10. Week of pregnancy (10. Ssw): the baby is developing splendidly

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Size and weight of the baby in the 10. SSW

10. Week of pregnancy (10. Ssw): the baby is developing splendidly

Your worm is in the 10. Pregnancy week already 2.8 to 3.1 centimeters tall. This is about the size of a grape. With an estimated weight of 4.5 grams to 5.0 grams, the baby in your belly is still light as a feather.

Development of the baby

Your tiny baby now has a head that is particularly large in relation to the rest of the body at this stage of development. In the 10. SSW the baby lifts his head again and again and stretches out. It moves more and more often, yet these movements are still very uncoordinated.

At the end of the arms, where the wrist has already formed, little fingers are now developing with their limbs. The skins between the fingers and toes disappear completely by the end of this week of pregnancy and the thumb and index finger separate from each other. The baby will soon be able to move its fingers, too, as it tries to make a fist. This is the first movement with his body, which already foreshadows coordination.

The development of the fingers marks the beginning of an important period in the baby’s preparation for life outside the womb. Because soon the baby’s natural and vital sucking reflex will kick in. It trains this one by sucking its thumb.

The beats of the little heart are now so strong and powerful that they can be detected by your midwife with a dopton. If you are expecting twins, the midwife will hear two hearts beating.

The baby is now no longer so susceptible to malformations caused by external influences. The most common malformations and maldevelopments occur before the 10. Week of pregnancy. Thus, the risk of miscarriage also decreases now. But this is not yet completely banished. A rule of thumb says, with the completion of the 12. After the first week of pregnancy the critical phase is over and the risk of miscarriage is decreasing.

In the 10. By the second week of pregnancy, all the important internal organs are in place and the brain continues to develop. The neural pathways also form and refine to give the brain something to do and receive stimuli. An important stimulus for the baby is also hearing. For this, the 10. During the first week of pregnancy, the outer structure of the ear, the so-called outer ear, is formed. This structure, the auricle, is made of cartilaginous tissue and acts like a funnel for acoustic waves. From here the different sounds are formed and transmitted to the brain.

Now all vital organs are laid out – your child is no longer called an embryo but a foetus.

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This is how the expectant mother feels in the 10. SSW

In the 10. Pregnancy week you are certainly already calmer and more liberated, because the risk of miscarriage decreases again.

The nausea is probably almost gone and all the other discomforts and symptoms that are signs of pregnancy are slowly disappearing – such as the pulling in the abdomen.

Gradually you are doing really well and the joy of your pregnancy grows with each passing day. Sometimes you can hardly believe it, then again you are overjoyed. The zest for action and creativity increase, with which you soon make concrete plans and mentally furnish your apartment for the time with a baby.

Over the next few weeks, your body begins to round out more and more and you experience the normal, pregnancy-related, weight gain. A healthy and balanced diet is especially important during pregnancy for the development of your baby and your health.

Drinking during pregnancy

That alcohol is taboo during pregnancy should be clear to you, as an expectant mother. You should be aware that even a "drop in honor" can harm your baby. It is also not true that drinks with a lower alcohol value, such as beer and wine, are not as harmful as hard liquors.

Your baby develops every second, every minute and every hour, almost constantly and around the clock from cells that are just developing freshly. Alcohol acts as a cell killer. Adults, whose organs and brain are already fully developed, have a higher tolerance limit to such poisons. Your baby, however, is at their mercy without protection.

In the first weeks the baby develops particularly rapidly. During this period, the first structures that the child needs to survive outside the womb are formed. Skeleton, musculature and brain, as well as the anlagen of important organ systems, are dependent on a trouble-free development, so that it comes to no malformations.

For this reason, you should completely abstain from alcohol from the moment you find out that you are expecting a child. Even if you wish to have a child and a successful fertilization is absolutely to be expected, abstain from it already in the phase before conception.

There are also other drinks that should be avoided: for example, ginger ale is not an ideal drink during pregnancy due to its high chinine content. This also applies to cola, because it contains caffeine and phosphoric acid, which has been proven to be able to decompose meat. In addition, most cola drinks contain too much sugar. These are empty calories that would drive your weight gain unnecessarily.

