With phototan and pin security for your banking

photoTAN is the secure and convenient solution for online banking. Whether mobile or on the computer – with photoTAN, it’s child’s play to release transactions.

The new push function is particularly practical for anyone who does their banking on the computer or goes on a mobile shopping spree. With the push function, you receive a notification on your smartphone as soon as a transaction is available for you. And you confirm the order without scanning a graphic and manually entering the TAN. It couldn’t be faster or easier.

You don’t have a smartphone? Simply order a photoTAN reader.

Activate photoTAN

You will need a computer or an activation letter and a smartphone with the comdirect photoTAN App.

1. Show activation graphic on computer

Click on the button, log in to the personal area with access number and PIN and follow the instructions "Activate photoTAN" until the activation graphic is displayed.

You already have an activation letter? Then you can use the activation graphic from this letter.

The upper button links in the personal area to: Administration> PIN/TAN management> photoTAN> Activate

2. set up photoTAN app in your smartphone

Download the comdirect photoTAN app to your smartphone and follow the instructions in the photoTAN app.

The steps are:

  • Set the photoTAN app password
  • Enter access number and 6-digit PIN
  • Scan activation graphic
  • Activate push notification

Here you can download the comdirect photoTAN app:

photoTAN Update

You are already using the photoTAN app: To activate the push function.

1. Update photoTAN app

Get the latest version of the comdirect photoTAN app on your smartphone:

2. Activate push function

After opening the new photoTAN app version, you will be asked if you want to activate the push procedure.

To do so, tap on "Start upgrade" and assign yourself a password. Then enter your access number and your personal 6-digit PIN.

The push procedure is now activated.

Good to know: The familiar scan function of the comdirect photoTAN app is retained. This is recommended, for example, when your smartphone is not connected to the Internet.

To do this, select the photoTAN procedure "photoTAN Grafik" on the computer and then open the scan function on the bottom left of the comdirect photoTAN app on the smartphone.

photoTAN on your smartphone

The comdirect app and the comdirect photoTAN app are installed on your smartphone and you would like to approve a transaction.

1. Order transaction

Open the comdirect app and instruct z. B. a bank transfer.

2. Confirm transaction

The App2App communication starts: In the approval process for your transaction, the photoTAN app opens automatically.

Confirm your order by sliding the arrow from left to right.

3. Ready!

The comdirect app is automatically displayed and releases your transaction via App2App procedure.

photoTAN with the computer

The comdirect photoTAN app is installed on your smartphone and you want to approve a transaction on your computer.

1. Computer – Order transaction

Log in to your personal area as usual with your computer and instruct z. B. a bank transfer.

2. Smartphone – Release TAN

Your transaction is automatically transferred to the comdirect photoTAN app and a notification appears on your smartphone. Tapping on the message opens the photoTAN app.

Check the transaction and release the TAN by sliding the arrow from left to right.

3. Computer – Release transaction

If there is no automatic release, release the transaction on your computer now.

Good to know: If your smartphone does not have an Internet connection, select the photoTAN procedure "photoTAN Grafik" on your desktop and open the scan function on the bottom left of the comdirect photoTAN app on your smartphone.


If you do not want to use the photoTAN, you can set up the mobileTAN.

This is how mobileTAN works:
The TAN will be sent directly to your smartphone. To do this, you need to register your cell phone number. For each transaction, they receive an SMS with a single TAN and the transaction data to match your entry.

Good to know:
If you have successfully registered for the mobileTAN procedure, you can also use it in parallel with photoTAN: For each transaction, you decide which procedure you want to use.

mobileTAN Video

mobileTAN registration

For comfortable securities trading

Use a single TAN for as many securities transactions as you like. Simply enter your TAN for the first action – you can then release subsequent orders directly without having to enter a new TAN. The Session-TAN is not valid for payment transactions.

Great freedom with small amounts

Now it is even easier for you to transfer money from your comdirect current account and JuniorGiro. Because from now on you no longer need a TAN to release amounts up to 30 euros. No TAN is required even for internal transfers of up to 1000 euros per day.

