You want to learn to play the drums, but you don’t know how to do it?

Who does not know? That moment when you decide to learn something new.

Mostly you start with it around the turn of the year. New resolutions are set: To stop smoking, to start exercising, to eat healthily, and just Learn to play the drums.

But only how to start?

  • Calling a music school?
  • A private instructor?
  • Or maybe you prefer Youtube?
  • Or online courses?

What is the best option for you here, I can not tell you unfortunately. Everything has its advantages and, of course, its disadvantages.

However, I can help you here at the Learn to play the drums help.

What do YOU need?

This is the more important question. Are you someone who likes to be in contact and needs a counterpart?

Advantage is clear here, that the teacher can tell you directly how your technique is – if the teacher has an eye for it.

Also great is the interpersonal contact. You get to know each other, the teacher might see that something else suits you than the lessons right now.

Maybe just turn on Deep Purple* and play it all out. (This was my first Deep Purple CD in 1994 and Track No. 2 "Maybe I’m a leo" has really done it to me rhythmically, )

This can help you no online course and also no Youtube give.

On the other hand you are even with online courses – no matter to which topic – just independent of space and time and can – if possible – even learn at night.

If you didn’t understand something, you can watch the part again.

Being "offline-lessons you have had your lesson and can the teacher no longer ask, how the notes went again. Whereby I also know some teachers who answer the questions of their students also in the meantime. I do that too.

I think the facts are clear. Here again in short the Pro’s& con’s

Learn to play drums teacher or online

Hold the momentum

The most important thing now is to keep your energy, your interest, your curiosity, just your momentum.

Momentum is this Energy, that you develop when you want to do something, have something in mind, or are looking forward to something really great.

This feeling full zest for action to be. That’s it!

The first few minutes actually explain this very well


>> Great Marc, super explained. How do I keep the momentum? Tell me please, you Schlaubert! What do we do together from today?

  • an extra practice journal
  • a warm up routine
  • a timetable
  • suitable drum notes
  • uvm

If that is not enough.

So what to start with?

No matter if you choose an online course, a teacher or just the autodidactic way:

just try it my tips for 6 months From.

You can do a lot in 6 months. Or even nothing. Or you just hope that something will happen. And nothing happens.

The fact is with drumming – like with sports – YOU have to do something. And really. You MUST do something.

IF you really want to get ahead musically, YOU MUST do something for it.

I think that was clearly.

Now all that’s left to do is

What do I want to achieve on the drums in the next 6 months?

Well, you may You yes fortunately myself decide. Maybe speed up with the right hand or the left hand? Or both? Or being able to control the bass drum better with the right foot?

Do you have your goal or. your plan, you can start learning right away!

If you are really just starting out, or want to make a fresh start, I heartily recommend the basics. Logical

  • simple WarmUp to max. 10 minutes
  • Beats Beats Beats
  • Note reading exercises
  • Shapes& structure
  • Technique

The metronome is also available at a lower price* – but since I am committed to only recommending things that I use or have used myself, I recommend the Tama metronome. I used the Korg metronome myself, but then quickly got the Tama, because it is much more extensive and I can create more rhythmically and I am freer.

==> If you want to do the 30 Days Challenge "WarmUp you want to do, you can report here:

Here we will work together on a 30 day WarmUp program that will get you on the right track. 6 months – 30 days. So only 5 months to go. Already a start.

When I got my second private teacher as a child, he immediately gave me a note with Warm-up exercises given for the drums, which I should play daily.

Daily. I actually learned these notes. I also wanted to learn them.

This is what the notes looked like. (If I get the permission, I’ll let you have a look inside.) Pay attention to the date:

learn how to play drums ds

And of course the basics – pure rhythm

learn to play drums basic exercise ds

I knew I was allowed at 14.30 go to the drums and start drumming. At that time the school was already at 13.15 over. A blessing!

Likewise I also knew that I should warm up first – just like in sports.

So I got a clock with second hand and played each exercise for a minute. I also paid attention to the points that were listed there. How z.B.

  • Correct stick position
  • Sit up straight
  • count out loud
  • Start slow and slowly get faster
  • etc

Honestly. When I was 8 or 9, I didn’t know exactly what I was doing. I thought, each of my friends plays an instrument or even drums and must be somehow through it, so I did my exercises – that’s it.

That didn’t always work on the drums or snare drum. I have often learned the rhythm from my head with my hands, giving me my own exercises.

Today I use a Practise Pad* for this and play the rhythm on it.

YOU can reach YOUR goal

No matter what moves you to learn this wonderful instrument. No matter what you want to achieve with it, whether you just want to play for yourself, or you have the goal to be on stage with a band in your city, or whether you want to go high up to go on tour with a band. All this is possible.

Every new day is a new decision. For you! For your goal! For your drums!

Tighten with small variations and tempo. Yes! Only these exercises.

Do other things on the side for all I care, but give you a chance to look once, what is possible in 6 months, if you stick to a program.

As a drummer, you can choose the exercises yourself and learn them on the drums. Stick to the basics only:

  • 5 – 8 warm-up exercises
  • 10 – 15 beats
  • Simple note reading exercises
  • 3 – 5 simple structure or. Shapes
  • and of course technology

You don’t have to play all 10 – 15 beats straight away. Divide them gladly. z.B. 5 in the first month, add 5 in the second, etc.

In the same way, the note reading exercises. Just start and be creative. Go wild with the rhythms and try out the alphabet soup.

If you want to decide for it, the journey to a new life begins today. With lots of music, lots of applause and lots of "Wow, you play drums?"

So, sit down and learn, learn, learn. Playing grooves with your hand, fills on the drums, drum notes on the snare drum or on the pad. As a drummer there are so many beautiful moments to discover.

I wish you on this journey a lot of fun, many broken sticks and lots of Self-discipline. Kick yourself in the butt and use the Power of the exercise journal.

PS: Please, please. Please contact me if you have any questions, if you want to tell me something or if you find something stupid or incomprehensible.

Feel free to use the comment function or email me at [email protected]

There will be more posts about drums to come. So feel free to come back, or subscribe to the newsletter.

If you need some advice about buying a drum set for children, here is a little article from me.

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