What is permanent make-up?

Permanent make-up is a fine pigmentation method using an extremely fine needle and only medically approved materials
color pigments are gently pigmented into the top layer of skin. Our permanent make-up gives your face more expression.
With Team Hautnah permanent make-up, on the one hand, the natural beauty of each person is emphasized, and on the other hand
Irregularities compensated. The perfect reinforcement or supplement for brows that are too thin or missing, pale
Lip contours, a too small lip line or tired, expressionless eyes.

Permanent make-up should emphasize you in your beauty perfectly, but discreetly,
but not as "make up at first sight" to be recognizable.
Kerstin, permanent make-up expert

Why permanent make-up?

What advantages do you enjoy if you decide on a gentle and permanent permanent make-up by Team Hautnah??

  • A fresh and perfect appearance in all situations of life.
  • look expressive directly after getting up and therefore save time.
  • look good even during sports
  • no problems with sensitive and slightly watery eyes
  • when eating and drinking
  • kissing
  • to correct or conceal scars or irregularities.

You do not need to worry about anything after the pigmentation by Team Hautnah,

  • whether something has gone wrong with your make-up and you need to touch it up
  • whether your make-up is precise and good enough without having to check it constantly
  • whether your sensitive eyes are irritated by the constant use of make-up,
  • whether your hands are steady enough to apply make-up precisely,
  • Whether there is not a more uncomplicated make-up method because you wear glasses,
  • or whether your natural eyebrows grow irregularly or not at all.

With your individually tailored and perfect permanent make-up, you will be convincing in every situation in life.

For whom is permanent make-up suitable?

If you feel any of the above, a highly professional pigmentation by Team Hautnah is just right for you. Most of the time, however, the only reason is that you simply want to invest in yourself and your appearance to bring out your natural beauty, and afterwards feel more attractive, fresher and more expressive than ever.

  • Any age
  • men& Women
  • Concealing irregularities or scars
  • teenagers from 16 years

Your permanent make-up treatment

  • During a free initial consultation we discuss the possible techniques and your wishes. We will then make an appointment for the treatment.
  • For the initial treatment you should ca. Allow 2 hours of time per face area. Also at this appointment we discuss the exact details again.
  • After ca. 6 weeks we meet again for a follow-up treatment, where small things can be corrected.

Your permanent make-up artist team

Kerstin& Thorsten are Grand Master for PhiContour of the world-renowned Branko Babic Phi-Academy and therefore the perfect contact for permanent make-up. It is important to them that you can trust your permanent make-up artist and they guarantee this with their name.

We fulfill your dream of perfect lips! And that even PAIN-FREE! Narrow lips are enlarged and provided with volume in a natural way, pale lips are color-enhanced and uneven lips are conjured symmetrically. We skillfully lift drooping corners of the mouth, emphasize your lip heart and reconstruct complete lips (after accident or scarring, harelip …). 3D shades guarantee the WOW effect!

The Powder Lip Look should not be recognizable as permanent or as make-up. The proportional perfection and uniformity in shape and color are the main features of this pigmentation. The contour or. the outline is kept weakly colored to correspond to the natural gradient. Often no outline is pigmented and only the lip is lightly shaded in the matching nude or pastel shade. That is why professional models often have their Powder Lips pigmented in a perfect natural shade. With this technique, the appropriate and correct choice of color resp. of the nude tone a basic prerequisite to underline the naturalness and not to overpaint it.

The absolute trend in the beauty world are the lips in ombre look – starting with the hair to exciting lips with color gradients and shading par excellence. Mostly monochrome gradients from dark to light are pigmented. A special feature of this look is that the lips get more volume. So there are no limits to unique ombre looks. Very natural to excitingly complex and stylish shades are possible.

LipBlush is the most natural method of lip pigmentation. The lips are pigmented without contour. The focus is on shading the lips so that you look perfect in shape and color. This is how you achieve an absolutely natural result. Slight irregularities in the coloring and the natural shape of the lips can be compensated for. Natural lips with WOW effect! With the LipBlush method you create a light and natural refreshment of the lip color. Lips that are naturally pale are made to glow perfectly. The lip contour is highlighted by the shading technique itself and united with the color inside the lips. LipBlush provides the perfect balance for a lip color that is not present on its own or a barely there, pale and regular lip contour.

Emphasize and enlarge your eyes with eyeliner or lash line densification! There are also no limits in terms of color. Colored eyeliner enhances the expression, conjures up an optical lift with clearer and brighter eyes, even with drooping eyelids. Eyelash thickening not only makes your eyes shine, your lashes also appear thicker and more voluminous. For this reason, a densification is the optimal complement to eyeliner.

Not every eye is suitable for decorative eyeliner. This technique makes the eye appear larger and, depending on the initial shape, can positively influence the expression. It can be pigmented on the upper and lower eyelid. A decorative eyeliner is the best choice if you don’t want to spend a lot of time on make-up but still want to leave the house looking TOP styled. Characteristic of this decorative eyeliner is its shape, because this decorates and decorates the eyes.

Baby Eyeliner is a very subtle eyeliner. The eyes are emphasized, they shine and appear larger. This eyeliner fits every eye shape. A special feature is that the Baby Eyeliner can be optimally used in case of decreasing elasticity or mimic wrinkling. With this technique, pigmentation can be applied to the upper and lower edge of the eyelid. This eyeliner often serves as a basis for other pigmentation techniques.

