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In the Sachsensee near Bellersheim (district of Giessen), police are searching for embedded body parts. Now the officials have sad news.

Update from Tuesday, 01.02.2022, 18.3 p.m: In the search for a body in the Sachsensee near Hungen (district of Giessen), police have so far found no clues related to the man from Hanau, who has been missing since 2016. In the case, a trial against two men on suspicion of joint murder is currently taking place at the regional court in Giessen.

They are accused of murdering the then 39-year-old Daniel M. abducted and murdered. During the trial, according to the police, the evidence that the man’s body had been dumped in the lake had become stronger.

The water was then searched on Monday and Tuesday, among other things, with an underwater drone of the German Armed Forces. As a police spokeswoman on Tuesday (01.02.2022) said that the analysis of the results so far has not yielded any clues to the man’s body. However, the evaluation is not yet completed, the search operation will continue. According to the information, in the course of the next 14 days probably still a diving group of the police will be used.

Search for body in lake: Can technology solve death mystery?

First report from Monday, 31.01.2022, 22.08 a.m: Giessen/Hungen – At 3 a.m. Monday in Eckernforde, the two members of the naval battalion set out on their way. After almost 600 kilometers through rain and snow, they reached their destination: the Sachsensee in Bellersheim. The men from northern Germany are part of a large diving operation. Police search for the remains of Daniel M in the idyllic fishing lake. from Hanau, which was launched on 17. November 2016 on a Hofreite near Hungen is to have been murdered.

The case poses great mysteries, the body has not been found until today. That it could lie, dismembered and embedded, in the Sachsensee is a hypothesis that is supported not least by its proximity to the scene of the crime. Whether the search leads to the long-awaited investigative success, the coming days will show. Werner Abel from the water police in Wiesbaden made it unmistakably clear that without the use of modern technology it would be doomed to failure from the outset. The lake is 37 hectares in size and about 20 meters deep. "With divers alone, that would be a year’s work," says Abel.

Murder without a body: Case from the district of Giessen poses a mystery

"Remus" does the job much faster. It is the underwater drone, which brought the men from Eckernforde. The yellow device, which is reminiscent of a torpedo in terms of its shape, was designed for mine detection. But "Remus" is also on the move throughout Germany when the police request its services. That’s how it was in this case, reports Sabine Richter, press spokeswoman for the Central Hesse police headquarters.

The order to search in the Sachsensee had given the Giessen district court. In such cases, one looks at what one’s own technology can do and whether there are external specialists, Richter explained. Contact with the navy was quickly established. There, they already know the case that is at stake in Hungen. When, in the early summer of 2020, Lake Starnberg was searched for the remains of Daniel M. was searched, the men from Schleswig Holstein were also already there. At the Sachsensee they are part of a larger task force. The water police is on the spot and the technical task force of the riot police from Muhlheim with its diving group, in addition, the responsible investigator of the commissariat for capital crime. "About 20 officers," estimates the press officer.

Is the body of Daniel M. found in Hungen (district of Gieben)?

The action started earlier than expected on Monday. The men from the Navy have made good progress on the A7 and have already launched their drone before 11 a.m. There it draws steadily its courses and searches with sonar the lake bottom. One must imagine it like the ultrasound with the physician, explain the experts. At the end of the procedure you can read out the data of "Remus. Then the shapes of what lies at the bottom of the lake can be seen.

On yesterday’s Monday, however, this only worked on the second attempt, and the result was not entirely clear. Is there a bucket? Or is it a stone. Sabine Richter speaks around 5 p.m. of "some conspicuous features". They are to be examined more closely today, Tuesday. Not only the underwater drone from Eckernforde will be used, but also a diving robot called "Deep Trekker". Not only can it transmit images in real time, but it can also transport objects to the surface of the water, either with its gripper arm or a cable, if required. In case he can’t make it on his own: five divers from the riot police are standing by for their mission.

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