This is what the perfect closing sentence in the application looks like

Cover letters must convince personnel within seconds. The right finishing touch helps enormously. Plus: Mistakes you should avoid at all costs.

You make an impression with the closing sentence in the cover letter. Which one that is, you determine yourself with these alternatives. (Image: Eisenhans –

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A bad first impression is just as unflattering as a bad finish. This is true for wines as well as for job applications. Especially in the latter, it is important to convince the personnel manager of your qualities within seconds. An inappropriate last sentence in the cover letter can ruin the entire impression.

The personnel consultation Robert Half summarized, which you should absolutely consider with the conclusion of the application letter

That is why the last sentence in the application is so important

For many applicants, the first sentence in the cover letter is the most difficult one. Getting a suitable start is indeed not easy, but once that is done, it is already half the battle.

With the last sentence, however, you remain in the recruiter’s memory – it is the last thing he reads from you. If it goes down the drain, it will cost you valuable sympathy points. Alternatively, your application can even end up in "File P".

Nevertheless: Don’t make it more complicated than it has to be. The impression you want to leave behind is that of a self-confident, competent and likeable applicant, or rather of a person who is willing to work for you. of such an applicant. Flippant phrases are just as inappropriate as arrogant or even chummy language.

At this time you should send your application

If you are looking for a new job, you should pay attention to the time you submit your application. This has a huge impact on the success! When is the right time to send your application, you can find out here.

Here’s what to look for in the closing sentence of your application

Intention: You appear as an interlocutor at eye level and not as a supplicant.

Target: you want to signal a binding interest, and leave a polite and sympathetic impression, so that you will be invited to the interview.

LengthThe closing formula should not be longer than two lines. Altogether it depends naturally also on the place, which you still have available. If the is limited, a short, crisp last sentence is quite sufficient.

Content: If the job posting asks you to include your earliest possible start date and salary requirements, you should do the same. However, this is not part of the last sentence. You’d better fill it with words with positive connotations.

Examples: Formal, personal and very short closing sentences

The personnel consultancy Robert Half has compiled some sample phrases for different situations, which you can adapt to your writing style.

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