With the soft shading technique you can achieve a light and very natural shading effect. Depending on the intensity of the shading, this eyeliner is suitable for customers who regularly wear light make-up. A strong beauty eye shadow effect is best suited for clients who are used to wearing makeup every day. The Soft Shading Eyeliner is basically suitable for every type of model. The best prerequisites for a perfect soft shading eyeliner are skin with good elasticity and a face with a high-set eye bone, the so-called orbital bone. Either you underline the naturalness of the eyes or you give them a special touch. Soft shading pigmentation is ideal for covering, correcting or improving old or unsuccessful and already existing permanent makeup. If the technique is mastered, the finest powder shadings can be achieved – a successful perfect make-up effect.

Not every eye is suitable for color eyeliner. Exceptional results can be achieved with this pigmentation technique, and that is why this look is only suitable for clients who frequently wear shades, mainly in blue, green and violet, and who want to do without the daily effort for a while. The Coloring Eyeliner is usually pigmented either monochrome with a lot of color or with black in combination with another color. The eye color is specifically emphasized by the right color shade. With a Color Technique Eyeliner the eye shape can be positively changed. This technique can also be pigmented on both the upper and lower lid edges.

The Baby Ombre Eyeliner is a very natural way of pigmentation, combined with a light shading. This eyeliner is especially suitable for Asian eye shapes, the eyelid is longer, and the free space between the eyelid margin and crease is very small. This permanent make-up technique is well suited for shape optimization, especially for almond-shaped eyes. With a baby ombre eyeliner the eyes get a natural emphasis. This eyeliner is suitable for any occasion and is therefore perfect for permanent makeup.

Perfect eyebrows, whether with microblading, PowderBrows or even both techniques in combination, eyebrows conjure up an expressive face. They are precisely defined in shape and color. During pigmentation, the finest hairs are filled in to make the eyebrows appear thicker and more perfectly shaped. Where nature has neglected something, a complete redesign, for example in the case of non-existent eyebrows, can be made in hairs technique. Perfectly shaped and curved eyebrows give your face more contours and more expression.

The art of natural eyebrow pigmentation. Phi PowderBrows is an eyebrow shading technique performed with a permanent make up machine and pigments to achieve very natural powder and pixel effects. The trend of the 90s, when everyone wanted to have a thin eyebrow style is long gone. Today’s trend is the exact opposite. Back to naturalness, bold, bushy and natural styles shape today’s perfect eyebrow. Of course, not everyone is naturally blessed to have perfect brow growth.

While the shading technique is more prominent in the lower part, as well as in the last third of the brow, the drawing runs softer and lighter towards the top and front, which provides a 3D effect, where the name Ombre Brows comes from. By playing with the shading, there are no limits to unique color gradients. On the other hand, those who value absolute naturalness can opt for the more natural variant of shading. Here, more intensive shading and color gradients in the shading are simply omitted. The best part . these techniques are particularly suitable to refresh, improve, cover or correct old, faded or even failed permanent make-up.

DefinedBrows is an eyebrow shading technique that, as the name suggests, perfectly defines the shape and color of the eyebrows. In contrast to the very natural and conventional PowderBrows technique, you can use DefinedBrows to create a perfect, more intense look of the brow. They are clearly defined in shape and color and therefore the absolute eye-catcher. Wow effect guaranteed!

Forget about unnatural drawings. The Realistic method, a deceptively real hairs drawing, is the alternative method to the conventional permanent make-up with pigmenting device. The difference is that the color pigments are applied manually, gliding over the skin with gentle pressure. The resulting cut is so fine that you can hardly distinguish the drawn hairs from the real ones. This drawing technique requires the highest precision. Microblading brows do not suggest that it is permanent makeup. WOW effect guaranteed! With our absolutely natural technique, you can lengthen brows that are too short, thicken sparse brows, completely reconstruct missing brows or strengthen brows that are too narrow.

Questions& Answers
Permanent Make Up

We optimize your type and are extremely concerned about naturalness. With a detailed and type-specific consultation, we bring your strengths to the forefront in a targeted way and put weaknesses in the shade. We achieve this by choosing the most optimal shape and color. A perfect permanent make-up may attract glances, but only those that leave admiration behind.

Before the treatment

– Alcoholic beverages, drinks with taurine and excessive consumption of caffeine should be avoided at least 24 to 36 hours before treatment.

– Avoid solarium or sunbathing for seven days before the treatment.

– As a preventive measure, decongestants based on herbs can be taken (e.g.B. Arnica D 30 globules or Traumeel pills). In this regard, it is recommended to consult a pharmacy.

– Dry lips should be well cared for a few days before pigmentation (z.B. with lip peeling and a thin layer of Vaseline).

– during eyebrow treatments:
– Please do NOT pluck, dye or shave your brows before the treatment. We bring your brows perfectly into shape during the treatment and remove individual hairs if necessary.

– For eyeliner treatments:
– Applied eyelash extensions must be removed at least 48 hrs before treatment
– If you want to dye your eyelashes before the treatment, please do it at least 48 hours before, never on the day of the treatment itself
– Contact lens wearers can wear the lenses again directly after the treatment. However, they should be removed during treatment.

We recommend to appear without make up on the day of the treatment

You tend to be sensitive to herpes?
Prevention of lip herpes:
We have had very good experience with herbal prevention as an alternative to prescription medication . These are tablets to strengthen the immune system (z.B. Esberitox). Or also lysine, for herbal prevention of herpes.
These products can be used seven to 14 days before and after the treatment. Every customer can and should ask for advice at the pharmacy.

Possible food supplements:
– Zinc:
Zinc is a trace element that strengthens the immune system and accelerates the healing of wounds. Zinc can be taken in the form of capsules and is available in pharmacies.
Please do not apply zinc in the form of creams on the fresh pigmentation, because zinc would draw the color pigments out of the body.

– Lysine:
Lysine is an essential amino acid that helps the body to accelerate wound healing. Studies have found that lysine-L (the natural form of this amino acid) can prevent the outbreak of herpes and significantly accelerate the healing of cold sores.

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