This is what a proper imprint at bod looks like

Copyright? German National Library? And does my address have to be in the book? We clarify these and other questions in this article.

If you’re publishing a book, you’ll stumble across the word at some point during your book project Imprint. I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but what exactly does imprinting mean? And as an author, what mandatory information do you need to include in your book? In this article, we clarify the most important facts of an imprint when you publish your book with BoD. To get straight to the answer to probably the most important question: If you publish your book with BoD, your home address must be not in the imprint of your book.

Imprint obligation

Every book that is published and thus reaches the trade needs an imprint. In Germany, however, this obligation applies not only to print books and e-books, but also to magazines and newspapers, websites and social media channels that are used professionally.


The imprint is there to let you know who is responsible for the content of the book or the publisher. of the website or social media channel is responsible. As a technical term this is also called indication of origin.

You’re probably wondering now what content needs to be recorded in such an imprint, right??

Basically, it can be said that in an imprint Name and a Address with legal capacity must be anchored. You can find out which regulations apply to your federal state by clicking on the following link: Overview Press Law Federal States

For a book, the following information is required in the imprint:

  • Indication of the printer or. of the publisher
  • Self-publish: Name and address of the publisher

This is what a proper imprint at bod looks like

This is what a BoD imprint looks like

To help you create a proper imprint for your book, we list the content you need for your book.

On the left side you see the following sections: the FSC logo, the standard note about the bibliographic information of the German National Library, the copyright, the note about production and publisher as well as the individual ISBN.

FSC® seal

To place the FSC logo correctly, leave some space at the top of the fourth page of the book. The FSC® seal graphic will be printed there automatically by us. This also applies if you do not put the imprint on page 4.

Standard note

To assist libraries in recording a title with ISBN, the German National Library recommends including the so-called "standard note" in the imprint. This one is:

Bibliographic information of the German National Library: The German National Library lists this publication in the German National Bibliography; detailed bibliographic data is available on the Internet via retrievable.


The copyright notice consists of the year of publication and the owner of the rights (this is yourself, as editor o.a.), so z. B.: © 20XX Max Mustermann
If you use a pseudonym as author name, then enter your pseudonym here.

note on production and publisher

For BoD titles for which an ISBN was obtained from BoD through us, this note reads as follows: "Production and publisher: BoD – Books on Demand, Norderstedt". For titles with their own ISBN, the addition of "and publisher" is omitted. As mentioned earlier, your home address does not have to be in the imprint of your book if you publish your book with BoD. With the above note the imprint obligation to indicate the address is completely fulfilled.

This individual number will be given to you during the creation of the book in myBoD, if your book is to be made available to retailers.


If you wish, you can also record other contents in your imprint. This could be, for example, information on editing, proofreading, cover design and cover photo, website and social media channels.

"Can I also add BoD to my imprint on the author website or my social media channel?"

Legal notice for websites and social media channels

We are frequently asked whether it is also possible for BoD to name us in the imprint on websites or social media channels in order to remain anonymous ourselves. Since you are responsible for your own website and social media accounts, you must also have your own imprint. Another reason is that important letters have to reach you by post.

Mandatory information for websites and social media channels

  • Full name
  • Postal address (no P.O. Box!)
  • E-mail address
  • Another contact option, z. B. Telephone number

Pseudonym services

If you still want to remain anonymous, there are so-called pseudonym services. These companies are then in your website or social media imprint with their address and forward mail to you. On the Internet you will find various providers.

Placement on social media channels

To properly include the imprint for your social media channels, you have different options.

For the social media channels Instagram and Twitter, it is a good idea to place a clickable link in the so-called profile description that leads to your imprint on your website.

Facebook again provides a separate section for the masthead, which you can use for your author fanpage.


  • If you publish your book via BoD, you don’t have to put your private address in the imprint. We take over this duty with the note "Production and publisher: BoD – Books on Demand, Norderstedt". For titles with their own ISBN, the addition "and publisher" is omitted.
  • However, it’s a different story for social media channels and your own websites. You are responsible for the content of these platforms, therefore your full name including postal address, e-mail address and further contact possibilities must be deposited there. If you want to remain anonymous, you can resort to so-called pseudonym services.

Further information about the imprint

If you want to learn more about the imprint, you can do so on our book equipment page. In addition, you can learn more about the individual components of the imprint on our help page.

And if you’d rather watch a video to learn more about the imprint, click the orange button to go to our YouTube video:

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