Does she fancy me? 10 signals

Is she into me? 10 signs that a woman is interested in you

She smiles, winks and runs her fingers through her hair – but what does that mean: does the girl just think you’re nice or is she secretly dreaming of a date with you?? Does she see you as a buddy or lover? If you could determine it so easily!

Many people (and therefore also women) are usually sparing in expressing their needs. That’s why it’s so difficult to tell what they really want. This can be annoying, but at the same time makes flirting more exciting.

Does she fancy me? These 10 signs indicate a woman’s interest

To help you at least minimize the risk of a rejection or a missed opportunity, here are 10 signs that a woman is interested.

1. She has time for you

A fairly clear signal of interest is the priority it gives you. An interested woman doesn’t leave you floundering for days after a WhatsApp message, she takes your calls and finds time for a meeting. On the other hand, if she keeps asking or you feel like you’re chasing her, the interest is probably not mutual – or she’s still in the head and heart of another matter.

2. She is looking for eye contact

You know the tingling sensation of prolonged eye contact with a stranger? If someone has interest, she/he looks for the eyes of the other, in order to examine whether he/it looks likewise. But be careful: when someone averts their gaze, it’s not necessarily a signal of disinterest (unlike these 11 signs). It could also look the other way out of embarrassment. However, a repeated, furtive glance from across the room is more likely to indicate quiet admiration.

Seeking eye contact can be a signal that a woman is interested in you

3. She asks many questions

If she just nods silently or looks over her shoulder while you talk, she’s not interested. However, if she asks questions, she’s definitely with you. She is not more curious than average, but tries to find a common topic of conversation this way. Even if you tell about the exciting soccer game or another topic that the lady is not really interested in, she virtually hangs on your lips – a good sign.

4. She remembers little things

She remembers you mentioning that you wanted to watch a certain movie the last time we met. Or she mentions that you have casually mentioned a hobby and asks about it. Someone who remembers little things will almost certainly have you on their mind.

5. She is playful

She’s playful in your presence: making childish jokes or punching you in the arm for fun. Some women actually get frisky again when they think a guy is great.

6. She compliments you

She praises your good taste in movies or your clothing style. Someone who finds someone else attractive likes to give compliments. By the way, it’s also a compliment if she laughs at your jokes, even if they’re not very funny. How to give her a really good compliment in return, you can learn here.

If she is looking for physical contact, then she is clearly interested

7.She gets close to you and touches you

When you’re out in a group, she often chooses a seat next to you or tries to walk alongside you. Or she moves close to you or touches you as if by accident. Other means of making physical contact: Every now and then she puts her hand on your arm for a short time or waves it through your hair. By the way, most women can hardly resist these 3 men’s hairstyles.

8. She asks about your love life

Is she interested in your exes? If she specifically asks about your love life or subliminally wants to find out if you’re taken, that’s a good sign of interest. What you should never do: make her jealous with other women or the ex-girlfriend to get her off your back – this will definitely backfire!

9. She follows you on social media

On your profile in the career network you suddenly discover a known visitor? On Instagram she suddenly likes your pictures? In these cases, you can be pretty sure she’s already scoured the internet for snippets about you. Don’t worry: this is a good sign! She’s not looking for missteps, but for images or information that she can skillfully incorporate into the next conversation.

10. She prolongs the conversation

Your conversation is nearing its end, but instead of letting the conversation ripple out, she keeps asking questions that drag out the conversation? A sign that she likes to be around you.

Conclusion: Trust your instinct

By the way a woman talks to you, behaves, and looks at you, you can interpret her interest. Pay attention to physical signals: Does she blush when you talk to her? Do her eyes light up when she smiles at you? If several of the 10 signals apply, you should just dare and ask her out (again). Chances are she sees you as more than just a good friend!

Does she fancy me? 10 signals

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Does she fancy me? 10 signals

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