Questions and answers about your TAN procedure

You would like to know more about the comdirect TAN procedure? We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and the answers for you.

How many accounts can I use with the photoTAN app/reader??

The app or reader can manage up to eight different accounts.

How can I register for mobileTAN??

Can I use my Commerzbank photoTAN reader at comdirect as well??

Can I continue to use my iTAN list after activating the mobileTAN procedure??

No. Once the mobileTAN procedure or the photoTAN procedure has been successfully activated, the iTAN procedure is deactivated.

What does the new EU directive PSD2 mean??

PSD2 is intended to standardize payment transactions throughout Europe. In concrete terms, bank customers will benefit from the fact that there will be more competition on the financial services market, innovative technical solutions will be promoted, there will be more security in payment transactions and consumers will be better protected.

My smartphone has no internet connection. Does the comdirect photoTAN still work??

The photoTAN requires an Internet connection for standard approval. If you do not have an Internet connection with your smartphone, you can use the scan function of the photoTAN procedure. To do this, select the photoTAN procedure "photoTAN Grafik" on the computer and then open the photoTAN app on the smartphone and use the scan function at the bottom left.

Questions and answers about photoTAN-Push

How do I activate my photoTAN app??

To activate the app, the following access data is required: the eight-digit access number, the six-digit PIN, a current photoTAN activation letter or alternatively (if activated) the mobileTAN procedure or. the recovery function in the personal area of the website under Administration> PIN/TAN management> photoTAN.

I did the update and I don’t like the push function. Can I undo this?

Can I install an APK version of the old photoTAN app version??

Why do I have to enter my access data in the app resp. If I deposit a session-TAN – does this not facilitate the misuse of the? And why is a password now required in the app?

I should now enter a password when updating. I don’t know that anymore, what now?

In this case, it is necessary to reinstall the app. Please also refer to the information in our Community.

Why can’t I use a rooted device or a router?. no longer use one with a jailbreak? This was still possible in the previous version.

It is true that the previous version of the photoTAN app could be used on devices with administrative access under certain conditions. However, we have always pointed out that we cannot guarantee the functionality on these devices. The fact that the old version could be used despite rooting or. This is due to the fact that this app version was not hardened to the same extent as the new version with the push function.

The level of hardening has been raised in the new version for security reasons. We can understand the argumentation that a rooted system – provided the necessary knowledge is available – can be secured very well. On the other hand, we find it difficult to ensure that every rooted device is also secured by its user to the necessary degree. Therefore, we have made the decision to increase the level of hardening from the point of view of security and for the sake of all users of this app. In principle, our specialist department will continue to look into the extent to which an adjustment of the hardening can be made, taking into account the o. g. Aspects possible.

Does the push function now also work with FinTS apps resp. Online shopping in the App2App process?

The push function is not yet available for use with banking software (FinTS) and online shopping apps on the same device. However, an extension is already in the works. Alternatively, the photoTAN scan procedure with two end devices can be used as usual.

I had to reinstall the app. Why can I no longer use my app for access by several people??

After the new installation resp. After resetting the app, all linked accesses of one person can be set up for photoTAN-Push using the access data of this person. Other people’s credentials can be set up on separate devices (smartphone or reader). Alternatively, third-party accounts can still be activated if the user of the app is provided with the appropriate account& Custodial powers of attorney are granted. A power of attorney form can be found here.

I have made the update and want to activate accesses of further persons. Does this?

Activating additional accesses from other people is no longer possible after the update and after reinstalling the app. Activations of other people that existed before the update can, however, still be used for scanning photoTANs after the app has been updated. Further notes on managing activations after update or. New installation of the app can be found in our community.

Why do I also have to click "Share" on the website when using the push function? This is much easier with the pushTAN of my other bank.

The push function is an extension of the classic photoTAN function. Therefore, the procedure for the push function has been designed differently for us compared to other providers.

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