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Culture and romance on a city break to Vienna

In the Spanish Riding School Vienna is home to the oldest breed of cultured horses in Europe. During the performances the white Lipizzaner stallions present pirouettes and jumps to the sounds of classical music. This Renaissance horsemanship has been practiced continuously only in Vienna for over 200 years.

During a shopping trip in Vienna’s city center you will discover charming little passages. The hidden passages in the alleys of the old town house small stores or cafes. Among the most magnificent is the Michaeler Passage, where there is also a magnificent fountain.

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City break tips for Vienna in a weekend

City trip tips for Vienna in a weekend

If you spend a weekend in the Austrian capital, it is best to plan in advance what you want to see, because the choice is indescribably large:

If you are in Vienna for the first time, there is no way around St. Stephen’s Cathedral, after all, it is the city’s landmark. From its tower, which can be reached both on foot and by elevator, you can immediately enjoy a great view of the city center. Discover places worth seeing such as the Graben with the boulevard of the same name or the Kohlmarkt and immerse yourself in Vienna’s eventful history. Many a narrow inner city alley hides interesting elements such as fountains, playful lanterns, old door signs or legendary cookies.

In the Danube metropolis, of course, a visit to Schonbrunn should not be missed. Explore the former summer residence of Franzl and Sisi, stroll through the garden or be enchanted by the far view of Vienna from the Gloriette. If you are traveling with children, a trip to the nearby zoo and the Palm House is recommended.

Not only children love the exciting old amusement park. It is especially romantic to ride the Ferris wheel at sunset. The panoramic view from the gondolas is simply indescribable. By the way, Wurstelprater is only a small part of Vienna Prater. The much larger part is the spacious, green Prater Park, which is characterized by the Danube floodplains.

Vienna has an incredible density of museums. Whether your interests lie in history, art or curiosities, you are guaranteed to find the right home in the Danube metropolis. Among the most famous exhibition houses are bspw. the Natural History and Art History Museum, the Albertina and the modern MuseumsQuartier. In the land of the waltz kings, the Haus der Musik is a must for music fans.

If you are interested in old churches, you will enjoy Vienna, because the Austrian capital offers more than just St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Visit z.B. the gothic Augustinian church, where Franzl and Sisi once said "I do". The neo-Gothic Votivkirche with its two imposing towers is also worth seeing. The baroque Karlskirche, reminiscent of a Roman temple, also presents itself uniquely.

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Vienna in a day

Vienna in one day

Especially if you only have one day for sightseeing on your city trip to Vienna, these tips will help you to still experience as much as possible:

Along Vienna’s most famous boulevard, the Ringstrasse, are some of the Habsburg metropolis’s most notable buildings, such as. the State Opera, the Parliament, the Hofburg or the Burgtheater. About 25min ride with the Vienna Ring Tram. While you listen to the explanations via headphones, all the impressive sights pass you by. For children there are age-appropriate explanations. This is a really convenient way to explore some of the most popular attractions in a short amount of time. The ride on the streetcar is also very authentic and typical of Vienna.

Alternatively, in the Danube metropolis, as in many other cities, there are the practical hop-on hop-off buses. With them you can quickly cover more sights than with the streetcar. You have the possibility to get on and off at any time along the route. You will get an excellent overview of the city within one day. Tip: Often hop-on hop-off tours can be combined with boat trips on the Danube or guided walks through the Old Town.

The most authentic way to experience a foreign country or city is through its cuisine. For breakfast or afternoon snack, we recommend one of the many traditional coffee houses to stop for a Melange and a pastry such as Punschkrapfen or apple strudel. Did you know that the Viennese coffee house culture is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?? For a quick snack while standing in between, you can also choose a typical sausage stand. If you would like to take more time to eat, you can enjoy delicacies such as Tafelspitz or Schnitzel in one of the Beisl. Also an evening meal in a Heuriger, a wine tavern, bspw. in Nussdorf or Dobling, gives you a real Viennese feeling of life.

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