Diapering on the way made easy: everything you need for it

Being mobile with the baby – that’s what all parents want. The prerequisite is that you have everything at hand for diapering on the go. Of course, this includes the usual changing utensils such as diapers, wet wipes and Co. You can do especially well in a practical diaper bag transport. But it’s not just them: There’s room for baby food, a change of clothes and toys, too. In a diaper bag, you can store all the accessories for your baby comfortably and clearly arranged. But what is really important and must be absolutely always there? Here you can download an overview and a packing list for newborns and toddlers.


Changing babies on the go: How do I find a suitable changing place??

Are you just out on the town with your honey? In many cafes you will find a Changing table in the ladies toilet. Some cafes even offer free diapers and wet wipes. Even in large department stores you can actually always find one by the toilets Changing table or even a separate Diaper changing room. Here you can put your little darling Relaxed wrap, almost like at home.

It gets a little more difficult when you’re out in the wild on the road are. For diapering, it’s best to find a flat surface on the floor and lay there the Changing pad from. No problem in summer. And in the cold season? To prevent your baby from getting cold while you are swaddling him, you should only take off what is necessary and proceed quickly. Not bad if not everything is hygienically clean, you can clean your treasure again properly at home. The main thing is that the worst is gone.

Which diaper bag is the right one for me?

It all depends on what is important to you. Particularly practical is a Changing backpack, which hardly hinders you when you carry him on your back. You always have both hands free to stroller to push or sit with your baby in the front of the Baby carrier or play in a sling. However, if you prefer to carry your baby on your back, a flexible sling bag makes more sense. Because your back is possibly already occupied by your treasure. Then it’s good if you can carry the bag at your side. Many models can also be attached to the push handle of the stroller.

In any case, the bag spacious because a baby needs a lot of things on the road. To ensure that everything is quickly to hand and not flying around wildly in your bag, good diaper bags have several small compartments, which can hold, for example, diapers, wet wipes, changing mat, bottle and a change of clothes. Include your partner in the selection of the model, because after all, you both want to take your little treasure out – it should therefore please you both.

Packing my bag. What you need to change diapers on the go

Do you swaddle a newborn baby Or already an active toddler? In fact, it makes a big difference, because your sweetheart’s needs change with age. While a newborn baby needs a lot of diapers and, if necessary, milk substitute food along with the appropriate accessories, a toddler needs a change of clothes, snacks and perhaps his favorite toy.

We have put together a packing list for babies and toddlers that will ensure you have everything you need when you are out and about. Just download it and print it out. If necessary, you can add items that are important to you and your little darling.

click here to download.

Step-by-step guide: Clever packing for diapering on the go

Of course, a large diaper bag can hold a lot of items. But to make sure you have the most important things at your fingertips, you should pack them systematically. For example, clean clothes and diapers belong in separate compartments. Wet wipes should always be stored separately from textiles, as they release moisture and thus can contaminate baby clothes and co. soaking. Bottles, powdered milk and toiletries should be kept in a compartment for easy access.

With this Step-by-step guide Potty training is a breeze and you’ll be well equipped to change diapers when you’re out and about:

Step 1: Sort out correctly

Different utensils for diapering on the go

First of all, lay out all the utensils you’ll need for diapering on the road. This way you have everything in sight and can check it off your list. You can also put together related parts already PRE-SORT: Textiles belong together as well as everything for bottle preparation. Put hygiene products in a pile as well as diapers and wet wipes. Leave enough room for your belongings, too, because after all, that’s often the only bag you’ll be traveling with. wallet, keys and co. should be easy to find.

Step 2: Last but not least

Everything you rarely need goes in the lower compartments. Everything you need frequently, you pack last, so that it ready to hand is. This includes diapers, wet wipes, diaper bags and very important: the changing pad. Because especially in public places like train stations, restaurants or gas stations you want to change your baby hygienically on the way. Bottles belong in one compartment with formula and thermos, while textiles like a change of clothes or burp cloths should be stowed across from them – in case a bottle ever leaks.

Step 3: Theory and practice

When you need to quickly change your baby on the go or prepare his bottle, every minute counts. These are the situations that will make you realize if you really packed the bag correctly. Do you have everything at hand right away or do you have to rummage around? Next time, think about what was really important and not yet perfectly tucked away. Just try something, after all, no master has ever fallen from the sky. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it and become an "on-the-go diaper-changing pro" who won’t be upset by any mishap.

Summary: Diaper properly on the go

You probably already packed your diaper bag before your baby was born, because for most parents it is part of their basic equipment. But what you really need for changing diapers on the road, you often notice only when the bag is in use for the first time. With our Download packing list we give you a little help so that you always have everything you need for your newborn or toddler.

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