To avoid alcohol, there are now also many drinks in bars and restaurants that are based purely on fruit juices and sparkling water. Try a drink with ginger, lemon or lemon balm, which is especially good for your organism and psyche.

If you share the suffering of most pregnant women and suffer from indigestion and heartburn, then fennel tea can give you relief.

10. Week of pregnancy (10. Ssw): the baby is developing splendidly

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Midwife tip

"In case of nausea or circulatory problems, however, cola can help well. However, it should not be seen as a "thirst quencher" or as part of the daily drinking amount."(Dorothee Kutz, midwife)

The best tips at a glance

  • Take a look in your closet and see if you can find any clothes that are loose and loose-fitting.
  • Go already on the fantastic search for a name for your child.
  • If you are not married to your partner, then you should think about acknowledging paternity with the authorities, because this way your baby will be protected.
  • Start to cream and massage your skin on the belly, thighs and buttocks, as it is particularly stressed by the growth.

Possible questions to ask your doctor or midwife

Support for your skin

If you already suffered from sensitive or dry skin before you became pregnant, this may be exacerbated now. Weakness in the connective tissue is also more pronounced now, because it is now under particular strain. There are various care products to effectively support the skin. HiPP Mamasanft Body Butter moisturizes and preserves the elasticity of the skin.
If you are still concerned about your skin, you can also ask your midwife or doctor for further action.

10. Week of pregnancy (10. Ssw): the baby is developing splendidly

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Frequently asked questions about the 10. Week of pregnancy

1. What happens in the 10. SSW?

With arms and legs already equipped with fingers and toes, the unborn baby now begins the time of preparation for an exciting life. Because it has enough room in the uterus, it moves around a lot and vigorously. These acrobatic exercises are not yet noticeable to the mother.

It is also important now to train the sucking reflex, which is essential for survival, to take in food after delivery. The formation of all concise organs is finished, but the development, especially of the brain, continues steadily. Most women now know for sure that they are expecting a child, but still keep their little secret until they are 12 weeks pregnant. SSW. Only then can the pregnancy be considered safe.

2. How safe is pregnancy in the 10. SSW?

Only about one third of all successful conceptions with subsequent conception are actually carried to term as a pregnancy. Many of them do not even come to implantation and are discharged as a late menstrual period, without the woman knowing she was pregnant.

If the pregnancy ends at a later stage, endogenous or exogenous factors are often the reason for this natural selection. An underlying disease or defective anatomy of the uterus in the woman, as well as diseases of the father can be the reason for a natural abortion. Also toxins from the environment, drugs or alcohol, can lead to premature malformations that provoke the termination of pregnancy.

However, with each week the pregnancy becomes safer, because the sensitivity of the fetus to serious and life-threatening disabilities gradually decreases.

3. What the baby looks like in the tenth week of pregnancy?

The face begins to form on the relatively large head. The trained eye can already recognize the forehead on the upper side of the face. Likewise, the still tiny nose can be made recognizable on the ultrasound of the expectant mother. In the 10. During the first week of pregnancy, the lips, the palate and the jaw develop on the face. The doctor will now pay special attention to this area in order to detect a cleft at an early stage, which would be a disturbance of development. Adequate supply of nutrients, minerals and vitamins helps prevent developmental disorders. If you look at the developing heart, it already shows divided into two chambers and has a strong beating rhythm.

4. How big is the uterus in the tenth week of pregnancy??

The uterus of a woman who is at 10. is in the first week of pregnancy, has already grown quite a bit. If before conception it was about the size of a chicken egg, the uterus has now grown to 10 to 15 cm. This size is now comparable to a grapefruit or a grapefruit. The uterus has now completely erected to be able to grow unhindered. This bulge is usually not yet noticeable from the outside. At the end of this week of pregnancy, however, the expectant mother can feel her uterus even with her hands, with a lot of sensitivity, when she lies flat on her back and moves upwards from the pubic bone. The midwife will be in the 12. SSW feel the position of the uterus for the first time.

Author info:

Juliane Jacke-Gerlitz is a registered nurse. She has been in maternity and breastfeeding counseling for more than ten years. She currently works as a medical writer and psychological consultant. Juliane Jacke-Gerlitz has been married for 22 years, is the mother of eight children, and lives with her family in Halle, Germany.

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