This is the time you need to crack your password

A password with the right length and complexity is essential to make it difficult or nearly impossible to. Depending on the length and complexity of the key, you can more or less know how long it will take to crack a password. The way we create our password determines its effectiveness against cybercriminals. Usually, passwords are often broken by brute force or dictionary. We also give some tips on how to create a password to make it as strong as possible.

How to create a good password to be safe and strong

Our first line of defense against cybercriminals is to, One word en pass Fort to properly protect our digital identities. In RedesZone we have created a complete tutorial explaining how create a secure password . Without a doubt, our Google, Microsoft, email and cloud services like Dropbox need to be properly protected, not only with strong keys, but also with two-factor authentication.

This is the time you need to crack your password

If we want to create a good password, it must contain the following:

  1. Capitalize.
  2. Lowercase.
  3. Numbers.
  4. Symbols like @,%, /,) etc.
  5. The recommended minimum length is 12 characters.

A very important aspect that we need to take into account is that we need to get used to it change our passwords regularly . If at any time you suspect that your password has been stolen or that you must have used it on a public computer, now is definitely a good time to enter a new one as soon as possible.

Another very important factor is that we should not use the same password for everything . Because if it would fall into the wrong hands, not only this account, but also the rest of the digital identities or accounts would be in danger, since we usually use the same email address for all services. When creating a new password, we have to Avoid using our date of birth and that of other public events that are easily known about us.

In summary, we at RedesZone recommend that you use at least a 12-character password with upper and lower case letters and symbols that has no relation to our lives.

How long does it take to crack a password

The time it takes to find your password depends largely on how we create it. A good security policy and password design can help us in this section. As mentioned above, a password with upper case letters, lower case letters and symbols can significantly improve security. Also, another important factor is the length of our key, the longer the better.

The cybersecurity company hive systems shows us a very complete picture of the time needed to crack a password. In this table we can see that we have a lot of information about how the length of the key, and also its complexity.

This is the time you need to crack your password

Each line indicates the number of characters for these passwords. On the other hand, the columns show what kind of characters this password uses to be constructed. Moreover, it indicates how fragile these passwords are by using a series of colors. In this sense, it classifies them with the following colors:

  • Lila: for passwords that can be retrieved instantly.
  • Red: for passwords that can be decrypted in a few seconds to a few hours, without exceeding a day.
  • Dark orange: it would take a time from 3 days to 5 years to be able to break them.
  • Bright orange: what it would take a year to a thousand years to find our password for.
  • Green: they are undoubtedly the most complex and robust, their decryption would take more than a thousand years.

Next, we’ll see how strongly passwords are based on the number of characters. We will therefore make the following classification:

  1. Passwords between 4 and 7 characters.
  2. Passwords between 8 and 11 characters.
  3. Passwords between 12 and 18 characters.

How long does it take to crack a key with 4 to 7 characters?

Passwords with 4 to 7 characters are the weakest ones. As we can see below, their use is not strongly recommended. Based on the table above from Hive Systems, we narrowed it down so we could use it as an example. So it would look like this:

If we look closely at this table, we can draw a quick conclusion. With this in mind, we must point out that the vast majority of these keys can be cracked almost instantly. Although our password consists of numbers, upper case letters, lower case letters and symbols, we would not have a good password either. Therefore, in the worst case scenario, a cybercriminal could get your password within seconds to 6 minutes.

Therefore, at RedesZone we recommend not to use these short passwords due to their fragility. Any attacker in a short time can be easily done with our account.

Passwords with 8 to 11 characters improve, but not enough

Now it’s the turn of passwords with up to 11 characters. As in the previous case, to better illustrate the examples, I created a reduced table based on the principal. In this way, we can see the following results in the table:

The first thing we like here is that they can find our password immediately only if we use only numbers. If we use only lowercase letters, it would take anywhere from a few seconds to a day. When using lowercase and uppercase letters, we go from 22 minutes to 5 years, depending on the number of characters in our password. If we then add numbers, it will increase even more, setting the minimum time in an hour to as much as 41 years for 11-digit passwords.

However, if we compare it with the previous category, we can see that things change drastically when we use icons. To know your 8-character password, it would take 8 hours, while for 11 characters it would take 400 years.

Therefore, a password with 10 or 11 characters with upper and lower case letters and symbols is the recommended minimum.

It’s time to break keys between 12 and 18 characters long

Now it’s your turn to know how long it takes a cracker to find your password between 12 and 18 characters. Also, as with the other two categories we talked about earlier, we created a table based on Hive Systems. Here are the results it produces:

The first thing to note is that you can no longer immediately find a password in this category. However, it should be noted that we can last only with numbers between 25 seconds and 9 months. Also, with 12 characters and lowercase letters, it may take a cracker 3 weeks to find your password. For the change to be recognized, it would take us a year to find the same password if we add another character and go to 13.

On the other hand, if we use only upper and lower case letters with 12 characters, it would take a cybercriminal 300 years to get our password. With this in mind, we can say that using passwords of 12 characters or more significantly improves security. And if, in addition to creating a password, we add uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols, the improvement is even more spectacular. So it would take the hacker 34 years to discover your password.

Finally, as we recommend at the beginning, a good 12-character password with upper and lowercase letters and symbols is a good starting point to properly protect your digital identities.

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