Becoming a writer – from the work to the publisher

The Profession of the writer has a special attraction for many people. The undisputed advantages of this profession include the possibility of self-fulfillment, freely plannable working hours, and a certain degree of recognition. Writers who can really make a living from their hobby are the exception. Learn about the possibilities of becoming a writer, and whether it is a worthwhile profession.

We provide information on how to become a writer - but is it even worth becoming a writer these days?

The profession of writing: an overview

The profession of a writer includes the authors. However, while authors also deal with factual texts, for example, writers write exclusively literary texts. This can be, for example

  • poems (lyric poetry)
  • novels
  • Dramas

etc. act. The title of writer is one of the freelance professions; there is no permanent employment relationship. The way of working can be very different; for example, one can be bound to a fixed publishing house under whose name one publishes one’s novels. Also the writing of smaller texts for magazines and newspapers is possible.


There is no clearly defined training as a writer – anyone who wants to pursue a career in this field is usually as an autodidact on the way. So it can be "only be an intensive reader who at some point also discovers writing for himself/herself. Or one was active as an author and finds now also in literary texts favors.

But even that Learning and deepening the skill in various seminars and courses is possible. In addition, there is Distance learning courses, which, for example, deal with creative writing.

Training in the craft of writing, following the example of the USA, where the Creative Writing The writing course, which is part of university education, is offered at the University of Leipzig and at the University of Hildesheim Study to become a certified writer possible.


The tasks of a writer can be very diverse; they do not only include writing itself. Especially important is the preparation, the collection of ideas, to be able to put them on paper in the first place. The activities of a writer include u.a.:

  • researching in books, newspapers, on the internet, etc.
  • conducting conversations and interviews
  • the creation of a concept and an outline
  • writing
  • changing and formatting a text
  • negotiating with a publisher
  • the re-editing
  • readings/reading tours

Becoming a writer

Authors of literary texts are called writers. Writers are active in every genre; they compose magazine articles or write books and make a financial profit depending on the number of copies sold. Whether full-time or part-time – with talent, hard work and a little luck, anyone can become a writer.


If you want to become a writer, you don’t have to complete an apprenticeship and usually work as a freelancer usually on a freelance basis. To increase the chances of having a literary work published, aspiring writers should have certain qualifications.

  • Skills, Communicate to others and touch readers are of overriding importance here.
  • In addition, one should master and be able to apply the basic writing techniques.
  • Writers must not only Build up tension, but also work with stylistic means and follow a common thread be able to.
  • Also a good spelling and Grammar one should show.

Preliminary considerations

Before writing your first major work, you should make a few preliminary considerations. In Which genre I would like to write, what style I would like to represent? For the first attempts it makes sense not to commit oneself concretely to a genre, but to try oneself in different ones.

You should also deal with the question of how much experience you already have in writing and whether this is enough to write texts reader-oriented. It may make sense to start with a Writing course to visit or in a Writing group to become active. Not only does this have the advantage of learning basic techniques, but it also allows you to make contacts and get information that can make a difference in getting your book published.

One should critically question one's own writing style

Critically examine one’s own writing style

First publication

For the first publication are recommended above all Smaller magazine articles or articles for anthologies, in which several authors participate. But of course whole books can be presented to publishers. Before doing so, however, the rough draft should be revised several times and read by acquaintances.

As Reading sample is enough for most publishers a selected chapter and a short summary of the book. The reading sample should be visually appealing and, if possible, sent to several publishers. Of advantage can also be a Contact publishing staff in person be at a book fair.


With a little luck, after a few weeks or months you’ll receive positive feedback from a publisher and be able to release your book for print. Even if the initial print run is probably only a manageable number of copies and the financial gain is low – the first step to becoming a writer has been taken.

Writing a book also involves a lot of research work

Writing a book also involves a great deal of research work

Is it worthwhile to become a writer?

The fact that there are few people who manage to successfully present their work to a publisher deters many writers from the idea of turning their hobby into a profession.

Clarify your own ideas

Whether and for whom it is worthwhile to become a writer nowadays depends first of all on the ideas and goals that one sets for oneself. For the amateur writer who wants to earn some money on the side, writing work can be more rewarding than for the person who has the goal of becoming a full-time writer. Because only very few find a permanent publisher who prints and publishes their own work.

Advantages of part-time work

For writers who publish an article or even a book now and then as a sideline, working as an author is worthwhile not only financially, but also in many other ways. By writing your own literary works, you train your Linguistic skills and educate yourself.

The possibility of being able to use one’s imagination and to think oneself into other worlds can contribute to relaxation and be a change in the stressful everyday life. If you start out as a hobby writer and initially publish small articles, you also have the following advantages a greater chance of becoming interesting to publishers as a writer and at some point to turn one’s hobby into a profession.

The consideration of full-time work

Full-time work is usually only worthwhile if you are under contract with a publishing house

Full-time work is usually only worthwhile if you are under contract to a publisher and can thus publish your books

Once one has found a firm publisher and if you have the necessary ambition and diligence, it is also worthwhile to work as a writer full-time. As an author who is recognized and popular with readers, there is still a lot of money to be made as a writer these days. Thereby the wage is mostly dependent on the number of books sold.

In addition public lectures or winning literary prizes can increase your earnings. You have the best chance of a career as a writer if many readers are interested in your work. This can be z.B. Achieve by addressing contemporary issues and using the first book to encourage readers to buy subsequent ones.


So, in conclusion, aspiring writers are advised not to get false ideas and hopes and pursue another earning on the side. One should also realize that it is no longer the quality of the writing alone that counts, To make a book a bestseller. Many celebrities from other fields often have better chances with publishers than talented and ambitious young authors because of their level of fame.

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