The power of music: influence on body & mind mind

The power of sound Influencing body, mind and spirit: What music can do

Already sung today? No? Just get started. What sounds so banal can have a great effect. It can relieve inner tensions – and much more besides.

"Singing in the shower even boosts self-confidence", says the doctorate musicologist and cabaret artist Markus Henrik alias "Dr. Pop". Under the shower it echoes pleasantly and the water relaxes additionally.

Hit the note? Completely irrelevant!

Even the music psychologist and pianist Prof. Karl Hormann is convinced: "Singing in the shower is good for you." It’s liberating – it doesn’t matter if you hit the note or not. The warbling of a melody makes you breathe more intensively, which means more oxygen gets into your body.

But not only singing is a benefit for oneself. Also playing an instrument or listening to music usually has a positive effect. To relieve stress, Hormann advises: "Make concentrated music or expose yourself to music for at least 15 minutes to achieve a flow experience." What kind of music it should be – classical, pop or co. – is left to one’s own taste.

Sounds are immediately evaluated by our brain

"Music affects us directly", says Markus Henrik. "Sounds are immediately evaluated in the brain." That’s why we could say "Please turn off" in a fraction of a second when listening to a song on the radio." Or: "Turn up the volume!"

Woman listens to music

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Henrik is convinced: "Music is the only drug that has no side effects." Music that is perceived as positive drives you on, while sad music conveys the feeling of being understood. If you hear a sensitive voice singing, you don’t feel alone. "Someone is there for us. He or she is then also a representative and sings out our pain", according to Henrik. After that, many feel better.

How music can push us during sports

But music can do much more. Many exercise with headphones. The songs then served as a motivational incentive, but also to increase performance, says Karl Hormann.

Music can have a positive effect on your performance, especially in sports with a cyclical rhythm, such as jogging or cycling. The reason: It works as a distraction, puts us in a good mood and directs our stimuli to the environment, as the sports scientist Prof. Ingo Frobose 2019 stated. One of the effects: Exercise is perceived as not as strenuous, which in turn can increase performance somewhat.

But the right dosage is important. To ensure that the effect of music does not wear off during training, you should have one session without music after two sessions with sound reinforcement.

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The motivating power of music

Markus Henrik emphasizes the power of music for motivational purposes. He advises: if you have a specific goal in mind, make yourself a suitable playlist of songs or pieces of music. If you have the impression that you need to remind yourself of your goal, or need a motivational boost, listen to this playlist.

"We simply need it, the music", says Karl Hormann. And we do not necessarily have to have it on our ears. "A rhythm in threes can often be easily integrated into daily life", says Hormann. Like when you go shopping and you think "One, two, three" counting to himself or herself. Already you go off with more verve.

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