This is how you build craftsman websites that attract customers

Creating a craftsman's homepage

A Website has meanwhile probably each crafts enterprise. But the fewest also win customers with it. What is the reason? It’s almost always the following points that prevent web visitors from becoming new customers. And these points apply not only to craft businesses, but to anyone who wants a successful business website.

Be clear about your goals

Before the creation of a craftsman website, the question arises what is to be achieved with it at all. Sure, you want to attract customers. But: what exactly are these customers, how can they be described in more detail? And what services should customers be attracted to, what specifically should they need?

Only if you know exactly whom you want to address with what, you can also build your website accordingly.

Make Google your ally from the start

Your website will only successfully attract customers if it is easy to find on Google. Your website must therefore be compellingly built around the keywords your customers use to search for your services on the Internet. With the research of these search words the success of your craftsman website stands and falls. A website that is perfect in all respects will fail if it focuses on the wrong search terms.

Offer your visitors quickly what they are looking for

Ideally, your visitors are looking for your services and have a specific problem that should be solved.

If you want to succeed on the web, your website must quickly communicate to visitors
– That you can offer a solution to the problem
– that you are good at what you do
– that you deserve trust

And the whole thing should be communicated as quickly as possible. The core message must come across and convince in the first sentences. Otherwise the customer will click away and look at the next website from the search results.

Make contact as easy as possible

A menu item called "Contact" is the absolute minimum you need to offer in terms of initiating contact. Offer at suitable place also in the middle of the text the possibility to call and to be advised. Or to send an e-mail.

You should also use call-to-action elements. These are graphically eye-catching boxes that encourage clicks at strategically appropriate locations.

You may think that this is an exaggeration. Just try it out. Also you will see that by using these techniques from direct marketing you actually get more inquiries from potential customers.

Use reference projects to build trust

Show in pictures and text what you have already delivered in interesting projects. If possible, let the respective customer have his say in the process.

You prove your efficiency with concrete examples and have them confirmed by customer testimonials at the same time. This is how you succeed in building up trust with complete strangers on the web.

The resumes and experience of management and staff also help to build trust and should therefore find their place on the website.

Bind visitors to your website

Many visitors to a craftsman website currently have no need for craftsman services at all. And if it comes to it, the website was forgotten long ago.

Make it smarter. Make sure that prospective customers leave you their e-mail address immediately. This way you can stay in contact with them in the long run.

You can obtain e-mail addresses in exchange for a PDF (e-book or white paper) in which you reveal a few tips that are of burning interest to your target group.

Use collected e-mail addresses to provide your interested parties with interesting news via a newsletter from time to time.

The customer acquisition rate of craftsman websites can be increased quite drastically by this technique.

Make your website look as good as your work

A neat appearance is also crucial on the Internet for a good first impression. Nobody expects a top model. But you shouldn’t come across as a scruffy louse either.

Transferred to the appearance of your website this means: Choose a look that is up to date and does not look self-made. The presentation should be responsive, i.e. also possible on smartphones or tablets. And make sure that the navigation is clear and understandable.

There are tens of thousands of ready-made design templates for WordPress, which can be used to create an attractive, individual craftsman website that appeals to your target audience with just a few adjustments. Then good looks do not have to be expensive.

But avoid those website construction kits that large Internet providers offer. These severely limit you, especially in the possibilities of optimizing your website for the search engines.

Avoid unnecessary queries

If you notice that some questions keep coming up, try to answer them right in the text of your handyman website.

Additionally, set up a FAQ section where you can provide answers to common questions.

Everything that is right

The legislator places certain requirements on a website: It must contain an imprint and a page on data protection. Discuss the content with your lawyer or use one of the imprint generators that some Internet lawyers offer free of charge.

A lawyer also knows what else you should pay attention to, especially if you also want to sell products via a store.

By the way: Never copy other people’s images or texts. Both are violations of copyright, which competitors quickly notice and can be expensive. Copied texts have the additional disadvantage that Google already knows these texts and therefore devalues your website as an imitator.

Cheap photos you photograph yourself or you use picture agencies such as Shutterstock. Photographers also sometimes make very attractive offers. And when it comes to copywriting, either do it yourself or hire a good web copywriter.

Make sure there is always something new happening on your website

A website where nothing new ever happens will automatically drop in Google’s result lists little by little. Because if a website remains unchanged for months and does not grow, it is considered rather unimportant.

To counteract this, you need to put new content (content) on your website at least once a month. A blog, for example, is suitable for this purpose, in which you report on interesting craft activities with photos and a few lines of text.

Or you can set up a section on the website where you publish a technical article every now and then that serves exactly the information need of your target group.

You can even provide do-it-yourselfers with info. This sounds paradoxical, but in the end it will help you to get new customers. Because many think first of DIY and look for appropriate information. Then let the professional do it, once you see how difficult even seemingly simple tasks are and what mistakes you can make in the process.

By the way: With every publication you present yourself to your target group as an expert for your topic. And this is a valuable deposit to your trust account every time.

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