City break in autumn: three romantic destinations for couples

Prague is an ideal destination for a romantic city break in the fall

In autumn cities show all their charm. The low sun bathes the sights in a mysterious light. The colorful foliage colors the avenues and rustles as you walk through the park. Couples enjoy the romantic atmosphere during an autumn city trip.

If you still have vacation days left, grab your partner and treat yourself to a few days off together. Autumn is the ideal time for a city trip for two. Away from the hustle and bustle of the high season, time with your partner can be enjoyed especially well.

Pick a destination nearby for your autumn city break, then the relaxation factor is the greatest. Travel comfortably by train or be mobile and take the car. The cheapest tickets at the railroad cost about 39 euros per person. A rental car for a long weekend is already available for 99 Euro. Vienna, Amsterdam and Prague can be reached within a few hours.

Vienna – Flirting with Schmah

A perfect place for a romantic city break in autumn is Vienna. Just the thought of the former imperial city makes lovers imagine the sounds of waltzes and ball whispering.

Snuggle up together on the carriage ride and let yourself become the Schonbrunn Palace bring. At the latest when the coachman greets you in the Fiaker with the words "Worship, the Lord. Kiss the hand, madam!" welcomes you, you have forgotten the everyday life. During a walk through the palace park you take your beloved to the long ago times of emperor Franz and his Sissi. Let the evening with a ride in the Ferris wheel gondola in the Prater and watch the sun slowly setting over the rooftops of Vienna.

Amsterdam – marriage proposal during a city trip in autumn

Amsterdam has something enchanting. Stroll quietly through the slowly awakening city in the soft morning light. Afterwards have breakfast on one of the many cafe terraces along the canals. Merchant’s houses with smart facade and autumn colored trees throw here their reflection on the calm water surface.

Be sure to visit one on your city break Diamond grinding shop. After all, Amsterdam is the "City of Diamonds" and has already inspired many men to propose to their lady of the heart. The best opportunity for this is a candlelight dinner on a stylishly renovated diner boat. Or you and your partner can take a gondola ride through the canal idyll with soft background music and a glass of champagne in your hand.

Prague – the golden city of lovers

Prague shows all its splendor during a city trip in autumn. The Czech capital impresses with the Charles Bridge and the castle, which characterize the cityscape. From Powder tower have a wonderful view over the city. The many golden domes and roofs, which Prague also the name "golden city" The pictures you have lent us are particularly beautiful in the autumn light.

Afterwards, a romantic walk will take you across the Charles Bridge on the Wenzelsplatz with its magnificent facades. Lovers should set out for a walk through the city at nightfall. In the darkness, the sights are illuminated so that they rise majestically above the city.

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