Your healthy way to the desired weight.

Have you also tried crash diets that promise to achieve your desired weight in the shortest possible time?? The results of such flash diets always turn out the same: After initial success, they lead to weight gain in the long run and may even pose health risks, such as eating disorders, cardiovascular damage or kidney damage. Healthy diets that are scientifically proven and avoid undesirable side effects such as the yo-yo effect or food cravings fare much better.

Cravings: the pitfalls of a flash diet


If you try a fast diet that involves a lot of restriction or even starvation, you run the risk of food cravings. In such cases, the cravings of the body prevail, which lacks important nutrients due to inadequate nutrition. With the Precon Diet, you avoid cravings by following a healthy eating plan that works without starvation and provides your body with balanced nutrient combinations.

If you want to lose weight, you should consciously compose your daily meals. Too many simple carbohydrates or frequent snacks slow down your fat burning and can cause cravings. Even a glass of juice or a sweet apple can be the trigger, because foods with simple carbohydrates cause the blood sugar level to rise sharply.
Your body starts secreting insulin, which quickly moves sugar out of your blood and to your body’s cells. As a result, the blood sugar level drops rapidly again and your body feels under-supplied. Cravings and reaching for high-calorie snacks are now very likely to occur.

The right diet against ravenous appetite

The Precon diet is based on a 3-meal principle with 4- to 6-hour meal breaks in between, during which your body can break down fat and your weight is reduced. Two of these meals you get directly from Precon in the form of delicious shakes, soups and bars. The third meal is one of your new favorite meals, which you can prepare yourself and should contain between 500 and 600 kcal. Recipe ideas


Mobile phase

Once you have become accustomed to the new rhythm of three meals, it will be easier for you to take breaks between meals. These are especially important for your body to break down fat. You almost by itself on natural foods such as vegetables, protein-rich products and whole grain products, which do not let the blood sugar level rise so strongly.

Rapid weight loss and the yoyo effect

Fast slimming and crash diets are often accompanied by the yo-yo effect, because with many diets visible results occur already in the first weeks, when above all unnecessary liquid and short-term energy stores are reduced – but already after a short time one has reached the initial weight again or has even gained additional kilos.

One reason for the yo-yo effect is uncontrolled malnutrition, which leads to loss of muscle mass.

Your muscles make an important contribution to your energy metabolism even when they are inactive. If your muscles are depleted as a result of dieting, your basal metabolic rate decreases, promoting faster weight gain. The yo-yo effect also occurs when you return to old eating and living habits after a quick diet. The Precon diet is a healthy diet, which accompanies you in the long term, allows you to lose weight without yo-yo effect and instead of muscle mass reduces fat reserves.

Adriana has made it!

Lose weight in the long term, healthily and with motivation

The Precon Diat supports you lastingly with your nourishing change – healthy removing and reaching as well as holding your desire weight always stand thereby in the foreground. On our website you will find valuable tips for refined recipe ideas and numerous practical instructions that are quickly memorized and are a real help on any day. Include the Precon plate check, meal planner for breakfast and lunch. If you have any questions, you can always contact the Precon team for personal advice or collect advice in the helpful community. Our forum always offers useful tips for everyday dieting, which will give you new motivation!

Lose weight quickly and maintain your desired weight: The Precon Diet is not a flash diet and makes weight loss possible in a healthy and scientifically sound way. Precon packages make it easy to get started on your diet!

Your personal diet plan

You would like to know in what time you can lose weight with Precon and how you can eat better in the future? Then request our free diet plan now.

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