Zodiac sign cancer: this is what makes the typical cancer tick

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People of the zodiac sign Cancer are often underestimated – but they are very sensitive contemporaries. We tell you everything about the zodiac sign of 22. June and 23. July!

  1. · The zodiac sign Cancer: feeling and intuition
  2. · The perfect job for the star sign Cancer
  3. · Cancer is moody
  4. · Cancer prefers to avoid conflicts
  5. · The mysterious Cancer
  6. · Family and partnership are very important to Cancer
  7. · The zodiac sign Cancer in love

birthday: Between the 22. June and 23. July
Planet: Moon
Element: Water

It is easy to be deceived by the zodiac sign Cancer, because this sign not infrequently confronts its fellow human beings with a cool and aloof manner. And many people are deceived by this and then assess the Cancer-born person quite wrongly. The zodiac sign Cancer is a very emotional contemporary, although he does not want to show this to everyone. Behind this lies his fear of being hurt.

Do you also belong to the zodiac sign Cancer? Then the following traits may sound familiar to you. Because the Cancer has his very typical way, which many people misinterpret at first, nevertheless he is an unbelievably fascinating contemporary. You just have to know how to take him. Here come a few typical Cancer traits:

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Positive traits of the zodiac sign Cancer:
strong-willed, purposeful, determined, emotional, sensitive, empathetic, very caring, helpful, understanding, more gut than head,

Weaknesses of the zodiac sign Cancer: moody, too sensitive and vulnerable, anxious, unstable, irrational, patronizing, too mothering, possessive.

The star sign Cancer: feeling and intuition

The Cancer is usually someone who already senses things when others are still in the dark. He can refer less to logical considerations, but simply to his gut feeling. This often makes him seem odd and difficult to judge, but often he is exactly right with his assumptions.

Because he is so guided by his feelings, he is also someone who carries hurts and disappointment around for a long time. Yes, you could even call him vindictive. Because Cancer also has a good memory. In addition, most Cancer-born people have ideals that are sacred to them. Which they then also champion with ardor. Also a tendency to the occult is said to the cancer.

The perfect job for the zodiac sign Cancer

Due to its special empathy, all helping professions are perfect for the zodiac sign Cancer, whether in the social field, as a doctor, nurse, therapist or psychologist, or in the educational field, e.g. in the field of education.B. as a teacher or educator.

Cancer is capricious

People born under the zodiac sign Cancer are cautious: they wait before they come out of their shells. In addition, they have a changeable mind: if one day the Cancer seems listless and disinterested, the next day he is devoted and attentive to the cause.

The environment of the Cancer has to come to terms with his mood swings: The moon, which rules the Cancer man, makes him so moody. Whoever gets involved in a relationship with this zodiac sign – whether on a professional or private level – should be prepared for anything.

Cancer prefers to avoid conflicts

But basically, the zodiac sign Cancer is very human, because he just can not stand it, to have to assert themselves in fierce competition. Cancer has what it takes, but it considers the scramble for first place to be unprofessional. Therefore it is not surprising that people born under this sign avoid situations in which they would have to show their teeth.

The strategy of the zodiac sign Cancer is nevertheless very effective: Cancer pulls the strings in the background and observes the events from a distance – knowing that he is the real doer.

The mysterious Cancer

The crab in the animal world is a border crosser between water and land. This is also reflected in the nature of the zodiac sign Cancer. He appears to his fellow men usually very mysterious, can not always be interpreted directly clearly. But this is exactly what makes him so fascinating for his environment. He often appears hard, but deep down he is extremely sensitive and soft. Fact: The Cancer is very emotional, his heart is usually stronger than logic and reason.

Family and partnership are very important to Cancer

Almost all Cancers have a conservative core, as a certain hold in social or family conventions is important to them. Even if he would not admit it: The zodiac sign Cancer needs backing in his personal environment. The better his partnership works, the more the Cancer flourishes. Security and safety are enormously important for him.

Nevertheless, the Cancer-born must be careful (in love, but also in his family environment), because he can be very possessive. Coupled with his often moody nature, this can sometimes cause trouble in a partnership and with his loved ones.

The zodiac sign Cancer in love

People with the star sign Cancer are not always easy to act in a relationship. However, who harmonizes well with the character of Cancer is the Capricorn. Both are exactly opposite each other as zodiac signs, so they complement each other well in a relationship. Precondition: Both give each other enough space and do not constrict each other. Also Cancer and Virgo Harmonize, because both are rather cautious, reserved and thoughtful in their appearance.

A little wilder it goes with the Scorpio to the point. Here sometimes the sparks fly, but the attraction and passion is great. Also the star sign Pisces is a good partner in love for the zodiac sign Cancer, although the Pisces-born person must be careful not to be underbuttered. However, if both meet each other with respect and consideration, nothing stands in the way of this love.

Also Cancer and Taurus are similar in nature and are attracted to each other. Then there would be Libra, who also fits the zodiac sign Cancer. However, here, too, both have to do relationship work. While they both love each other very much, it is not always easy to find a balance that both partners are equally comfortable with.

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