Unemployed and yet a side income without deductions – does it exist? We tell you! In principle, ALG I recipients are allowed to pursue a self-employed or dependent employment to a limited extent.

How much can an unemployed person earn on the side?

The additional income achieved within the framework of a secondary employment is free of charge up to an amount of 165,-Euro per month.

The allowance can be reduced arithmetically by expenses incurred in the pursuit of the part-time job (z.B. Travel costs) increase.

Jobs for the unemployed

What is the limit of weekly working hours?

As a rule, the weekly working time must not reach 15 hours, otherwise unemployment no longer exists and the entitlement to unemployment benefit I ceases to apply.

Are there exceptions and if so which ones?

YES, also here there are exceptions in favor of the ALG I receiver. However, criteria must always be complied with. to be proven.

Continuing Education

" Those who receive remuneration in further education measures can apply a higher allowance of 400,- Euro

Income from long-term secondary employment

"If the beneficiary was already in marginal employment in the last 18 months before the claim to unemployment benefit I arose, the income allowance of 165 euros per month is replaced by the amount of the average monthly income of the last 12 months from the secondary employment, if this was higher than 165 euros per month.

In the case of the imputation of additional income

Depending on the amount of the additional income, the income earned may be partially offset against the amount of the unemployment benefit payments. If a part of the additional earnings is to be imputed, the sum of the unemployment benefits is reduced by the portion of earnings to be imputed.

Side jobs for ALG 2 recipients

Must any activity be reported to the employment office?

In principle YES, at the latest on the day of the beginning of the activity. If the secondary activity is concealed, this can have negative consequences. On the one hand, the excessive benefits will be reclaimed and on the other hand, it will be checked whether an administrative offense (incl. the payment of unemployment benefits) has been committed. payment of a fine) is present.

Further information around the topic additional income with ALG I receiver can be read up on the web page of the employment agency.

General and interesting facts about ALG I receipt

Are assets taken into account in the calculation of ALG I?

Since the unemployment benefit is an insurance benefit from the unemployment insurance, the own assets are not taken into account.

Duration of unemployment benefit I

If the standard qualifying period of 12 months has been fulfilled in the last 2 years, the period of entitlement is 6 months; if the employment period is 24 months, the ALG is paid for 12 months. Depending on the age of the claimant and the period of employment, the longest period for which unemployment benefits are paid is 24 months.

Level of unemployment benefits

The amount of unemployment benefit depends on various factors, including the amount of salary previously received and the possible presence of children with a child benefit entitlement. From the gross income, taking into account the social security and tax regulations, the net income is determined, the so-called. daily performance pay. Of this, the eligible unemployed receives 60%, if there are children with a child benefit claim, 67% paid out as unemployment benefits.

Compulsory insurance in the statutory KV and pension insurance

People who receive unemployment benefit I and are only marginally self-employed (earning less than 400 euros per month) are insured for pension and health insurance through the employment agency.

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