Work faster – get tasks done faster with these 10 ridiculously simple tricks

Don’t worry what I promised in the headline, I will keep it. But at the beginning I want to warn you.

Self-management can also mean working faster. However, this should not lead to stress or rushing around. Instead, I’ll show you 10 tricks that will help you work faster without much effort and almost incidentally.

Work faster - complete tasks faster with these 10 ridiculously simple tricks

1. Mouse speed up

How many meters do you think you travel with the mouse pointer on your computer every day??

I honestly have no idea either. But you can measure it with this tool.

In any case, you can save a lot of time every day with your mouse. Just set your pointer movement twice as fast. In the beginning, you have to get used to the new pace and certainly miss the mark from time to time. But already after two days the mouse speed seems normal to you and you work faster every day.

On a Mac, here’s how to do it:

2. High quality router

Nothing slows down the work on the computer as much as a slow W-LAN. Therefore always stay up to date and always buy the best router you can afford.

I myself am a big fan of the Fritzbox 7490. It transmits on two channels and thus ideally provides all devices with fast Internet.

3. Internet provider

Speaking of fast internet. The best router won’t help you if you don’t have a fast internet line. I myself have made this mistake for far too long. When I then asked my provider what a faster connection would cost, the surprise came: the price dropped! My contract was so old that I benefited twice.

Check now directly which speed is available for you:

4. 2 minutes principle

Normally I write everything I have to do neatly in the todoist. Each task gets a fixed date and if necessary. also an environment.

But there is an exception to the rule. Anything that takes less than 2 minutes to do, I don’t write down, I just implement it. If the implementation does not take much longer than the planning, just do it directly.

5. Text Expander/Phrase Express

Every day we write an infinite number of words. The time consuming thing is that we often write the same thing over and over again. You can easily save this time. Use a program that turns abbreviations into whole texts.

There are two alternatives for this:

And here you can see Textexpander in action:

6. Speadreading

Not only do we have to write every day, we also have to read a lot. Reports, email, article, post ..

If you learn to read faster, you’ll save time for the rest of your life.

I have two tips for you:

With the website Spreeder you read faster immediately. You will see a copy and paste text word for word there. Since every word is in the same place, you don’t have to move your head or eyes. I was skeptical at first. But I just tested it and I’m thrilled. I will often use this method to work faster in the future.

7. Artificial time pressure

My grandpa told me that he used to go on vacation with three children and their suitcases. In a beetle!

Later, an Opel Astra with two people and luggage was also full. What we think we need on vacation depends on how much space is available.

It is the same with time. The more time we allow for a task or deadline, the longer it will take.

You don’t believe that?

If you schedule a conference with two hours, How long will you need for the agenda? About 2 hours.

And that has nothing to do with the good time management of the session leader.

If you were to plan 90 minutes for the same agenda, you would finish on time as well. And the results are not worse. Try it out!

8. Shortcuts and shortcodes

Save countless mouse movements and clicks every day with the right shortcodes. You don’t have to know them all, but the most important ones for your everyday life. For example: Save, Undo, Close program, New page.

Here you can find the most used shortcodes for Windows and Mac.

9. IFTTT/Zapier

"If this than that" is one of my favorite time-saving tricks. The tool links different online services.

Zapier is an alternative with the same principle.

So you can, for example:

  1. Automatically publish your new Facebook post on Twitter
  2. Drop Facebook pictures you are linked to in Dropbox.
  3. Back up all Dropbox files with Google Cloud.
  4. When a new book appears in the Amazon Top 10, you get an email.

My current favorite: When rain is on the way, my to-do list in Todoist says "Watch out for rain, take the waterproof headphones today." ;-)

10. Tip10

I couldn’t resist putting this tip on number 10. Attention pun: learn to type with 10 fingers.

The one-finger search system robs you of time every day. Learn as fast as you can the ten finger system. You can do this online for free.

P.S. I’ll be honest, I don’t type with ten fingers either. Instead, I like to use voice control to quickly create texts.


Pick your three tips that appeal to you right now and implement them today. Don’t waste time just reading the article. Here again are the tips for working faster in fast forward:

Mouse speed up

Check internet provider availability

2 minutes principle

Text Expander/Phrase Express

Shortcuts and shortcodes

I wish you a lot of fun while implementing and working fast.

Benjamin Floer

Benjamin Floer

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