Announce pregnancy: the best ideas

Announce pregnancy

You are pregnant and have been carrying this sweet secret since your positive pregnancy test? Then first of all: Congratulations! Thank God the time is also coming soon when you finally get to share with the world: I am pregnant!

Get inspired here on how to announce the great news of your pregnancy!

From when should you announce the pregnancy?

Many women choose not to share the good news of their pregnancy until they have an ultrasound after the end of 12. Week of pregnancy to announce.

In the first weeks there is a Slightly increased risk, that there are complications or a miscarriage will occur. From the beginning of the 13. Pregnancy week is considered a pregnancy already much more stable. You are probably already holding the first ultrasound pictures in your hands and you could already see the heartbeat of your little treasure on the monitor.

Of course, it is up to you when you announce your pregnancy. However, it can make sense under certain circumstances, your boss / your boss the pregnancy early to communicate. Only then you can take care of possible maternity measures.

Pregnancy calculator

Calculate now the date of birth of your little treasure with our pregnancy calculator!

1. Day of my last period

Day of conception

Pregnancy calculator

How do I tell . my partner?

Before everyone else finds out, you’ll want to tell your partner about the exciting new situation. After all, his / her life will also be turned upside down in a few months already neatly!

"Save the Date"

Your gynecologist may have been able to tell you when exactly this will happen, or you may have used a pregnancy calculator. Use this information to announce the pregnancy to your partner.

Buy one Family calendar and hang it up in the apartment. The mere fact that this calendar is now in your own four walls will make your partner wonder. Enter there the calculated date of birth with the note "Save the Date. Let’s see how long it takes your partner to get the hang of it.

"My right, right place is free ..

… I wish I had a baby."First set the lunch or dinner table as usual and then set the table again another place setting add. If you can borrow children’s dishes from your circle of friends or acquaintances, the message is even clearer: Your little darling will soon be eating here, too.

If you now still have a ultrasound image or the positive pregnancy test When you place the baby on your plate, you can give your partner a little extra encouragement. Especially in the case of an unplanned pregnancy, the extra cover may at first puzzle you.

Coffee, baby?

Do you enjoy a cup of coffee or tea together in the morning? Label the bottom of a porcelain cup with a text of your choice to surprise your partner with the news. This could be:

We are pregnant.

Good morning, dad/mom!

Make two into three.

Happiness is on the way.

And this is how you make the cup:

Get one or more porcelain pens.

Clean the cup before you start.

Now label or paint the cup.

The paint should dry for about 15 minutes before you put the cup in the oven at 160 degrees for 25 minutes to burn.

Offer your sweetheart a filled cup of coffee and wait for it to be emptied.

If the right idea was not there yet? Then take a look at our article "Announcing the pregnancy to your partner".

How to say it . the relatives and friends?

Now that your partner knows about it, it’s time to let your relatives and friends in on it, too.

Special mail

Your own parents will surely be thrilled when you announce the pregnancy to them. Perhaps they have long secretly wished that finally offspring enliven the house.

Buy a book with a very clear title – for example, a book about pregnancy Grandparent’s Guide – and send it to the grandparents-to-be. You can also include a card so they know who to congratulate. A call will surely not be long in coming.

To tell my mom she was going to be a grandma for the first time, I gave her a book about grandmothers. She cried like a castle dog!

Meike D.

Job to give

Your siblings or best friend(s) make excellent future:r babysitter:s. Prepare already now for this new job and announce your pregnancy in such a way completely besides.

Draft a job announcement for a:n babysitter:in and send it as a card or in an email. Ask if there is any interest in it and make this job particularly palatable to the recipient.

Ultrasound picture as a postcard

Soon you will get the first ultrasound pictures from your gynecologist. Ask if you can take extra copies home with you. You can also just take a photo of a particularly beautiful picture yourself.

Now design with it a card, that you send to relatives and friends. Also save and frame a card for yourself. So you can take a look at each day of your pregnancy and enjoy it.

How to say it . at the workplace?

Did you suffer from morning sickness in the first trimester and going to work was especially challenging? Then you will be happy not to have to hide any longer and to be able to tell your colleagues.

Sweet surprise

Cake always goes down well. Bake cupcakes or muffins and hand them out to your colleagues. Decorate the cakes with clear symbols, That reveal your pregnancy, for example:

With this sweet gesture you can surprise your colleagues and in the future they will definitely open the door for you or offer you a seat in the cafeteria more often than before.

Announce pregnancy with a sweet surprise

May I introduce: my little plum

People like to compare the baby’s growth to the size of fruits and vegetables. So you can better imagine how big your little miracle is now already. Take up this idea to announce your pregnancy.

Make a Fruit basket in the coffee kitchen or the lounge in the office. Choose the fruit that corresponds to your current week of pregnancy and put a note on it. It could say, for example: "This is how big the new colleague is already."

But how big Is your little darling actually at the end of the first trimester and the beginning of the second trimester?? We tell you:

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