A miracle in a double pack: yoga teacher lisa (27. Ssw) has twins

This was unexpected! Just before a cozy sunset beer with her partner, Lisa (@lisilottisworld) took a pregnancy test out of a spontaneous gut feeling. A few minutes later they were sitting on the sofa with their mouths open and couldn’t believe it: it was positive. And not only that, a short time later it turned out that there are not just one but two babies growing in Lisa’s belly. The physiotherapist and yoga teacher is very happy about this miracle in a double pack and rightly proud of her body, which is doing a great job.

We wanted to know from the likeable woman from Munich how she experiences the twin pregnancy and what role yoga plays for her in this special time. She revealed to us that the change from Lisa to "Mama Lisa" is not only in full swing physically, but is also already noticeable in her thoughts and feelings.

Profile Lisa lisilottisworld

Lisa in the Mamarella interview

Dear Lisa, you are pregnant with twins, congratulations!! Why don’t you tell us about the moment you found out you were pregnant?. Who did you tell first?

Once upon a time, it was a beautiful Sunday in the spring of 2021… My partner and I spent the day riding bikes and having a picnic. At the end of the day, we spontaneously wanted to buy a beer at the gas station and go out again to enjoy the sunset. Out of a feeling, I said between door and door that I would take the pregnancy test that had been lying in the bathroom drawer for weeks. Zero we expected that he will actually become positive. But a few minutes later we were sitting on the couch with open mouths – actually just on the jump, with jackets and shoes already on… We got the beer anyway, only that mine was non-alcoholic for the first time.

I quickly told a good friend from my studies, who had her first child last year. We wanted to stay until after 12. SSW wait – but there are suddenly so many questions and no other topic in the head more! Shortly after that I also told my boss, who was one of the most excited about it ?. It’s a nice feeling, all this shared joy. Whereas even the early days, when no one knows yet and you keep this wonderful secret with your partner, is something very special.

And then the news: there will be two babies! How did you/you do with it? How did your environment react?

That was unbelievable. Because of the corona rules, the partner is not allowed to go with you to the examinations. But he was waiting in front of the practice. We were so incredibly excited, whether there is a heartbeat or not! When I came out after what felt like an eternity, he tried to read my face to see if it was joy or sadness. He was confused though, when I was clearly happy, but kept repeating "You won’t believe what’s going on. "(I did not believe it myself yet). "Yes is there now a heartbeat?"Yes…even two". It still makes my heart tingle. It is such a miracle. A double miracle. Never was this idea in our horizon. Neither of us have twins in the family (one of the first questions you always get asked, besides "you’re in for a treat")!"). The whole way home we pushed our bikes and just kept mumbling "twins…we’re having TWO babies…". In the meantime, it has become our ‘normality’, but every now and then I still have this thought of how crazy it is that two children are growing next to each other in my belly at the same time. And I am quite proud of it.

Our environment is very happy with us. But it’s always funny when we announce that "we" are pregnant – in reaction: joy, congratulations. Then the addition "…and there will be two" – reaction: pure surprise and disbelief. A great addition. And somehow everyone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone who also recently had twins.

Lisa in organic maternity and nursing dress with flower print blue

Do you know and tell already if it will be a boy/girl double or a couple?

There are actually two boys. That brings my family times again in the balance – or also completely out of the rudder, we are quite woman-heavy&

The topic of finding a name: Is it difficult with two babies at the same time or have you already made up your mind??

We have decided early and talk with the two in the belly already with their names. I have to control myself all the time not to blab and to stick to "the lower" or "the upper" when I tell friends or family about the examinations. Not so easy ?. I always thought girl names would be easier since there are so incredibly many beautiful ones (I’ve always had a favorites list in my diary), but in the end the decision was much easier with two boys and the names were decided quickly and amicably.

How do you experience the pregnancy, do you have complaints? What is doing you good right now, what might be causing you problems?

Unfortunately I had to fight with nausea and strong vomiting for a long time, which was quite exhausting. So the first four months I spent a lot on the couch and in the bathroom – still teaching yoga in between via video. In retrospect I wonder how that worked out. Luckily that is over now and I can enjoy this special time even more. I love it to be since the pregnancy simply at home, to have much rest and to be in the own four walls. Like a cozy little nest to brood. Even after our two short vacations this summer, I was super happy to come back home and cook myself pasta day and night at will (nothing beats it these days)!

What does well are long walks with other pregnant women, to exchange ideas, to spend quiet evenings with my partner, just the two of us or with good friends, to rest again and again, to read, to write, exercise on the yoga mat and also sometimes a bath against the aching feet – after all, they have to carry 15kg more – that is noticeable. I still love to ride my bike, but in the last few days I notice that everything is slowly becoming more strenuous, the body feels sluggish. It is a strange feeling when you are/were always active and sporty. But I enjoy it and I know that all this is only temporary and in the end it will probably pass much too quickly.

Unfortunately, we women tend to doubt and worry about the physical changes during pregnancy. Do you always feel 100 percent comfortable in your skin with a baby bump or are there moments when you have self-doubt??

I feel comfortable with my belly and am very proud of it! What is rather new to me and partly uncomfortable, especially when I am alone, is a feeling of heaviness, helplessness and somewhere of being at the mercy of others. I know my body only fit and trained. I have never sat still much. I always knew that I could defend myself in case of doubt or just run away. With such a big belly, heavy legs, and such precious cargo inside of you, you suddenly feel very different.

I think I’m developing a real sense of responsibility for the first time with pregnancy. I never thought much about going out in the dark, traveling alone, coming home at night. That changes tremendously. As soon as it gets dark, I’m snuggled up on the couch ?. I am very proud of my body and my belly, but I have this feeling that I have to protect it a bit.

