Avoid stubble and ingrown hairs in the intimate area

Avoid stubble and ingrown hairs in the intimate area

Painless laser hair removal in bikini and genital area

The removal of hair in Bikini zone and Private parts is nowadays almost a must. True, the Pubic hair In some Asian and African cultures, bikini hair stands for femininity and fertility, but in our main culture, the trend has been clearly moving towards Hollywood Cut and Brazilian Waxing for years.

For which hairstyle and Depilation method It’s up to the individual to decide what to do at the end of the day.

Definitely considered a classic, the Brazilian look is also known as a mohawk or landing strip. Here, all pubic hair is removed except for a narrow strip on the pubic bone. If you want to completely renounce your own intimate hair, the Hollywood Cut or the Bikini Complete Trend is the right choice for you. But even beyond the two most popular variants of pubic hair styling, there are no limits to your own creativity: whether Heart, arrow or butterfly, the only important thing is that the hair on the mons pubis look well-groomed. But this is especially difficult if you are prone to ingrown pubic hair.

The problem of shaving pimples


Stubble and ingrown hairs not only look unsightly, but can also be itchy and painful – especially if they are in the Bikini line occur. Especially in summer, when you shave more often than in winter, the hair can become inflamed. they curl and grow into the skin instead of out of it. This leads to inflammation that resembles pimples – the so-called Shaving pimples.

The problem is most common in those who have thick, curly or unruly hair because it tends to curl in such a way that it grows into the skin. Especially when you are freshly shaved, the hairs can penetrate the skin more easily in the wrong direction. This is unpleasant, because they not only get stuck under the skin surface, but also continue to grow there. Due to shaving there are some places on the human body where stubble and ingrown hairs occur more frequently than in other places: Among them is the intimate zone, including the butt crease.

Itchy stubble and ingrown pubic hair

With the Intimate shaving it happens regularly: hair that has been cut off directly above the skin surface grows into the skin. Also Stubble in the intimate area do not only look unsightly, but are sometimes also quite unpleasant. The cause of ingrown hairs is a crooked hair canal. But also an infection can be the reason for ingrown hairs. What exactly to do about it depends on the method of hair removal.

Those who shave should exfoliate regularly because it removes dead skin cells. Also, the use of high quality razor blades, which are regularly replaced, is indispensable to prevent the formation of the so-called Avoid shaving pimples. If you have a tendency to ingrown pubic hair and itchy stubble in the intimate area anyway, you should always shave with and not against the direction of hair growth and, if possible, clean the blade with a disinfecting solution after shaving.

If the hairs have already grown in, the only solution is to go to the dermatologist: only he can ensure that no inflammation occurs.

The risks of depilation

Partial or complete depilation in the bikini area may almost be taken for granted these days, but you should still be aware of the risks of depilation in the intimate area. Probably the most obvious risk is the danger of cuts, if you shave in your own bathroom with Wet razor After all, the skin in the intimate zone is extremely sensitive.

For this reason it is best to use special shaving products. What should be avoided in any case are creams or care products that contain alcohol, as they can cause irritation. In case of pimples, ingrown hairs and inflammations, soothing shaving oils, lotions and shaving soaps provide relief. Baby powder also cares for sensitive skin.

When Pubic hair removal with sugar paste or wax allergies can occur from time to time. And also the Hair removal with depilatory cream carries risks: Because here, too, redness and allergies can occur due to chemical ingredients. Therefore, it should never get on the sensitive mucous membranes in the intimate area. Regardless of which depilation method you choose, you should proceed gently and carefully so as not to irritate the sensitive skin in the bikini area.

Painless laser hair removal Munich for a carefree life

To get rid of annoying ingrown hairs and stubble in the intimate area as well as in the butt crease for good, there is a solution that surpasses all other depilation methods: a painless laser treatment. Because permanent hair removal destroys the hair root, so that the hair simply grows out. In addition, a destroyed hair root produces no more hair, so itchy and painful ingrown hairs and stubble in the intimate area are finally a thing of the past.

So if an intimate shave isn’t sustainable enough for you, try this permanent hair removal method. With painless laser hair removal, ingrown pubic hairs and stubble in the intimate area are a thing of the past forever, because hair regrowth is no longer possible. The only thing you should bring is some time and money, because the permanent hair removal in the intimate area, including butt crease, requires three to six sessions.

In conclusion, it can be said that permanent and painless laser hair removal with the help of IPL, laser or SHR makes perfect sense: because with it, all the problems that can occur in the context of intimate shaving vanish into thin air, so that in the future you can go through life carefree.

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