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How to find out your own cell phone number of the prepaid card – Smartphones or iPhones have become an integral part of our everyday world. Accordingly, the cell phones are often in use, but many people do not know their own cell phone number. Admittedly you need this information rather rarely, nevertheless it is annoying if you do not have the number on request immediately ready. For example, a user at GuteFrage writes about this problem:

Where can I find my own cell phone number? – Well, I have no idea about cell phones at all, I need your advice. Since last week I have a new number and now the big search starts, where is my own number stored in the cell phone menu??

And Microsoft and the older Windows phones also had these difficulties:

Show own mobile number: Cell phone codes? Hello, I’m looking for a way to display my cell phone number on the screen. Something like *#61# whatever. How to do this with my Lumia 640?

The following article describes ways to own cell phone number can be displayed with a speed dial or directly on the mobile device.

Our tip: To save yourself the detour through mobile codes and menu items, you can use the own cell phone number also save it directly under contacts. This is a quick and easy way to find in any case the own number, when you need it and don’t have to remember complex instructions. In addition one can send this number then also quite simply to other users.

Simply query your own number

You can simply have the phone number of a sim card announced via a central phone number. If you call this number, you get your own number read out – you just have to be quick when writing it down:

  • 0800 937 75 46

Calls to 0800 are free of charge from all phone numbers and therefore you can call this number for free even with a prepaid card (no matter which provider and which network) and have your own mobile number displayed.

German mobile networks – display cell phone number

In the different networks it is possible to query the number with a code or a GSM command. Accordingly, the procedures are identical, only the codes are different depending on the mobile network.

Find your own number in the Telekom network

  1. Call the dial keypad on the cell phone.
  2. The code *135# enter and click on call.
  3. The own phone number is shown directly in the display.

This advice is not only valid for the Telekom Simcards, but also for all other providers in the D1 network of the Telekom (for example also Congstar).

Find out your own number in the Vodafone network

  1. Open the phone number field.
  2. The code *#62# dial.
  3. The cell phone number is shown in the display.

Important hint: The query with the *#62# only works if the mailbox is activated.

This combination does not only work with the original Callya card from Vodafone, but is also valid for all third party providers in this network and therefore for all Vodafone prepaid providers.

display your own number in the O2 network

For a contract in the network O2 network or E-Plus network one uses the following codes

  1. Open the number pad for calling.
  2. The code *101# for the O2 network or the code *100# choose the E-Plus network.
  3. The personal phone number is displayed directly.

Due to the merger of E-Plus and O2 there may be shifts. In the meantime, all discounters and therefore all prepaid cards have been converted to the O2 systems. So the O2 code should also work without problems with the former Eplus providers. If there are problems and a code does not work, it is advisable to try the code for the other network.

Android smartphones and iPhones – display cell phone number

The own number is often also stored in the settings of the phone. Depending on the model type, the approach may differ slightly, but for Android smartphones and iPhones is generally true:

Display cell phone number in Android menu

  1. The menu Settings call.
  2. Go to the item "About phone", "Phone info" or "Device information" (differently named depending on the Android version) scrolls.
  3. Then you navigate to "Status", there you will find the section "My phone number". Sometimes you need one more step, then under "Status" you can additionally "SIM card status" stored, where the own number is visible.

In some cases, cell phone manufacturers use their own user interfaces in addition to Android. In this case, the display of the own prepaid phone number may be slightly different, but in the basics, the query works the same for all providers with Android.

Get phone number with an iPhone

The procedure for the iPhone is very simple.

  1. Open the phone menu.
  2. Then the section "Contacts" click.
  3. Scroll up to "My iPhone", behind it your own number is displayed.

Get your own phone number via hotline

Sometimes it can happen that the above mentioned functions are not supported by all Android devices. Then, for example, under the item "Own phone number" the reference appears "Unknown". In this case the general hotline will help.

  1. Open the phone number field on the phone.
  2. The free hotline number 0800 – 9377546 choose.
  3. Then call the number through the phone. Don’t be surprised about the "49" at the beginning, this is the country code for Germany. Accordingly, the "0" at the beginning of the phone number is then omitted.

Alternative suggestions

As described above, there are several ways to get your own phone number, but you often need special codes or a hotline number. These codes must also be remembered at first or noted down somewhere. The easiest way is to ask friends or acquaintances for their number, then you can call them yourself and see your own number on the display of the other person. Of course this only works if the phone number display is activated. In addition, it is possible to take the phone number from a current invoice and then save it as your own contact in the phone.

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