How do you imagine life with two newborns?? How do you both plan your parental leave?

That is a good question! I like to let everything come to me, but at the same time I always make a lot of plans what I might do in that time (trainings, projects,…) – mostly way too much. I think in the end the two of them will keep you on your toes but that’s a good thing too. Just be in the moment and enjoy the journey completely. There will be a lot of changes and I am looking forward to it! A whole new phase, everything in its time.

My partner stays at home with me for the first two months, which makes me really happy. The four of us have to settle in as a family first. Next summer he will take another month or two, during which we might be able to do a bit more with the two of them. A camper is still high on our list of things to buy. Also, my sister is coming to help for two months at the end of the year. Such great support is really worth a lot. And apart from that, our friends must be getting ready for babysitting – because it is very important to us to maintain our partnership and time together regularly, even with children.

Lisa about yoga during pregnancy

You love and live yoga and that obviously even with a baby bump. Do you find it much harder to do sports now with a twin baby bump??

No. Yoga is super beneficial during pregnancy. Whereby you have to keep in mind that there are many different ways to practice yoga. Of course I can’t do the two-hour power yoga classes with handstand training and crazy knots anymore. But gentler classes, with a good combination of balance, leg strength, mindful movement and attention to breathing and exploring your body are good to go until the end.

Lisa lisilottisworld Yoga 3

Lisa doing yoga with a baby bump. She wears the Organic maternity leggings with flower print and the Organic Sport nursing bra navy

A miracle in a double pack: yoga teacher lisa (27. Ssw) has twins

What can yoga "do" during pregnancy – for you personally and for all pregnant women in general??

For me, the biggest advantage of yoga is that you don’t just repeat exercises mindlessly, but that you move mindfully, learn to listen to your body and combine this with deep breathing. Thereby deep muscle groups are addressed, strengthened and stretched. If this is not the optimal preparation for birth. Plus, each practice can be so individualized that you don’t really have an excuse not to get on the mat – even if it’s just 10 minutes a day. The classic pregnancy complaints in the pelvis, back and co. can be super controlled by simple regular exercise.

Also, I often find it easier on limp days to move to a little round of yoga and then when the body wakes up, add another workout or not, instead of going straight for a strenuous workout and ending up doing nothing at all. I’m very happy to have yoga in my life, especially during pregnancy and if you study up a bit, the practice goes far beyond the mat, but to go into that in more depth would probably go beyond the scope here too…?

Which exercises are recommended during pregnancy, which should be left out??

The key is to listen to your body and it tells you pretty well what is comfortable and what is not. Theoretically you can do all exercises that don’t compress the belly too much or challenge the abdominal muscles too much. Tight turns, for example, I leave out completely. The deep squat ‘malasana’ is touted as "the" birth preparation pose, super to open the hips and strengthen the pelvic floor. Classic cat-cow movements are wonderful for the back. Many of the exercises can be done without any prior knowledge.

However, one should not set oneself new goals in pregnancy, for example, a headstand should only be practiced if one has already mastered it safely beforehand. Falls should be avoided as far as possible. But there are more than enough exercises to adapt the practice to your own needs and level. I personally love all exercises that stretch and expand the sides. Afterwards the whole upper body feels wonderfully light and relieved – a wonderful relief, especially when the belly is getting bigger and heavier.

Lisa lisilottisworld Yoga 1

Lisa about her style and maternity wear

How would you describe your style? Has it changed during pregnancy?

I think my style is quite casual and sporty in everyday life, but I also like to wear summer dresses. At the beginning of my pregnancy I got a whole box of sorted maternity clothes from a friend of mine. Most of the clothes were unfortunately not my style at all but in fact nothing of my clothes fit me anymore and I accepted everything with gratitude. I could not wear tight jeans from the beginning on. So, yes, my style has changed, but some of the pieces I bought myself and I still feel most comfortable in them. Now and then it is fun to play with the style and try out something completely different.

What is your personal must have in maternity fashion?

Comfortable maternity clothes! More than ever, I love not feeling constricted in my clothes. From you I have a long fabric dress, which I actually wear most of the time. I would not trade this in again. Also not missing are comfortable maternity leggings or cloth pants.

In which week did you wear your first real maternity piece and what was it??

The first thing I did was to trade in my jeans. There are super comfortable maternity pants also maternity jeans with fabric waistband over the belly. I wore these early on, even though I didn’t have a belly yet I couldn’t have the pressure of the button and tight waistband. Pretty quickly followed by yoga pants. You just have to be able to move freely.

Thank you, Lisa, for the open interview and the exciting insights into your life with a baby bump. We wish you all the best for the upcoming time!

Store the Look: Lisa’s maternity dress and yoga outfit

A miracle in a double pack: yoga teacher lisa (27. Ssw) has twins

For her yoga routines, Lisa likes to wear comfortable maternity leggings and sports nursing bras that give her maximum freedom of movement. The flowered organic cotton maternity leggings can comfortably pull them up over the belly in the process. The leggings were made under fair labor conditions and made from sustainable cotton, as was the Organic Sport nursing bra navy. After pregnancy, Lisa can breastfeed in it quite easily, thanks to the flexible neckline of the bustier.

A miracle in a double pack: yoga teacher lisa (27. Ssw) has twins

The midi maternity and nursing dress made of soft bamboo viscose can be individually adjusted at the waist to the changing figure. Lisa’s baby bump has a lot of room to grow in it. After birth, she can easily and discreetly breastfeed her babies by sliding the layers of fabric of the double-layered top apart. Even after pregnancy and breastfeeding, she can continue to wear the dress prima.

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