
  • can also be made on your own
  • imitate the silhouettes of birds of prey
  • attach to eaves and hang in trees
  • change location from time to time to avoid habituation
  • placing scarecrows is also helpful

2. Bird spikes

Bird spikes

In combination with dummies, bird spikes have proven to be effective in repelling sparrows. the spikes effectively prevent the songbirds from settling on the roof. These special devices can be purchased as complete repellent strips in the trade.

  • Spikes are designed for gutters
  • alternating metal bars prevent the sparrows from entering the building
  • stainless steel modules fit perfectly into rain gutters
  • can also be placed on roof edges and on gates

3. Drive away by sounds

Sparrows can also be frightened and thus driven away with sounds and noises. As a means of defense, these measures are completely harmless and also produce pleasant sounds. these devices do not have to be too large, the important thing is to place them in the right places. Subsequently, the sparrows are confused by the noise and permanently scared away.

  • install wind chimes in the garden and on the roof
  • Bells are also helpful
  • another possibility are wind chimes made of flags
  • little flags move cheerfully in the wind
  • Wind wheels have the same effect
  • Place the device strategically, where sparrows spend their time

4. Mobile

Drive sparrows away from the roof - mobile

Another possibility for getting rid of the sparrows is a mobile. If this consists of reflective surfaces, then the sparrows are dazzled and thus scared away. The mobile can be hung anywhere in the garden, in various corners of the garden and near the roof.

If you have a little manual skill, you can use them to create a beautiful garden decoration. Due to the deterrent effect, sparrows will not come back and will look for a new home. However, especially cheeky specimens sooner or later get used to the reflective hangers. For this reason, the mobiles should be moved regularly to avoid the undesirable habituation effect.

  • Make mobiles from old CDs
  • reflective effect irritates and deters birds
  • Fasten CDs together with a strong cord
  • as with the mobile in different heights adjust
  • then install CD-Mobile wind- and weatherproof at various places
  • alternatively help strips of aluminum foil as bird bands
  • but more susceptible to strong gusts of wind
  • can be placed in trees and on the roof

5. Bird repellent with ultrasound

Against sparrows also helps an electric bird repellent, which works with ultrasound. These modern devices work with ultrasonic waves, which are hardly or not at all perceptible for humans. Therefore, the devices do not cause noise or disturbing sounds during operation. Thanks to the pressure waves created, the sparrows can be driven away permanently.

  • modern ultrasonic devices very powerful
  • provide peace from sparrows for a longer period of time
  • also drive away other disturbing bird species, such as pigeons and magpies
  • distribute in strategic places on the roof and in the garden
  • no loopholes should be created for the birds
  • very wide range of electronic bird repellents
  • Model differences in ranges and functions
  • Devices can be bought on the Internet, in garden centers and hardware stores

6. Preventive measures

Bird house as an alternative

The common house sparrow is nowadays exposed to an acute threat in its population, therefore it is already on an early warning list for endangered bird species. For this reason each nesting sparrow pair is a good sign. However, as the birds like to settle near people and raise their offspring there, there are many disturbances.

In terms of animal welfare, gentle and animal-friendly means of bird repellent are always to be preferred. To prevent a plague by sparrows from the outset, various preventive measures are available to make the roof sparrow-free again.

  • Sparrows are often attracted by food scraps
  • Dispose of leftovers immediately
  • Sweep bread crumbs from terraces and balconies
  • Compost heap in the garden with cover well protect
  • Offer birdhouse in the garden as an alternative
  • Choose a location far away from the house
  • Cottage should be sufficiently large
  • regularly stock your new home with food
  • Sparrows are guaranteed to settle there soon

Frequently asked questions

When choosing countermeasures, it is important to ensure continuous safety for people and animals. The sparrows should be driven away and not be tortured unnecessarily. Bird nets lead to an agonizing death of sparrows, as they get caught in them and then die miserably.

Also controversial is bird poison, which is simple and effective, but causes a complete exitus. If you don’t want to kill the sparrows, but just get rid of them, you should do without nets and poisons completely.

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