Tomorrow will be yesterday today

A reading book on sustainability. by Christina Stange, published in issue #26/2014


Yesterday words to today for tomorrow

With the photo of our earth, which was taken by the crew of the "Apollo 17" If you were photographed from space in 1972, you’ll get started. And it serves her, our earth, too- the reading book on sustainability, which was especially designed for teaching in schools as well as for youth work and is supposed to serve as a basis for a creative examination of our future, for discussions, role plays, individual reflection- and will certainly serve.

On the pages between the- appropriately matte gray recycled- On the cover of the book you will find a beautiful selection of poems, wisdom stories, song lyrics, quotations, sayings and drawings about our world, about how we deal with it about actual happiness about climate change, thinking and looking, co-responsibility, hope and many other question marks. The selection of texts from Goethe, Gandhi and Einstein to Pippi Longstocking and the self-written hip-hop song of a school class- is accurate, mindful and wise. There will be something here for every student- be it as a wake-up call, to stay open-mouthed in surprise or as an impulse to the quiet musing. And completely without moralistic forefinger- how wonderful is what language can do! The young people of today are the adults of tomorrow. And tomorrow today will already be yesterday- so it is probably worthwhile to trust the young people to reflect about their future, in order to make it perhaps later better than us. Not just in the short term, but in a way that will benefit the earth and all who call it home for a long, long time to come.

Of course, the reading book is not only for students and educators. I, too, will make this collection more "sustainable Poetry and prose open again and again to nourish me with small, well-formulated, powerful and effective words.

I don’t own a smartphone to call up the QR codes of the YouTube videos, which are additionally displayed under the song lyrics. For most students, however, this is still "unfortunately cool", to speak with the words from the song of Deichkind, which is also in the book. Who knows, what kind of decisions the sustainable reading book entails?

Tomorrow will be yesterday
A reading book on sustainability.
Umweltdachverband GmbH (Ed.)
FORUM Environmental Education, 2013
114 pages, 8,00 Euro

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