Dream interpretation spit

Dream interpretation spit

Spitting is not welcomed in public in our society – apart from the soccer field. Saliva is perceived as unhygienic and generates disgust. Spitting is often meant as an expression of disrespect. If you spit on the floor in front of someone, you are deliberately attacking that person’s dignity.

Even small children are taught not to spit at another person. Because this is considered a bad behavior. Not only because it is perceived as disgusting, but also because spitting on you can transmit diseases through virus or bacteria.

When someone is particularly angry and expresses this, you call their nasty tone of voice "Spitting venom and bile". When something needs to be addressed "spit in the hands". In former times it was common among the travelling people to spit over each other’s shoulder before a performance in order to banish evil spirits. From this custom is the onomatopoeic saying "Good luck!" Remaining, with which actors wish themselves happiness and success. By the way, the one that vomits also "spits".

Some animals even spit. Llamas express their displeasure about bad treatment or unwanted competitors among females through their saliva.

If someone dreams of spitting, they may get satisfaction from expressing their disrespect to another person by spitting on them. Maybe he feels more disgust or indignation too. In dream interpretation, the meaning of this dream symbol depends, among other things, on whether you spit or are spat upon in the dream itself.

Spitting mucus is one of the dream situations that are experienced many times. Therefore, we first interpret this particular dream, before moving on to the general interpretation.

Dream symbol "spitting – The most common dreams about the symbol

spit mucus, yuck! The brief analysis of the dream

Dream interpretation spit

In dream research, mucus is a symbol that usually signals a weakness in the drive. Sometimes the viscous substance suggests anxiety and depression. Spitting out this mucus in the dream, which can be interpreted negatively, indicates that the sleeper is willing to heal his psyche or have it healed. The spat out mucus can also mean character traits that the person rejects in himself.

Dream symbol "spit – The general interpretation

The dream symbol "spit in dream interpretation indicates that something is boiling inside us. If we give free rein to these negative feelings, this will probably have equally negative consequences. If one sees another person spitting in a dream, the symbol is a request to do more Consideration to take influence on the own mental condition. Those who constantly choose negative words ultimately harm their own mental health as well.

Dream interpretation spit

In particular, if the dreamer spits himself, this is a symbol in dream interpretation for good personality anger and Anger. Such aggressive emotions can derail plans that actually have a good chance of success. The dream symbol "spit indicates to the dreamer that socially unacceptable behavior can cause a lot of trouble and even loss of money. If the reason for the spitting attack is a quarrel in the dream, the subconscious is dealing with an actual dispute in the real world.

The meaning of the dream symbol "spit" changes when it is the dreamer himself who is being spat upon. Then in the dream interpretation the positive qualities of the saliva come to the fore. It is a sign of happiness and successful future. But one should beware of envious people who may be planning evil. An analysis of the current life situation can be helpful to identify these envious people in his circle of acquaintances.

Dream interpretation spit

Saliva has a healing effect, in dreams it symbolizes the healing process of mind, body and soul. Snotting into a spittoon in this context stands for good Chances of success, because the plans of the dreamer are based on a healthy foundation. At the same time the sleeper develops a preference, a new hobby or a new passion, which, however, may soon take up too much time, so that important matters may be forgotten.

If you spit out blood in a dream, you should usually deal with something from the Past to deal with it more closely in order to deal with it finally. If you spit tobacco, joyful times are probably waiting for you.

A spitting camel, alpaca or llama signals that negative feelings are weighing heavily on the dreaming person, but are suppressed. It is important to express these feelings or give an outlet, for example, through a sporting activity.

Dream symbol "spit – The psychological interpretation

Dream interpretation spit

Spitting is an act of degradation and humiliation. On the psychological level, therefore, the dream symbol is a symbol of the loss of Attention. In this context, the person who is spat at in the dream is very revealing for dream interpretation:

Spitting at a person known to the dreamer shows that the relationship with him is characterized less by friendship than by hostility and envy. A stranger, on the other hand, embodies one’s own ego. If a stranger is spat at by the dreamer in the dream, the dreamer obviously has difficulties with his own personality. Spitting in a dream is here a Call for help the soul, because a person who does not respect and accept himself will probably get psychological problems.

If in a dream a person spits into his hand to seal a contract, psychological dream interpretation sees this dream situation as a symbol for Faith and Trust. In the waking world, the dreamer is willing to give to another.

Dream symbol "spit – The spiritual interpretation

On a spiritual level, the dream symbol is "spit" in dream interpretation a sign of Protection from negative mental influences. Since ancient times, people have averted evil looks and curses by spitting out saliva, which is considered a healing liquid.

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