Where to see them? Aurora borealis in germany

Rare event in Germany: chance to see auroras in the night sky. Photo: Sylvie Corriveau / shutterstock.com

Rare event in Germany: chance of auroras in the night sky. Photo: Sylvie Corriveau / shutterstock.com

Due to a violent solar storm there is a chance to see northern lights even over Germany today. Also about Baden-Wurttemberg? All info about the article.

The sky turns iridescent hues, green and blue streaks across the night sky. What we actually know mainly from Scandinavia could also be seen in Germany today: auroras.

Both tonight and Sunday night the northern lights could be seen over Germany. The reason are strong eruptions on the sun. From there, a plasma cloud is on its way to Earth, which then becomes visible here as the so-called aurora borealis.

Between late Friday evening and Saturday evening the lights could be seen.

You have the best chances in the east of Germany, because there the sky will probably be less cloudy. Even at the Baltic Sea and at the edge of the Alps the sky remains mostly clear. However, clouds will move in during the course of Saturday, so that the chance of auroras over Germany will decrease again.

What are the chances of auroras over Baden-Wurttemberg? Unfortunately, you’ll need a lot of luck for this one, as the skies in the southwest will be rather cloudy this weekend.

Strong solar flares: Possible consequences for technology

Strong solar winds can also affect technology on earth. GPS systems and radio systems could also be briefly disrupted or down this weekend. For humans, however, the plasma cloud is harmless.

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