#18 Do you want to become an author?

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Yes, you heard right ? Even before my book has been published, the first successes are appearing! Because to have received this offer means a lot to me and is for me a huge success. Because it meant that already now someone likes my texts (here on the blog). And that is of course a huge motivation to continue writing!

In my last post, I talked about how important the right place to write can be. I had now figured out how to concentrate better on writing "Zwischenwelt" and immediately things went better. But as I wrote, more and more doubts came over me. This post is about what doubts can come to an author and what he can possibly do to counter them.

My last post was about how and why authors use pseudonyms.
I decided to publish under the name Jill Noll, and the more I got into writing and all that stuff, the more time I wanted to spend on it. I had tasted blood and I wanted to know what I would have to do to turn my hobby into a profession. So this post is about whether you can make a living from writing, and how you might achieve that goal.

In my last post, I told you how to market your book long before it’s published, and that I faced a problem when I wanted to start marketing my urban fantasy novel. Because in order to market my book, I first had to think about what name I actually wanted to publish under. Therefore, this post is all about the question: "Pseudonym – yes or no?"

So now I was on the verge of creating a Facebook page, an Instragram and a Twitter account. But as I was getting started, it occurred to me that I didn’t even know what name I actually wanted to publish my book under.

My first intention was "Not under my real name, of course. Nobody does it that way. Also, I can think of a really great name for it."

So I thought about what the name should be that would be on my book – and under which name my social media accounts would have to run.
Read more

In my last post I talked about the pros and cons of self-publishing and that I decided to go the way of the indie-author. The question that immediately followed was, "How do I find readers??" This is the question I have been grappling with, and this is what this post is about.

If you want your book to be read, you need to find readers. Sounds simple, but unfortunately it is not.

A self-publisher or indie author doesn’t have a publisher to back him up and possibly promote his book.

So a self-publisher has to take care of himself to let mankind know what great things he has created. Or much better yet, what it will create.

Because if a self-publisher only starts to promote his book when it’s already published, that’s way too late.

In my previous blog post, I told you what helped me make sense of the different ideas for my book. In this post, I’m going to tell you how to go about developing or advancing the plot of a story.

At the beginning of a story there is an idea. Quickly more ideas join in. Ideas become notes, and notes evolve into elements of varying importance to the story. The individual elements (for me: an angry woman, zombie-like bodies, an ominous fire, a second, dark world) need to be put into context.

You should ask questions like "What drives the protagonist/antagonist??", "What is the relationship between protagonist and antagonist??", Read more

Writing a book

In this post I want to tell you about how I came to write a book. I could well imagine that some of you will find yourselves in this text. Especially those of you who are also writing a book and want to become an author.

I hope you enjoy reading it!

I have always loved to let my imagination run free and to invent stories. The first stories I put down on paper when I was a kid consisted of colorful pictures with just a few speech bubbles for text. It would be inappropriate to call these more or less good picture sequences already comics, but at that time they were the greatest thing for me. Read more

Have you ever wanted to know how a book is made?? What is involved, what you have to pay attention to, how much fun it is to write a story or what difficulties you have to face in the process? Or do you even need writing tips because you want to write a book yourself?

In this blog I would like to share with you the creation of my novels, from the initial idea, to publication and also what comes in between and after for an author. Here you can follow exactly how my story develops, what I deal with while writing and what else happens in my life as an author. Read more

Who writes here?

#18 Do you want to become an author?

Hi, my name is Jill.

In my blog I want to take you on my journey to the author and share my experiences and tips with you.

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