Beautiful instagram pictures – 10 simple posing tips to follow

You always look at beautiful pictures on Instagram and wonder how you can take such photos yourself? You don’t know how to pose and may even feel uncomfortable in front of the camera? Then you’ve come to the right place! I’ll show you my feel-good poses that are guaranteed to work – even for camera-shy people.

I’ve been taking care of my Instagram feed for several years now and I promise you, taking beautiful Instagram pictures isn’t as hard as it looks. Meanwhile, I even have a whole repertoire of posing tips that I always fall back on myself and with which you can achieve super cool results in a few minutes already.

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Taking Beautiful Instagram Pictures – Summary of Content:

1. The "Fake Run"

The key to beautiful Instagram pictures is often just adding a bit of movement to the photo. Natural movements work especially well on Instagram and look super candid. Exactly this effect I use with the "Fake Run. Basically, it’s nothing more than running a bit on the spot and triggering at the right moment.

Don’t worry, if there are some strange snapshots at first. Once you’ve caught the right moment, you’ll have the perfect picture right away.

2. Throw your hair

For this posing tip the same applies as before. So let’s follow rule number again – we’ll bring movement into the picture. Nothing is better for this than hair. Throw them from the front, from the back, from the side – even if you’re a little camera shy, you’ll be able to take super beautiful Instagram pictures like that.

Another posing tip here, always look up and lift your head nicely. From the back, your hair will look much longer and from the side, you can easily hide a double chin.

3. Change the perspective

Nobody wants boring photos, but often you look at a picture and don’t really know why it didn’t turn out well. My experience as a photographer has taught me that the human eye often finds perspectives particularly interesting, which are not used to it.

So to make beautiful Instagram pictures, sometimes you just need to change the perspective. By the way, this applies in both directions. Lie on the ground and take pictures towards the sky. Or find a hill and shoot from top to bottom. With either option, a pose doesn’t even have to be particularly fancy. Only the angle makes the picture already to something very special.

4. Use props

Of course, this can be all sorts of things. But so that it doesn’t look too unnatural, it should be something that fits the picture in one way or another. Since I’m in the travel niche, for me z make.B. Palm leaves, flowers or hats sense. But also glasses, scarves, skateboards etc. can be a great way to take your Instagram pictures to the next level.

By the way, this usually keeps your hands busy, so you don’t have to worry about where to place them again now. Try it out! There are so many possibilities.

5. Raise your hands

Hands – where to put them? Often straight hands look super cramped in photos because you don’t know what to do with them. Again, my personal Instagram posing tip is a very simple one – MOVE. Surprise, surprise – to the sky or to your hair – it doesn’t matter, because everything works.

I often close my eyes when I put my arms up too. I think in pictures it looks like you are just in complete harmony with yourself and your surroundings. Plus, I don’t have to worry about my facial expression at all and that’s clearly another advantage.

6. With back to camera

Ok, this is probably the most famous pose on social media ever. Really everyone can do it and the guarantee of success is 100%.

Just put your back to the camera, look back a bit to the sky so that your hair looks good and off you go. At first it might be a bit strange to just not look into the camera, but in the end it will be the pose that just works all the time.

Especially in beautiful places the pose works especially well and gives the travelblogger vibe without much effort.

7. Follow me – pose

If you’re out with your boyfriend anyway or often take pictures with a friend, then definitely try this pose out! So simple, but such a cool perspective and an easy way to spice up Instagram pictures.

Just turn your back to the camera again, put your hand in your photographer’s hand and the picture is in the can. There is no easier way to make beautiful Instagram pictures. If you shoot in portrait mode on your iPhone, you can also get a really cool blur here. Absolute recommendation!

P.S.: Works of course also with the face to the camera&

8. Shoot You

Here it is: This pose works best with long dresses or skirts.

I used to not wear dresses at all, but now they are a permanent part of my wardrobe. Often I just have one with me to put on quickly for a photo, because with clothes you can make really nice Instagam pictures.

Just turn the dress back and forth a few times and you have a great photo with a lot of movement in the picture. I love it when skirts flutter in the wind. That gives the photo such a special touch and makes it a real eye-catcher.

9. Get on the floor with you

Whether sitting cross-legged, one knee high or even lying down – everything is allowed and everything works. By the way, this applies to model and photographer, because this is the only way to find the right angle for the perfect picture.

Just change the perspective and try new poses, that’s the key to make beautiful Instagram pictures. To have some diversity in your photos, it’s always good to go untypical ways as well. On the one hand this looks interesting for the viewer, on the other hand you create completely new perspectives on already known places.

10. Spring

Ok, I admit that I don’t like jumping pictures that much. One has an insane number of failed attempts and quickly, at least with me in the picture, it does not go either. But when it works, the result is really super cool.

Even though I don’t use this posing tip very often myself, I want to encourage you to really give it a try. It works best this way: Count to 3, and jump. Photographer or timer should only trigger on 4 in the process, though. That way you are definitely already in the air and not just at the beginning of your jump.

To make such beautiful Insatgram pictures, I recommend you to jump into the photo rather from the side and stretch your legs nicely. So the jump looks much more elegant. And if all that doesn’t work out, you’ll definitely have something to laugh about.


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